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Ray-J's New Video+Lenny Aint Sexin'

That's Ray-J's new porn-free video for "Sexy Can I" ft. Yung Berg. Check it.

Interview Fab: Jill Marie Jones Clears The Air & Malinda Williams Chats It Up

YBF chick Jill Marie Jones recently spoke with Essence.com about why she really left Girlfriends: Essence.com: Tracee Ellis Ross said in an interview that the reason you didn't return was because the cast did not receive the huge raise they were expecting. Is that true? J.M.J.: First of all, let me tell you why I left. I left because I wanted to do movies. My contract was up after my sixth season and people forget that just like the network can choose whether or not to renew your contract, I can also choose and evaluate whether or not I want to come back. My actor's chair that has Girlfriends and my name on it, you know the director's chair? Well, on the very last day of my sixth season, I told them to grab my chair and put it in my car for me. So why would I take my chair if I thought I was coming back? Believe you me, I would tell you. I뭭e never made a decision based on money. I was on the show for six years and I think that's a good run. There's so much more I want to do in my career and so much more I want to know and learn, but my departure definitely had nothing to do with money. Essence.com: That's great to hear. I think most folks speculate that you all had beef because you never responded. But that's not the case is it? J.M.J: Well, no one asked me a question. I don't believe in adding grease to fire. If I were doing an interview about something I'm working on and someone wanted to ask me something, I have no problem answering it. But for me to make a statement or a rebuttal, to me it's just silly. The rest of her article is over at Essence.

Solange Gives Teen Pregnancy Advice+Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon Debuts Her Babies+MiMi & Da Brat Spend Some Quality Time

Solange is giving advice to teen mothers, especially soon to be mother Jamie Lynn Spears:
"I have been so blessed that my son is the coolest kid ever," Solange tells World Entertainment News Network of son, Daniel Julez J. Smith. ”Of course, that first year of not sleeping and just being dedicated to him had tough parts." But Solange is confident that 16-year-old Jamie Lynn will man-up, or should that read mom-up, in the coming months. "I've heard stories of people who were 14 that had kids and basically snapped into it and got into the groove of motherhood," she says. "A lot of people have doubts, but when you have a child I think it takes a really non-emotional person not to have a blast, no matter what age."
At least she left out that genius shotgun marriage advice. 

Damn That Kimora+Rihanna Streetwalks In L.A.+The Lil Kim/Remy Ma Beef Continues...

Kimora Lee Simmons is rocking a brand new ad campaign for KLS. And as much as folks (including me) love to hate this chick...she always brings the fabulosity.

Pre-Weekend Tidbits: Janet Does Billboard+Roseanne Got Beef With Obama & Oprah+Candid Fab

Janet's rocking the new cover of Billboard magazine: Hot.

Tiger Woods Says Whatev To Lynching Comments+Common Freestyles At The Pulpit

I reported yesterday how the Golf Channel's Kelly Tilghman said some foolishness on national tv last week. She said that any golfer trying to test Tiger Woods might have to "lynch him in a back alley". And Tiger is telling folks today he finds nothing insulting about the comment and does not believe any il will was meant. Especially because he's known her for 12 years. Whatev Tiger. I just want to know who uses the word "lynch" in their everyday vocabulary and who uses the word in a positive connotation? Take off your Marc Jacobs blinders and keep it all the way funky Mr. Woods.

Mariah Has No Beef With Jenny?+Miss USA Chicks Make Appearances+Tom Got Will!

   The other day I posted a quote from Mariah Carey who allegedly said she'd rather perform with a pig than do a duet with Jennifer Lopez.  Now MiMi says it was never said and it was all a lie.  Interesting.  Speaking of MiMi, Lil Wayne's trying to get at her--musically.