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Serena Williams Gives Back In Jamaica -- In More Ways Than One + Cam Newton Responds To All The Post Game Criticism

Serena Williams is vacaying in Jamaica, and she's giving back while doing so.  In more ways than one.  Get it all inside, plus Cam Newton's response to the post-game critics...

THEY MAD: Beyoncé Spikes Red Lobster Sales By 33%, Folks & Their Tears Are Doing Anti-Beyonce Protests

When one of the most powerful living entertainers in the world takes a stance on anything, it's almost guaranteed there will be backlash.  Beyoncé said she seems to cause all this conversation, and here.we.go.  Find out about who's coming for the Queen Bey now inside and how she's upgrading everyone involved....

Tyga Wants Child Custody Re-Evaluated Thanks To Blac Chyna’s Arrest + Kanye West Says Rob Kardashian, Sr. Helped Him With Album...From Heaven

We kinda saw this coming. Tyga believes he’s the more responsible parent after Blac Chyna’s arrest. And now he wants his visitation with their son King rearranged. Meanwhile, Kanye West is no longer going with the album title #WAVES, but calls it a gospel album with a lot of cursing on it. Umm…yeah. Deets inside….

Amber Rose Pops Up At Wiz Khalifa’s Album Listening Party, Gives Goodnight KISS + Kanye West's “Unauthorized” Rolling Stone Cover Foolery

While Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were spreading love at his album release party, Kanye West was busy posting fake magazine covers and poppin’ off on Twitter. Deets inside….

Kanye West Responds To Amber Rose, Says "I'm Not Into That Kinda Sh*t" + More Of Amber's Podcast Clap Back

Kanye West is BACK.  He's responding to Amber Rose's #FingerInTheBooty slap heard around the world.  Get his response inside, and hear what else Amber had to say about her ex's antics....

EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jai White Is Here For A Boycott, "Oscars Are KISS OF DEATH For Black Actors!"

Actor Michael Jai White is all the way here for a boycott of the Oscars.  He says the golden statue doesn't escalate black actors' careers anyway.  And he's even spitting off receipts.  Find out what he tells us inside...

LET 'EM KNOW: Angela Bassett Has The Best Response To White Actor Joseph Fiennes Being Cast As Michael Jackson In New Film

Chile, the Brits went and cast a white man to play Michael Jackson for an upcoming British tv series.  Get their unintentional shade inside, and Angela Bassett's epic response....