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Eddie Murphy Moves On: New Chick, New Movie, Re-Newed Career?

Over the weekend, our spies spotted Eddie Murphy having a night out on the town Saturday night.  He was leaving the Mandarin Oriental hotel in NYC with a tall and slinky brunette...who wasn't his recent boo Maya Gilbert.  The new chick--dressed in a skin tight mini black dress, diamonds, and sky high heels--was clearly serving as arm candy for the weekend as they left the restaurant on the 35th floor, then headed down to the ground floor into the Residence portion of the hotel.


He was likely celebrating his HUGE opening of Shrek 4...it raked in over $70 millie this weekend.  More when you read on...

Wale Called Homophobic?!+Drake Covers Billboard Mag

"Chillin'" rapper Wale is now being accused of being homophobic.  After pulling out of his headlining upcoming performance at next weekend's huge D.C. Black Gay Pride festival, the organizers of the fest are up and arms.  And they say it's because of homophobia.


Details and Drake's Billboard cover when you read on...

BASKETBALL LIVES: What's Lebron's Next Move?+Royce Reed Hits The Streets

All month rumors have been flying that Lebron James is leaving the Cavs to head to the New York Knicks.  But now, the sports rumor mill is saying he's now in talks to make a bee-line to Chicago, with Derrick Rose and possibly Dwyane Wade and others in tow.


The rumors that his teammate Delonte West has been tapping his mama Gloria on the side probably aren't helping.  There's still been no denial or statement made from any of them on whether that is what caused Bron's lackadasical attitude in the playoffs.  But it may be even more reason for him to make a quick deal to raise up out of Cleveland.

Chad Johnson & Cheryl Burke Take Their Dating Status Public?

Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has made it pretty clear to everybody that he's digging his "DWTS" partner Cheryl Burke.  He lavishes her with gifts every chance he gets (remember that big ass diamond ring he got her last month?) and flirts endlessly on camera and off.  But she says he's never asked her properly for a date.


Chad pops the question and hits an event last night with Cheryl when you read on...

Is Destiny's Child Reuniting For Their Swan Song?

Destiny's Child may be reuniting for their swan song.  D-Child fan sites are reporting that it's almost a done deal that every member ever in the group will all hit the stage for one last performance...after Kelly releases her next album.


Reportedly, Beyonce is still working on the best "mature" song/sound for the group to perform.  And the only person they are worried about carrying out the reunion is Farrah.

Flo Rida's Getting It In With A Stripper Behind Brandy's Back?

So we're hearing that the latest victim to get it in on a constant basis with a supposed stripper is Flo-Rida.   We're told he is cheating on Brandy--and we use "cheating" loosely as they haven't stated they are an exclusive official couple yet even though they act like it.


Miami's King Of Diamonds Gentlemen Club Stripper, so we're told, Laeann Amos (pictured on the right), who is also a tv host for the local Miami tv show Access Vibe, is Flo's alleged stripper of choice.  We've got the details when you read on....

Everybody Hates Gabourey Sidibe?


Oh how the tides have turned.  Some folks are pissy at Gabourey Sidibe, all because they say she's on some straight "Hollywood b*tch" ish.  According to Washington Post writers and stories about her snubbing fans, she's not the sweet funny girl she wants everyone to think she is.


I'm really hoping it's all just a misunderstanding as Gabby is known to be comedic and sarcastic.  But we've got what a Washington Post writer had to say about her treatment of him at the White House Correspondent's dinner when you read on...