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Rihanna's Got A Brand New Bag: Do We Love It?

A lil something for my YBF fashion aficionados:  Marc Jacobs has come out with his brand new bag in honor of his apparent muse of the moment.  The "Stam Bag" (in honor of model Jessica Stam) is so 3 years ago...and now it's the "Rihanna Bag".  It really looks nothing like he's done before.  Can't say I'm loving it, but maybe it'll grow on me.  Much like the muse

Do We Love It?

Kelis at First Sunday premiere  Kelis at First Sunday premiere Now y'all know I usually loves me some KeKe, but this look she was rocking at the First Sunday premiere last night--definitely up for discussion.  These high waisted pants aren't stylish--they're momish.  And the mushroom bob with the church socks and baby blue beaded platform loafers?  What's a girl to do.  Do we

Ja Rule Can't Pay His Bills+Is This Ya Chick Diddy?+Nas Is A Street Disciple+Celebs Hit Harley Davidson

ja-rule.jpg A nosey source who happened to be in the right place at the right time says that Ja Rule is not on his bill paying game. They sent YBF an e-mail about Ja's crdit card getting rejected at Staples yesterday. Apparently, he's not paying his bills over at the L.I.F.E. Foundation he started:
"Today 10/18 Ja rule sent members of his life camp group to Staples in New York. The order was only 55 dollars and the card was declined...his rep didn't understand why..."
Ja don't love the kids? Damn Ja. Let's get it together.

Celebrity Face Time

The Why Did I Get Married? folks are everywhere doing the promo circuit: why3a.jpg And Janet, Tyler, and Jilly hit up 106 and Park yesterday: why2a.jpg why1.jpg why41.jpg Hotness.