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Foolywang Material


Can This Dude's Parts Breathe?

I just couldn't pass this ish up.  Look who rose out of the 60's and pulled his usual outfit out of storage to make an appearance at this weekend's Daytona 500?:

Photog: Kane

That dude Chubby Checker and clearly his people didn't tap him to let him know that pr

Khia Gets Nekkid With A Guitar+The <i>Raisin In The Sun</i> L.A. Screening+Natalie Cole No Likey Amy Winehouse+Kim & Reggie Hit Malibu+Kimora Sells "Fabulosity" & A Season 2+Other Ish

  So I'm officially cancelling my order for my Lamb shoes Khia's rocking in these pics now that I've been traumatized.  I just wonder who'll be playing that guitar after she's done with it... 

Foolywang Material: Fannie Mae & Young Dro Get Some Swag

So Fannie Mae Barrino and her man Young Dro hit up the Grammy Gifting Suite today in LA:     And what in the shaved blond crispy ghetto unbreathable jeans mess is going on here?  Oh, and there's more...

Milk For Everybody...

This hit my inbox too many times not to post: I don't know who this is but the foolywang material that is that chain needs to stop.  I want to rip that ish off and whoop his ass with it.  And finish him off with a pint of milk.  Damn shame.  

But Her __________ Looks Nice.

Source: TC
No ma'am Khia. I have no words. Y'all know the damn deal....

But her _______________ looks nice.

Snoop Dogg & Michael Jackson Preserve Their Sexy

Look who hit the satin sheets in the new issue of Italian Vogue:


None other than the Dogg Father. So many questions so little patience to even ask.  Sexual seduuuction......

Ashanti's Lil Sis Shi Shi Hits The Strip Club

Ashanti's 18 year old lil sis Shi Shi was spotted clubbing Friday night in the NYC.  And I guess ths is what's hot in the streets these days: