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CABO COUPLEDOM: Rihanna & Matt Kick It Poolside With Friends

Well that's classy. Rihanna's publicist Jen "finally noticed" the paparazzi eyeing their resort balcony yesterday. So she decided to give them her two cents.

And Rihanna and her boo Matt were spotted leaving the local nightspot after getting their drinks...and tons of PDA...in. More pics under the cut....

MORE Sexaliciousness With Rihanna & Matt Kemp

Oh yes.  It's getting nice and hot south of the border.  It's getting hot in Mexico too.  We've got more pics of Rihanna and her new boo Matt Kemp getting it poppin' in Los Cabos.  They shared kisses in the hot tub at their resort before going out to Squid Roe in the city. More pics under the cut...

MORNING BITS: Alicia & Swizzy, KeKe Palmer, Denzel, Nelly, & Eunice Johnson

Who needs divorce papers when your mind is already there? Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys were spotted house hunting in tNY's Upper East Side. Which equals big penthouses for people with long money. The two are checking out a duplex penthouse that a former hedgefund manager paid $12 MILLION big ones for. The place is laced with a fireplace, double-height ceilings, three bedrooms, and floor-to-ceiling windows and East River views. You know...the typical ish a $12 mill NYC Penthouse has. And the address of the building is 170 East End Ave. for all you nosey folks.... Reportedly the couple has been back to see the place four times...so it looks like they may become neighbors with the NY elite very soon... More ish when you read the rest....


KISSY KISSY SPOTTING: Rihanna & Matt Kemp Are Mexico Lovers

Rihanna's Christmas list: Her mom's great food--Check--She went home to Barbados for the Holidays.  Good sex--CHECK MATE.  Rihanna and her baseball boo Matt Kemp were spotted getting hot and heavy in their posh Mexican resort hot tub.  Yep...chick is on vacay south of the border with her cutie new boy toy and the two shared a romp in the heat.

Sizzle sizzle.  Kisses and hugs with everything in between is pretty much how these two have been spending their days.  And I ain't even mad. More sexiness when you read the rest....

SPOTTED: Chris Brown & His New Breezy

Looky looky.  Chris Brown's got a new Breezy.  And we're not talking about one of his many model chick groupies constantly surrounding him at parties.  While they were around him during the Holiday weekend in Miami, Chris brought this mystery girl NERD's newest member Rhea to every party with him as well. The two were spotted around the city jumping in and out of Chris' private SUV and looking very much like a budding couple.  And paparazzi sources confirm the two stayed at Chris' mansion he rented for the time he's there for the Holidays.  Rhea must be something serious to him.  Or at least his winter boo.... More pics under the cut....

Common & Serena+Robin Givens & Her Kiddies All Hit The Miami Dolphins Game

Serena Williams and Common at Miami Dolphins game

Serena Williams was seen leaving the Miami Dolphins yesterday game with her man Common--who was a complete gentleman and held open her SUV door for her.

Robin Givens and her kids at Miami Dolphins game

And Robin Givens brought her sons Buddy (15) and Billy (9) to the team's season closer. More pics under the cut....

SPOTTED: Ludacris & His New Boo Hit Miami!

Ludacris and new girlfriend in Miami

Well look who was spotted hand in hand and looking like an extra happy man on the streets of Miami last night.  Ludacris has a new boo, and he took her out for an evening stroll last night.  And she looks like a fab chick--like a Thandie Newton/Gabby Union/Christine Tiegen mash up.  Looks like Mr. Bridges may be ready to settle down... More pics when you read the rest....