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Serena & Common Take Pics In Barbados+The Salahis Crash ANOTHER Obama Dinner!

Here's more pics of Serena and Common kiki'ing it up with friends in Barbados over the weekend:

Cute.  Lookin' a bit tipsy.  But that is ALLLL good. More drama with the crasher Sahalis when you read the rest...


Here's Trey Songz and Toni Braxton's steamy makeout session Soul Train Awards performance that aired last night.
And just for S's and

Morning S's & G's: Cubby Does "Video Phone"

Remember the guy named Cubby who parodied the "Single Ladies" video in a leotard? Well he's back for the "Video Phone" video parody.


Because everybody needs a laugh break:

Why one should always inspect the chair you are doing an "exotic dance" on.

W-T-F Sammy Sosa?!

WHY? Lil Wayne Stays Cake'd+Alicia Keys' "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart"

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Frankie & Beyonce

Frankie got a bit tearful...ok a lot tearful...on the BET Awards red carpet this weekend when she talked about her money situation and her daughter Keyshia: