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Cheatin' Asses


YBF Exclusive: Alicia Keys Shows Off Her Homewrecking Skills?!

And the Mashonda/Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys love triangle saga continues. Very credible sources inside Alicia's camp (on the personal management side) have dished to TheYBF.com that Alicia Keys threw a party last night at the NY's Guggenheim Museum.  And it was far from a Welcome Back To The States party for herself.  She threw this party for Swizz Beatz's birthday!   Swizz brought his entire family (mom and co.) along to celebrate.  But it was supposed to be top secret that it was Alicia who actually threw this party for him. 


We reported a while back that the "divorce" talk from Mashonda and Swizz was just to help Mashonda save face. I'm told the couple was actually scheduled to start marriage counseling next week. 

Update From Splitsville: TK Cheated On Angela Simmons?!

Well well well what do we have here?  My very nosey YBF snitches just dropped some exclusive and interesting info.  We all know Angela Simmons has recently broken up with her skateboarder/"Viva La Bam" star boyfriend Terry Kennedy (TK).  But what we didn't know was that the reason may be because Terry

So Michael Didn't Know LisaRaye "Diamond" McCoy Didn't Play?

Don't let the picture perfectness fool you.

Gossip Bits: Mashonda Skips Out On Food Bill?+LisaRaye Takes Back Her Hubby+Miss Jones Gets the Boot AGAIN!

  Looks like divorce is hitting hard for Mashonda.  Even though she said she's doing great since her and Swizz Beatz's "split", YBF snitches tell me she dipped out on a recent restaurant bill. She was at La Esquina this past Friday with a couple of friends to celebrate the birthday of celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams. Rihanna's hairstylist Ursula Stephens, Essence magazine's Fashion Dept. and other music industry execs were there.  The Carters even came through but left soon after because too many people were there and all the waiting for food was not poppin'.  The source says tackiest part of the night was how R&B "songstress" Mashonda (ironically a client of Yusef's), decided to pull an old school dip out! When the bill came around, they were short about $200 and as everyone chipped in they noticed that Mashonda, her sister, and their two friends made a subtle exit. And I'm told by a staffer who happened to be working the party that night that Mashonda and her people had indeed skipped out on the bill.  Damn chick.  Time to sell that Herve Leger dress on Ebay I see.   Gossip bits on Miss Jones and LisaRaye when you read the rest...  

Tracy McGrady's Child Support Case Wraps+Cassie Covers <i>Complex</i>

Tracy with his daughter Layla (5) and son Layman (3)
  Another one for the He's My Baby's Daddy Files.  Tracy McGrady had a daughter with a woman named Pearl Vega back in November of '05...while he was engaged to his now wife Clarenda.  He and Clarenda had been in an exclusive relationship since '96, but that didn't stop T-Mac from having a baby with this Pearl woman.  Last year, she took him to court demanding child support in the amount of $204,000/year.  But the judge just awarded her $54,156 a year a few days ago instead.  Apparently Ms. Vega was trying to use the extra mula to support her college education, a lavish lifestyle for herself and for her other two kids according to T-Mac's lawyers.  But Pearl's lawyers say her daughter needs the same lifestyle Tracey's other children have: McGrady shares a six-bedroom, 23,000-square-foot house with a pool outside Houston withhis wife and three children. He spends $5,000 per month on a chef and $1,732 for a housekeeper. One of the children had a $16,000 birthday party for about 40 children, with a magician, clown, face painter, games and music. McGradyand his family spend about $45,000 per month for personal travel, sometimes on private jets. The children went on trips to New York, to North Carolina a dozen times -- to Florida about the same number -- and to Atlanta, California, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Bahamas, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, and Rio de Janeiro. They stay at Ritz-Carltons, have private preschool and tutors, and get thousands of dollars of clothes every month. And clearly the judge sided with Tracy's team.  This money is supposed to be for the kid...not her.  So maybe the $54k just might be fair.  Or not.  Either way...chick better count her blessings.  Ask Curtis' baby mama Shaniqua.   EDIT: I gave the wrong info earlier.  It is indeed $54,156k A YEAR that Pearl Vega will be receiving.    Here's Cassie's cover shots for the new Complex In preparation for her upcoming album, Cassie speaks out about her past mistakes and claims that the second time will certainly be a charm.  "Based on my past and how my last album came out, I really need to come back much much stronger," she says in the new August/September issue of Complex.  "I wanted to have more personality.  Before, I had tracks delivered to me; you pick and you choose, and there's no personality behind it, nobody knows who you are.  I really want to tell a story when I'm doing a song.  Vocally, either you like my voice or you don't.  I'm not trying to blow like Mariah, back when she was doing that."   Um, "Back when she was doing that"?  B*tch please.  I talks ish about MiMi but never about her talent.  And Cassie for damn sure needs to shut that sly ish talking down.  The August/September issue of Complex hits newsstands August 12th nationwide.    Cassie's Complex outtakes (slightly NSFW) and quotes when you read the rest...  

Unfaithful: Fabolous & His Baby Mama Emily B.

Fabolous may have a "girlfriend" of six years turned baby mama....but Ms. Emily B. is not playing her role correctly I hear.  And neither is Fab.  Right after we reported the story last week about Fabolous' new 5 month old little boy Johan and his baby mama girlfriend Emily he's been keeping under wraps off and on for 6 years, sources flooded my inbox with even more info.  And this ish gets interesting....

Hate To Say I Told You So