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Christina Milian & The Dream ENGAGED?!

OK this PR stunt has gone too damn far.  Certain sources are claiming that The Dream proposed to Christina Milian on his L.A. condo rooftop a couple of nights ago.   And that chick said YES.  He allegedly put a $200,000 diamond ring on it.  And it's said to be designed by the daughter of a very well known American billionaire.

EXCLUSIVE: New ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss Has Skeletons In Her Bed!

We've got some exclusive dish about Kandi Burruss and what you will...and won't see...on this season of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta". Kandi is newly engaged--which her publicist has confirmed to TheYBF.com. But get this: We've found out that she's actually engaged to a well known ATL "street pharmacist" named Ashley Jewell, b.k.a. A.J. And he has 6 kids that he allegedly hasn't been taking care of. Wack ass baby daddy drama Take 1... A source very close to one of A.J.'s baby moms tells TheYBF.com that A.J. is extremely trifling and it's a shame that Kandi is even dealing with him--let alone marrying him. Kandi and A.J. just bought a house together in Buckhead, ATL. But A.J. pays no support to his baby moms/ex-wife/former R&B singer Danah . Allegedly, he doesn't pay her alimony and even took Danah's truck when they divorced. Danah and A.J. were married in 2005 and divorced in 2008. The drama continues when you read the rest...

Ginuwine's Video Shoot: The REAL Dish On Ginuwine & LisaRaye+On The Set Flicks+Tyrese Wilds Out!

While certain "media sources" are claiming that LisaRaye has moved on to messing around and having dinner with married man Ginuwine, it's all untrue...as usual. After a four year absence from the music scene, Ginuwine, has returned and has filmed the video for his new single "Last Chance" (produced by Bryan Michael-Cox) in L.A. over the weekend. Since LisaRaye is now in need of money, she's slipped back into her video chick roles and she's his leading lady. Folks took flicks like these behind the scenes shots and ran with it. TheYBF.com spoke with Ginuwine's publicist about the rumor, and she confirms that Ginuwine is still happily married to Sole' and there was no hanky panky between the two at all. Our photographer source on the set does admit to us they had some undeniable chemistry though. The photog dished to us:
"There was a lot of flirting and smiling at each other. Lisa Raye even reported in an interview on set in front everyone that she was gonna have sex with Ginuwine."
Maybe she was just talking about in the video. Or not. We also found out that Tyrese--who's also in the video--went all "Black Ty" on folks and popped off about the photogs shooting him and his daughter together while on set. We're told he was screaming
"I don't need that right now with everything going on with his baby mama!"
More pics from on the set when you read the rest...

Tidbits: DMX, Deshawn Stevenson, Al Reynolds & Another NBA Baller Cops A DUI

DMX says he did not throw food at a Maricopa County detention officer in jail the other day as reported. He released a statement (they allow inmates to put out press releases from jail?) yesterday attempting to clear up the rumors. And it said "I Did Not physically touch or hit an officer. This is just another attempt to destroy my credibility." Earl Simmons is serving a 90 sentence and has been put on a bread and water diet for previous in-jail altercations. I'm honestly starting to feel really sad for this dude. Hopefully this jail stint won't completely break him as a person. Meanwhile, Charles Barkley is supposedly going to be serving his 5 day jail time in the same place. Will they be cellmates? Sources tell YBF that Wizards baller Deshawn Stevenson (LeToya Luckett's most recent ex) isn't getting any play from the industry chicks. He's been having "his people" try to hook him up with Keyshia Cole, Brandy, Melyssa Ford, and Ciara. But none of them will give him the time of day. Why? because of those statutory rape charges from a few years ago when he was having sex with a 14 year old when he was 19. We're told he "lucked up" with LeToya, but she broke it off soon after because of his cheating ways with his groupies. SMH... More news when you read the rest...

Jermaine Dupri Stealing Money From Jagged Edge?!

There's drama with the So So Def clique. Jermaine Dupri is being accused of being a crook--by his own artists Jagged Edge. YBF sources inside the So So Def camp say the Kyle, 1/4 of the group, isn't happy with the direction the group is going. Likely because they're not really going anywhere at all.

Khloe Kardashian Nixes The Jay-Z Affair Rumors+Other Ish

So the NY Post ran a tidbit yesterday saying Khloe Kardashian and Jay-Z were partying at a club the other night. But didn't actually say partying together. And of course, certain folks took it and ran with it saying they were partying together and having an affair. Khloe just spoke to HipHollywood.com and cleared up the rumors last night.


Mel B. looked hot in her belted and rouched mini dress while hitting up the Baked Lays party for the "Only in a Woman's World" series premiere at CoCo Deville. And there's drama with Morgan Freeman and his "mistress" Demaris Meyer.  Apparently she's suing him now after their near fatal car crash.  It's a mess.  She said at a press conference today she's not his mistress as rumored, but they're "just friends".  But Morgan did invite her to spend the night (the night of the car crash) at his home--offering her her own bedroom and own HOUSE.  Does this woman seriously want us to believe she wasn't his mistress? Anyways, she's suing because she said she saw Morgan consuming drinks all night and he decided to drive anyway.  I guess she's ignoring the fact SHE decided to hop in the car with him as well.