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Drake Pops Off At ROLLING STONE, QUITS All Magazine Interviews (UPDATE) + Tyrese's Baby's Mother Called The Cops On Him!

Drake is MAD at ROLLING STONE for yanking him from the cover and supposedly including some quotes that may get him in hot water.  And he says he's DONE doing magazine interviews!  See his "angry" tweets and find out why the cops were called on Tyrese inside....

Alicia Keys -- Becoming A Mom Made Me A FEMINIST!

After popping out baby Egypt three years ago, Alicia Keys says that major milestone in her life turned her into a feminist.  Find out how the "Superwoman" says motherhood helped her see the beauty and power of womanhood....

GRAMMY AFTERMATH: India.Arie Pops Off About The GRAMMYS + Queen Latifah Gives BTS Look At Grammy Weddings

India.Arie has some ish to say about the snubs at Sunday night's GRAMMY awards.  And since she was snubbed 7 out of 7 times 1 year, she has some insight into the politricks of the GRAMMY game.


Check out her letter inside, plus BTS footage of Queen Latifah prepping to officiate those 33 weddings!

Nicki Minaj BLASTS ESPN Magazine For Bad Re-Touching Job -- You Made My Forehead Too Long!

One would think Nicki Minaj would be grateful to be tapped to cover ESPN magazine with an NBA living legend like Kobe Bryant.  But instead, she spent her time on IG complaining about a "bad re-touching" job done by the mag.  She posted her own personal pics to combat the "long forehead" she claims the mag gave her. 


Check 'em out inside....

Mister Cee Tells All (Kinda) In GQ About His Male Prostitute Solicitation Saga -- "I Drowned Myself In Fanta Orange Soda....And I'm NOT Gay!"

Calvin Lebrun, aka Mister Cee of Hot 97, is back in the media thanks to his newest feature with GQ magazine.  Check out the shocking quotes Cee had to say about his prostitution related arrests, how orange soda almost killed him, and why he still maintains he is not a gay man....

LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE?! Arian Foster's Mistress CAUGHT ON TAPE Saying He DIDN'T Harass Her About Abortion

Well this is sure to put a needle in her "he harassed me about getting an abortion so I'm suing" case.  NFL baller Arian Foster's pregnant mistress Brittany Norwood was reportedly caught on tape saying Arian DIDN'T harass her about an abortion.


Check out the foolery inside...

SPEAKING OUT: Madonna "Apologizes" For Calling Her Son The N-Word + Arian Foster's Brother Says He Has PROOF Pregnant Mistress Is LYING

The drama with Houston Texans RB Arian Foster (pictured above with is wife) and his pregnant mistress has gotten a little crazier.  Plus, Madonna is now caught up in a sh*tstorm of mess after dropping the N-Word on Instagram.  And now, she's "apologizing". 


Deets inside....