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Hill Harper Dated Taraji P. Henson & Regina Hall?! -- Hill Explains Why He Never Married Taraji

In “we didn’t know that” news, Hill Harper once dated Taraji P. Henson and Regina Hall! Now, he’s spilling tea on why he and Taraji never married. Get it all inside….

Lil Wayne Trolls Everyone Saying He Doesn't 'Connect' To Black Lives Matter -- 'My Life Matters To My B**ches'

Deep sigh.  Lil Wayne is back at his foolish antics again.  Nightline decided to interview him, and it all went to hell on a platter when he started talking about Black Lives Matter. 


Get the full video inside, and why Weezy is doubling down why racism must not exist because he's a rich black man.

Trick Daddy Is MAD Folks Are Coming For Him After Bashing Black Women + Blac Chyna BLASTS Pilot Jones + Jackie Christie’s Daughter Addresses Son's GoFundMe

Celebs are speaking out! Trick Daddy is mad that folks are after him for his Instagram video bashing black women. Blac Chyna blasts singer Pilot Jones over leaked pics of them kissing. And Jackie Christie’s daughter Ta’kari is speaking out after her GoFundMe page for her injured son hit the headlines. More inside…

BOY BYE: Trick Daddy Told Black Women To "Tighten Up" Because "Spanish & White Women Will Make Them Useless"

Trick Daddy is on some other ish today.  The Miami rapper just said the most foolish ish to black women, excuse us, black h**s.  But it's all good because the epic dragging he's getting has made our day.  Check it inside...

ISH TALKERS: Kanye Threatens To Skip Grammy's Over Frank Ocean + Foxy Brown Throws Subliminal Shade At Lil Kim

Kanye West is pissed at The Grammys..again.  Get his latest threat plus Foxy Brown throwing mad subliminal shade to Lil Kim inside...

VIDEO: Wiz Khalifa Gifts The Paparazzi With His Own Branded "KK" Weed

Leave it to Wiz Khalifa to pass out gifts...of weed...to the paparazzi. Check out how it went down inside...

RZA Reads Azealia Banks For FILTH After She Dragged Him For "Not Defending Her" To Russell Crowe

Azealia Banks came for rapper RZA, and he ain't having it.  See how he read her for all the filth inside...