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Gossip Bits: Mashonda Skips Out On Food Bill?+LisaRaye Takes Back Her Hubby+Miss Jones Gets the Boot AGAIN!

  Looks like divorce is hitting hard for Mashonda.  Even though she said she's doing great since her and Swizz Beatz's "split", YBF snitches tell me she dipped out on a recent restaurant bill. She was at La Esquina this past Friday with a couple of friends to celebrate the birthday of celebrity hairstylist Yusef Williams. Rihanna's hairstylist Ursula Stephens, Essence magazine's Fashion Dept. and other music industry execs were there.  The Carters even came through but left soon after because too many people were there and all the waiting for food was not poppin'.  The source says tackiest part of the night was how R&B "songstress" Mashonda (ironically a client of Yusef's), decided to pull an old school dip out! When the bill came around, they were short about $200 and as everyone chipped in they noticed that Mashonda, her sister, and their two friends made a subtle exit. And I'm told by a staffer who happened to be working the party that night that Mashonda and her people had indeed skipped out on the bill.  Damn chick.  Time to sell that Herve Leger dress on Ebay I see.   Gossip bits on Miss Jones and LisaRaye when you read the rest...  

In Case You Missed It...

Well isn't this special?: Yeah we see you Anita.  I dished on Big Boy's Morning Show yesterday morning that Rocsi was indeed spotted in Turks and Caicos last weekend extra boo'd up with LisaRaye's husband--the Premier of the island Michael Misick. And now we can see from the pics she was indeed there (while Lisa was dodging bullets at the SoSo Def party in the ATL)...looking mighty comfortable taking pics with the Premier (in the middle). Apparently she was there for the Music festival. And she's not usually an invited guest. Interesting. Word has it Rocsi was acting like the woman of his house answering the door in a bathrobe and everything to welcome guests. Oh really Rocsi? Hmmm. Rihanna was also there in the mix and here's a few pics of her, her BFF, and her backup singer relaxing on the Islands: Fun times. But damn Rocsi.

CONFIRMED: Alicia Keys Is The Next Spokeswoman For VitaminWater+More of Who's Hiding In Hip Hop

TheYBF.com was the first to report several months ago that Alicia Keys had been tapped to be the next VitaminWater spokeswoman.  Our sources were correct as it has now been confirmed.   Alicia told OK! magazine about her new deal in her most recent interview "I don't partner with anybody, but this really was natural for me because I've

YBF Exclusive: Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Caught Together In Paris?!

An older pic of Alicia and Swizz Beatz

This Swizz Beatz/Mashonda/Alicia Keys triangle just got a whole lot juicier.  I dropped some of this info this morning in my gossip report on Big Boy's Morning Show...now here's the rest.  A source who works very closely with Alicia tells TheYBF.com that AK is definitely not the good egg in this saga like we're being led to believe.  In fact, I'm told Alicia and Swizzy were together during her concert performances in and around Paris just a few weeks ago!  According to the source, there was definitely no business need for Swizz to accompany Alicia on that leg of the trip, but the two definitely were taking in the sites together and totting around like lovers the entire time.  Oh, but there's more.  This is all after Alicia allegedly called her whole team to a meeting a few times to tell them none of the rumors were true of her being a homewrecker in Swizz and Mashonda's marriage.  Apparently it was just Alicia playing that smoke and mirrors game Hollywood is known so well for.  Not to mention Alicia still has not come out with an official statement saying any of the rumors of her being a homewrecker are untrue.   Lots more of this drama and statements from the source when you read the rest...  

Keri Hilson Covers TRACE+Sherri Shepherd Halfway Out On <i>The View</i>?+50 Cent Directing New Movie?

Keri Hilson is rocking the new cover of TRACE magazine for its Black Girls Rule!

Chrihanna Goes Shopping+Toni Braxton To Dance With The Stars?+Michelle O. Covers EBONY...And Tyra Tries To Be Her

Don't believe the hype.  Chrihanna is still in effect:   They were spotted shopping it up around L.A. on Melrose yesterday as Chris carried around one of Rihanna's pooches.   And TMZ sources say Toni Braxton will most def be a contestant on this new season of Dancing With The Stars.  Of course, the DWTS producers aren't confirming anything yet.  But she's dealing with her heart problems well and will likely kick ass on this show.  Team Toni!   More with Michelle Obama and Tyra when you read the rest...

Is THIS A Pre-Divorced LisaRaye?+Lloyd & Robin Thicke Hit TRL

The LisaRaye divorce rumors are back on and poppin'.  The last time rumors about her divorcing her Presidential husband Michael Misick swirled and she denied them was back in December of '06.  And a lot can happen in close to two years.  The rumor mill spun with divorce rumors a few months ago as well.  And now, pretty reliable sources are stating that the First Lady of Turks and Caicos may be tossing her title and moving back to the States.  Because not only is her hubby going through all that drama of being accused of raping/having a sexual relationship with a young girl on the islands, but he's also rumored to be having an affair with Rocsi.  Yes, 106 and Park's Rocsi.  I heard that ish a while back and ignored it because...it was Rocsi.  But now I'm hearing it from reliable sources.  So this ought to get interesting.    And not to mention LisaRaye's been partying it up her in the states without her hubby all the time.  Like at Lil Kim's b-day party this weekend at Spotlight in NY.   I wish our first lady took shots like that on camera.  Ish just might be more interesting around the White House.  There just may be something to these divorce rumors--because I doubt any first lady would be caught partying/drinking it up like this on camera. Just sayin'...   More party pics and Robin Thicke and Lloyd hitting TRL when you read the rest...