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Jay-Z Cancels Free Concert+More From The ATL Housewives+Flo Rida's B-Day Bash

Jay-Z canceled his free show in Miami last night he was doing as a Pro-Obama rally. And he's blaming it on a sore throat. Concert goers were unaware of the cancellation until they showed up and had already waited for hours for the show to start. Sounds like he and Janet had a conference on how to piss off their fans. The actual premiere doesn't even happen until tonight but we've already got some scoop about "The Real Housewives of Atlanta": Kim (right) and Nene (left) of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Atlanta" appear real chummy in the above pic. It's already known that Nene and Sheree, another DIVA of the cast, don't quite get along. Last month's preview of the season showed Nene acting a plum fool when she couldn't get into fellow Housewife's Sheree Whitfield's birthday party. But Kim and Sheree have been spotted out and about at a lot of hot spots in Atlanta. It seems a little interesting for Kim to play both sides of the fence. It's already known that these Housewives can be a little catty, so Kim just may have an agenda. Also, check out the latest glam shots of Sheree' Whitfield--she's debuting her new fashion line She by Sheree. And of course, she wants to model too: Tonight ought to be interesting. Cattiness always makes for good tv. Loves it. Pics of Flo Rida's b-day party when you read the rest...

Weekend Recap

The level of foolishness that popped off this weekend is a damn shame.  In case you missed it: Rapper Maino ("Hi Hater") confirms he indeed slapped the ish out of Young Berg (who I have technically banned from YBF but this ish was too funny to pass up) at a club this weekend.  Basically Berg The Idiot walked up to Maino at a club the other night, said "I heard you've been talking reckless about me", and actually repeated himself when Maino asked "What?"  So in true NY style, Maino hauled off and slapped Berg Ike and Tina style for disrespecting him. Maino's take?
“He didn't come to me asking a question, he was like stepping to me. If you got a question for me, ask me in a way that we can talk about it. Don't approach me like it's a problem,” Maino continued. “I did a little bit of God's work, I tried to discipline him.” “I’m a man before anything so if I’m at a club and somebody approach me in a disrespectful manner, what are you supposed to do? I don't know how to handle it any other kind of way. I feel like I just gave him something light,” Maino added. “When you think about what could have happened...I'm around 20 people in my area and he came up to me asking me was I talking about him recklessly. I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt like I did him a favor. I tried to sober him up because something was wrong with him.”
Berg apologized of course. Maino let him keep his jewelry, unlike the last dude who hemmed up Berg for talking out the side of his mouth, and he says he still likes Berg.  And we all know it could have been much worse since Maino has copped a few felony charges in the past for "disciplining" folks.  This is like the umpteeth time this dude Young Berg and his shennanigans have caused drama.  He needs to get more people and STFD. Meanwhile, Maino's encouraging ex-cons to get out and vote. More ish when you read the rest...

Janet's Still Cancelling Shows+The VP Debate "SNL" Skit

YBF readers who hit up the Janet Jackson concert last night in Greensboro, NC dished to TheYBF.com about Janet's weird cancellation of that concert. And the way they were informed that the concert was canceled: When they pulled up, everyone was going the wrong way to park. The parking attendant came up to the cars and told folks that the show was just canceled. And they were told to check the newspapers and internet for more info. Damn Janet. No warning? I'm also hearing Ms.

Rihanna Gets Mistaken For Prince+T.I. Covers Giant

Apparently Rihanna's screaming fans are actually screaming Prince fans. People have been chasing this chick down the street thinking she's Prince thanks to her boyish cut and manly-ish look at times.

Laila Ali Debuts Her New Son+J-Hud & Punk Get Candid+Jay-Z Says He's Ready For A Family

Laila Ali and her hubby Curtis gave OK! mag the first look at her newborn son Curtis Muhammad Conway Jr. Too precious at only a month old.  Awww. And Jay-Z hit up the U.N. Global Leadership Awards Gala in New York last night: He received the Global Leadership award for his work with water in Africa.  And even though Beyonce wasn't there with him, he dished to People that he's ready to start his family.  But he's not going the Brangelina adoption route either.  He wants his own. More with J-Hud and her fiance Punk when you read the rest...

Gilbert Arenas Is ENGAGED!+Beyonce's Having Album Issues?+BET's President Resigns

Beyonce's deadline is today to turn in her material for her new album due out Nov. 18th. But word has it she's not close to being done. And it's mainly because she's been acting in several movies and doing duets with other people like Justin Timberlake. And she's also not getting along with the VP of her daddy's Music World Company. However, the people over at Sony say she's right on track and the album is about 98% done. She's still going to release her 2 singles "If I Were A Boy" and "Single Ladies" next Tuesday. And the album will still be released Nov. 18th. Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas is dishing about his new engagement to his on again off again girlfriend Laura. And how his new fiance actually proposed to him. Here's a snippet from his engagement story: I was thinking up ways to do it, you know, maybe I’ll do like an Easter egg hunt for the ring or something. But then it came to me, I was going to kick it back old school with a “Do you like me?” note that you would do in elementary school. Only, I couldn’t write the note, because that would be like me asking her. So I got my friend to write on a piece of paper “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” in big block letters with two boxes to check off, “YES” or “NO.” Then the final step was for him to write “(READ OUT LOUD)” at the top of the note. I folded it up and had it in my pocket. So there we are at dinner and all her family is there, my dad, her dad, her friends, my friends, Antawn Jamison showed up, Mos Def and a couple people from Mos Def’s crew showed up. At the end of the meal, in front of everybody, I tell her that I have one last gift for her. I told her, “This is my gift” and I handed her the note and I sit down. She opens the note and she reads it and she says, “Read out loud,” but sort of to herself under her breath because you know, you’re always going to read something to yourself before you blurt it out to the room. Then she reads silently, “Will you marry me?” Then she flipped the note over to see if there was anything written on the back and then looked at me weird. I said to her, “You have to read it out loud.” So she goes, “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” out loud so everybody could hear her. It worked. It turns out she ended up asking me to marry her. I was like, “Oh my God!!!” and started screaming like the girl who gets asked normally does. “I can’t believe you asked me!!!! Of course I will!!! Oh my God, it’s been six long years, what took you so long???!!!??? Oh my God!!! This is unbelievable!!!!” Everyone started cracking up and laughing. But we still had the ring to take care of. It’s not like I had it and was going to get down on one knee because first of all, I only have one good knee as it is, and second of all, she’s the one who asked me. But, I had to produce the ring. I had three Ring Pops ready with three plastic red Solo cups covering them up. I took her over to the cups and told her that whichever one she picks, that’s going to be her engagement ring. So she flips over one and it’s a cherry Ring Pop. She goes for the second one, it’s a grape Ring Pop. She flips over the third one, it’s watermelon. She’s looking at me like, “Where’s the real ring?!” but I just go, “Hey, no ring gets any better than that!” Everybody was laughing. But I had really given the ring to my son. So I go, “Give it to mommy,” and my son actually gave the ring to her. So, for the record, she asked me. You can check out the rest on his blog here. Congrats to Gilbert! More news when you read the rest....

Lil Wayne Is A No-Show...Again!

Once again Lil Wayne has skipped out on a show with no warning or reason. He was set to perform in Nassau, Bahamas this past weekend and didn't. The host of the concert says that he was indeed on the island, but he was "being a prick about performing". No word on whether his absence was money related. But yet again, he left his fans sorely disappointed. YBF sources in the Bahamas tell me that people even bought $20,000 suites at the venue Wayne was supposed to perform at. And the promotion company hosting the concert, Red Tottle Red City Entertainment, is not giving any refunds to anyone as of yesterday. Damn! So of course, the Bahamians are in an uproar right now and are protesting against the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. A copy of the press release from the entertainment promotions company when you read the rest...
Pic: Mazur