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Rocsi & Floyd Mayweather: Lovin' In The Club?!

Just when we thought Rocsi and her infiltrating ways were taking a timeout for a minute, she's spotted with yet another chick's man.  There were whispers a few months ago that even though Wrecksi was cheating with LisaRaye's husband, the Premiere of Turks and Caicos, she was also kickin' it with boxer Floyd "Pretty Boy" Mayweather.  It's also been heavily rumored that Floyd has been dating Chilli of TLC for a long while now.  But

Russell's Ex Porschla Dating Jason Kidd?

Sources are reporting that on again off again couple Russell Simmons and Porschla Coleman are off again.  And she's now dating the newly divorced NBA baller Jason Kidd.  Apparently they showed up together to the Ralph Lauren Lebron James Family Foundation Event this past weekend.  And when Russell's nieces Angela and Vanessa ran

Don't Ef With Tangy Talley!+T.I. Claps Back About Child Support Case+Boris & Ciara's Magazine Pics

Ciara and Boris Kodjoe are looking hot in the new issues of Maxim and Uptown magazines, respectively: Both were shot by famed photographer Derek Blanks. A few days ago reports hit the net that Lashon Dixon, the mother of 2 of T.I.'s sons, was taking him back to court for more child support.  It was reported that T.I. was paying $2000/month for both children and clearly Lashonda couldn't make ends meet on that child support amount.  However, T.I. has come and cleared the air with some insight.  Apparently, this chick Lashon doesn't work at all and lives solely off the child support payments.  And in addition to the 2k/month, T.I.P. is paying for both sons' private schooling, insurance, clothes, food, extras, gifts, everything.  That 2k was going straight to Lashon only.   And now chick is demanding more.  Womp womp!  I see I need to start a Wack Ass Baby Mamas category.  Here's a snippet of T.I.'s statement: "A lot of deceiving information has been reported regarding my recent child support proceeding. It is unfortunate that the media has been used to manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts. Those that know me, all know that there is nothing more important to me than my children. I have always supported all of my children financially, emotionally, and spiritually. This has always been the case and I will continue to do so in the future as this is my responsibility as a parent. To clarify the recent reports, in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon, the mother of my sons Domani and Messiah, I also pay for their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities. Their extra-curricular activities have included football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities that they express a desire to be involved in that will contribute to them leading balanced lives and developing into well rounded individuals. I have also made an attempt to help Lashon with additional payments that have included a down payment to purchase her home, purchase of an automobile for her transportation and other financial obligations. These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon. She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.
When will baby mamas understand that child support is not shopping money for their asses? I just don't get it. More when you read the rest...

Blind Item Juiciness

Gossip From The Fashion Week Tents...

NY Fashion Week wrapped up this weekend.  And YBF snitches from inside the fashion houses and beyond were all over the scene.  So here's what we heard, for those that can handle it...
  • Mashonda looked so emotionally depleted and depressed the night of the Baby Phat show that her publicist ordered her to leave the party.  Our snitches close to the now estranged Mashonda and Swizz Beatz say that Swizzy's cheating with a certain superwoman has being made ex

YBF Exclusive: Diddy Kicks D.Woods & Aubrey Out Of Danity Kane!

Oh fabulous ones...the proverbial sh*t has hit the fan!  Last night, right before heading out to the Baby Phat show, the Danity Kane chicks had a meeting with Diddy.  And it ended up with Aubrey O'Day and Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgette kicked out of the group!  Here's what went down: YBF sources who overheard the drama going down in the house dished to us about last night's meeting.  Boss man was in rare form.    The meeting ended up in a huge screaming match with Aubrey talking sly at the mouth (she does it often as I've witnessed that myself) about Dawn going solo.  Dawn clapped back at Aubrey defending herself, and brought up the fact that Aubrey did her own thing on Broadway this summer.  Puff intervened, Aubrey popped off at the mouth at him again, and he screamed "You know what?  F*ck you, you're out the group." Then he turned to D. Woods and said "I heard you were unhappy too. You can get the f*ck out too."   Damn!  And it was all caught on video since the meeting went down while they were taping this season's finale show.  I hear the footage could air on this season's finale episode or during next season's (yes, another one) "MTB" they're taping now as well. I couldn't make this ish up if I tried. More of this drama when you read the rest...

Gossip Bits: Kanye & Alexis Reunited?+Usher Sexing It Up On Set?+MiMi Fires Her Manager!

Well looky here: Photobucket Image Hosting After the messy breakup of Kanye and Alexis a few months ago, it looks like the two are patching things up. Lexi over at StraightOuttaNYC spotted the two hand in hand at 'Ye's performance at the Knitting Factory in the NYC the other night. I also hear they hit up the Prada party together that same night. On a side note, is it just me or is Alexis looking like she got some DD's thrown on her recently? A source who was actually buzzing around the NYC with them that night tells TheYBF.com that they are definitely "dating" again, but they are not back on as a full time couple yet. Actually, I'm told Kanye has moved on to seeing several women and is actually getting serious with one in particular--who is indeed NOT Alexis. Whether Alexis knows about that or not is up in the air, but she definitely knows now. It's no surprise 'Ye would still carry a flame for his ex-fiance. And I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he makes her his official girl again. The two did spend the night at Hotel Gansevoort together that night. Looks like all is on its way back to gravyland for these two. More gossip bits when you read the rest...