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Foolywang Material


Friday Foolywang Material

Because Fridays were made for foolywang material: This type of ish makes my stomach hurt. This video by Shawty Putt called "Dat Baby" is utterly ri-damn-diculous. Of course Lil Jon makes this ish no better. As I do with everything from high ass gas prices to world hunger, I blame BET.

No Panties Coming Off


Guess who's performing semi assed out, but at least still wearing pantyhose and panties...

Foolywang Material: Raven Symone, CoCo-T, & Princess

Photog: Walsh/Wireimage
I never thought I would see the day this chick ended up as foolywang material.  Raven Symone was spotted at a Christian Audigier One World L.A. Fashion Week last night.  And hot damn if her facial expression doesn't look like mine right now.  I know the Christian Audigier wearing folks like to edge it up a bit when rocking his clothes, but this just gets an all around NO MA'AM from me. 

Can This Chick Breathe?+Celebs Do LA Fashion Week

Serena was thisclose to showing her goodies to the folks in New Delhi, India at the HP launch event this weekend.  I hear they stone people for this ish.

Dru Hill Displays B*tchassness

What's REALLY hood Dru Hill?? The group apparently reunited like 5 minutes ago and hit Baltimore's 92Q radio station this morning to announce their official reunited status.

Foolywang Material: Who The Hell Wants Saaphyri's Lip Chap?+Khia Makes Her "Ass Talk"

What better way to get through a Monday than with foolywang material like this. Saaphyri (winner of Charm School) has made a commercial for her new UNISEX brand of lip moisturizer properly branded as "Lip Chap". And no, this ish is not a joke: Actually, as long as she's offering up a swag bag for Flav and his crusty ass petri dish that is his mouth, I have no problems.

Friday Foolywang Material+Idris Makes Up For It

Source: Alltheparties.com
Is there a reason why your unibrow is visible and so damn prominent Webbie?  I mean, really. And Macy Gray thought blowing kisses on the red carpet for Party for the Planet last night would make her look cute: