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Weekend Fab: Chris & Rihanna Hit Barbados+Raven Squashes "Rumors"+Celeb Candids

Chris Breezy and Rih Rih hit up Barbados Thursday to act like they're not a couple: She was being honored for her new title of honorary cultural ambassador for her native Barbados. And of course CB had to come and celebrate with her.

BET's Rip The Runway 2008+Etta James Says Beyonce Aint Ready For HER Jelly

BET's Rip the Runway 2008 went down last night at Hammerstein Ballroom.  I really hope Diddy made an announcement that he's snatching Cassie off record making and giving her an exclusive modeling contract for Sean Jean.  It would really be helpful to my ears and nerves.

Kimora's Got Jokes About Russell's Girlfriend Porschla+Music Fab

So Kimora's got jokes: She was caught on video with Djimon being asked about how she felt about Russell's girlfriend and she responded with a "Which girlfriend?...I'm nice to all of them."  Funny funny.  She says she has no probs with Porschla but she clearly tried to play her ass on the slick.  I knew I called her Stankmora for a reason.  And I loves it. And typically I wouldn't speculate the preggers rumors with no credible source to back it up, but that pic right there is extra reminicent of J.Lo right before she made the official announcement none of us would have guessed on our own. </sarcasm>  KiKi is officially on YBF Preggers Watch.

Deelishis Blasts Flav In A Ridiculously Long Rant+Updates On Halle B. & Mario

  For those of you who actually care about what the hell a past FOL winner has to say, Deelishis (government name London Charles via Chandra Davis) has posted a long ass Myspace bulletin telling folks what really went down between her and Flavor Flav.  She says it's time to clear the air since Flav's been lying on her.  And that her new man is real and he's not gay. I see she had a conference with Star Jones. Peep the long ass rant: Well I do believe it is time to answer THE question. I did not want to expose our situation completely, as I assumed the truth would come to light in its own time. I thought it'd be the best thing for him. But seeing how he so blatently disregarded the truth in order to legitimize his way into your homes for a third season, I must be real with you and speak up for the truth and myself!

The Pot Calling The Kettle Crack

Beyonce and Tina Turner Grammy Duet I typically wouldn't give a damn what Shitney Spears has to say, but since she's talking ish about B, I know some folks would love to hear it.  Sources are reporting about her comments about the Grammy night's performers, and all the ish talking she had for Beyonce and Amy Winehouse: About Beyonce's widely acclaimed duet with Tina Turner, Britney reportedly quipped, "Too bad she can't dance as good as Tina --who's old enough to be her grandmother!" Even though Amy Winehouse looked sober and clean, the former princess of pop reportedly said of Winehouse's much-anticipated performance via satellite from London, "Look at her! Look how stoned she is! She is so obviously stoned!" Source She also clowned B on how much she "tossed her hair" during the duet. Seriously? That grammar school education and mentality is really shining through right now. I'm just going to blame all this cattiness on one of her multiple personalities who forgot about that foolywang material she calls her 2007 VMA performance, her crackish ways, and her weave.  B*tch please Britney.

Seriously, Coco "B*tch Get Over Here" T?

Ice T and Coco-T Coco-T is telling Playboy.com how she and Ice get it poppin' in the bedroom, as if we couldn't already tell: Ice likes it when she wears heels while they're boning. "I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed," she says. "Just in case I don't have them on and we start gettin' busy, I can throw them on." The couple has sex in front of a wall of mirrors: "I'm not the kind of person who gets turned on by other people; he's the same way, too.

Are We Really Surprised About R. Kelly & A 21 Year Old?

George and his daughter Maxine  So well known Chicago music retailer George Daniels has given the full dish on KJLH radio about exactly what went down when his wife Regina Daniels severed all ties as 41 year old R.