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GIRLFIGHT!...Over Reggie Bush?+Diddy Ixnays The Bubbly+Slick Rick Gets Pardoned

Looks like it isn't all gravy in the Kim & Reggie love story. A source at the Playboy Mansion Celebrity Poker Tournament last weekend reports in an e-mail just sent to me that Kim Kardashian's sister Khloe got into a knockdown drag out fight (with just words I'm sure) with a chick named Najmah Brown. Who is this Najmah? Allegedly, she's an LA Executive Producer, as well as Reggie Bush's side dish.  And now that all the ish is surfacing about their relationship, Khloe wasn't having it thrown in her sister's face. So, in typical Khloe fashion, she went at this Najmah about messing around behind Kim's back with Reggie. And it didn't help that Khloe's bag incidentally came up missing at the party. The source also says Kim's no saint either, since she was spotted giving a 'prolonged" kiss to a non-celeb recently. And she was overheard telling him no one would believe him even if he did tell someone. This whole situation seems a bit...odd, so I'll just do my gossiply duties and leave it at that. I'm just trying to figure out how this Najmah chick ended up on the red carpet. Interestingly, Khloe was hosting the event. I smell a set up. More ish when you read the rest...

Is Sean John YOUR Viagra?+Jada's New Movie Trailer+Welcome To Marriage Nick

Sources are reporting that Diddy is likening his Sean Jean fashion wear to Viagra--the "little blue sex pill" for men. In talking about his line, he says:
"Sean Jean is fashion Viagra. I've had 40 year-old men tell me that once they started wearing Sean Jean, everything changed for them, including their sex life."

Maybe that's what keeps Kim Porter coming back. *shrugs* More ish when you read the rest...

Knowles Updates: Beyonce & Jay-Z Hitting Oprah's Couch?+Baby Daniel's Stuntin' Like His Daddy

Gossip Bits: The MTB Kids Get No Love, J-Hud's Release Date, Kelly R.'s Children's Book, Mel B.'s Solo Deal, & Nariah's Next Wedding

Things shaky in MTV Reality Land? It seems as though Danity Kane, Day 26, and the rest of the new kids on Bad Boy aren't as hot as they thought they were. Almost half of their MTB Tour shows that kick off at the end of this month have already been cancelled. Including the first two scheduled shows. My sources tell me it's because of poor ticket sales and lack of interest. And it's a possibility the whole tour itself could get canceled. Damn. I wonder what MTB 5 will be about then. Because honestly an entire season focusing on Dawn and Que's relationship along with Aubrey's antics would be better than an entire season focusing on this "tour" as planned. Sucks to be a bad boy or a bad girl right now. More gossip bits when you read the rest...

Beyonce & Solange's New Ad+Larry Johnson & Julissa Bermudez ENGAGED!+Nariah Still Celebrating Their Nuptials

Beyonce and Solange are featured in the new Samantha Thavasa ads in Tokyo. They're pubbing the new summer line of bags.
Gossip bits when you read the rest...

Pick Up Your Face Kim Porter

Well look who Diddy was all EXTRA boo'd up with at 2:19pm on Mother's Day in Central Park:  

Remy Ma Takes An L Today+Alicia Keys Set To Hawk Vitamin Water For $50 Mill?