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Concert Performances


Morning Swexy

Yeah folks might not be loving "Grippin' On The Bed", but producer turned singer Sean Garrett brings the swexy regardless of what's coming out his mouth:

Ashanti & Co. Do R&B Live

Ashanti performed at R&B Live last night in NY with Lloyd and Ryan Leslie. And lots of folks were in the mix: Gayle King was there and Ashanti looked fab in that dress and Louboutins. I loved the whole look this time around. Hot makeup too. Too bad her man Nelly wasn't there in the mix though. More pics when you read the rest...

The VH-1 Foolishness Continues With FOL & ILNY Spinoff Show?+Lauren London & Meagan Good's New Movie+Alicia Does The Today Show

Midget Mac and Nibblz coming to a tv near you?

There may be a new VH-1 show hitting the tube soon called I Love Money. Clearly the folks who appeared on these VH-1 reality shows are still broke. No surprise there. The spinoff is a compilation spinoff of Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Rock of Love--using an "all star" cast from those shows. Boo. Here's the alleged synopsis: It is a spinoff of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and was created by the producers of reality TV juggernaut The Surreal Life. This show will be contestants from Flavor of Love (Seasons 1-3), I Love New York (Seasons 1-2), Rock of Love (Seasons 1-2). This co-ed battle between reality stars will throw contestants from each of those shows in a mansion in Huatulco, Mexico and have them battle each other. Similar to MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, these reality show stars will be fighting physically and mentally to take home $100,000. Production started in early February, 2008, and wrapped up in March. It is slated to air on a tv near you this June. As for the supposed cast: Host: LaLa * Pumkin (Flavor of Love, Season 1) * Hoopz (Flavor of Love, Season 1) * Toasteee (Flavor of Love, 2) * Nibblz (Flavor of Love, Season 2) * Bootz (Flavor of Love, Season 2) * Sinceer (Flavor of Love, Season 3) * Thing 1 (Flavor of Love, Season 3) * Thing 2 (Flavor of Love, Season 3) * Chance (I Love New York, Season 1) * Real (I Love New York, Season 1) * Heat (I Love New York, Season 1) * 12 Pack (I Love New York, Season 1) * Whiteboy (I Love New York, Season 1) * The Entertainer (I Love New York, Season 2) * Midget Mac (I Love New York, Season 2) * Heather (Rock of Love, Season 1) * Brandi C. (Rock of Love, Season 1) * Destiney (Rock of Love, Season 2) * Megan (Rock of Love, Season 2) * Kristy Joe (Rock of Love, Season 2) The foolishness must stop. It just must. However, a Nibblz comeback will definitely have me watching. Chick always provided a good laugh for no good reason. More ish when you read the rest...

Event Fab: LL & Kids Hit The Circus+Glow In The Dark Tour Pics+ Other Ish

The UniverSoul Circus honored LL in NY this weekend and he brought his daughters out with him:
Clearly daddy's little girls. Cuteness.

Mary J. Blige Confirms The Bigga Wedding?

Jay-Z and MJB's Heart Of The City Tour continued last night in Greensboro, NC. And loyal YBF readers filled my inbox with the news that Mary "confirmed" the insanity that is the Beyonce and Jay-Z wedding hoopla. After they opened the concert together, Jay left the stage so Mary could perform her solo act.

Concert Fab: Kanye, John Legend, Lupe & Janelle Monae+The Street Kings Premiere

Tyra Banks and other YBF folks hit up Janelle Monae's first performance as an official Bad Boy artist last night at Blender Theater in NY. Looked like fun times for everybody...

Celebs Get Face Time

Ray-J and Young Berg performed at R&B Live at Spotlight in NY last night: Is it me or does this dude Ray-J always looks like he just finished sexin'?