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This Isn't Your Wife Dame Dash

I think everybody in the NYC, including his wife Rachel Roy, knows that Dame Dash keeps a stash of jump offs within arms reach.  But Dame and socialite Genevieve Jones were looking quite cozy at a semi-recent event.  The new info we just found out: This is the same night that he gave her a $150k Tiret New York watch.  Interestingly, his wife was at this same event, but they hit the red carpet separately.  I hear he likes to gift many of his "femal

Why Are We Not Surprised?

I'm going to make this blind item as easy as possible--but it will remain a "blind item" because I'm not in the mood for hate mail from this person's fam today.

*UPDATED* Lil Wayne Throws His First Baby's Mama Toya A Party

Toya and her and Lil Wayne's daughter Reginae at Toya's party Sunday

Well what do we have here? A newly engaged/married Lil Wayne throwing his FIRST baby's mama Toya a birthday party...just days after his second baby's mama gave him a Dwayne Carter III. YBF snitches were on the scene at Antonia "Toya" Johnson's birthday party Wayne threw for her at Polished in Smyrna, GA this weekend.  We're told Lil Wayne and her friends rented the place out and gave her a Cupcake & Champagne Spa party. Lil Wayne was in New Orleans all weekend, but he made sure to have a new Louis Vuitton bag (the wackness of this is killing me) and $10k in cash delivered to Toya at the party. I guess he just re-gifted part of that $1 mil cash Baby gave him a few weeks ago. I'm told that Lil Wayne's mom showed up with gifts in hand for Toya. And Wayne and Toya's daughter Reginae was there of course. And another interesting guest made an appearance--wait for it---Lyfe Jenning's baby mama Joy. Clearly she couldn't have been too traumatized by last week's events. Sounds like this is Wayne's Sorry 2008 for Toya since he knocked up his latest jumpoff Sara and allegedly wifed up Nivea in a jiffy. And we all know the first baby's mama is bound to bring the drama unless she gets tricks and treats to make her happy. This ish is too much drama for me. In other news, Weezy skipped out AGAIN on a concert. This time he stiffed 8,000 fans in Rochester this weekend allegedly because he didn't like the sound system. Funny though, he performed back home in New Orleans this weekend with no problems. UPDATE: More pics from the party and Toya at the BET Awards with Wayne's people when you read the rest...

More Details On Katt Williams' BET No-Show+Jada & Willow Get Cutesy

The NY Daily News is reporting more details on the BET Hip Hop Awards host drama.  As we reported last week, T-Pain took over hosting duties from Katt Williams just hours before the sho

BIG POPPA REVEALED!:More Details On "ATL Housewife" Kim's "Big Poppa"

We've learned some interesting new details about "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" co-star Kim Zolciak's  "Big Poppa."  She's been keeping who her mystery sugar daddy a secret on the show.  But one of the stylists used by the ladies for the show (yes, this "reality show" has stylists) dishes to TheYBF.com that Big Poppa isn't the type of man we're thinking he is.  He is a celebrity like Kim said, but he's not in the entertainment business.  He's a married celebrity in the business world and is on par to become a billionaire soon. Oh, and she has more than 1 Big Poppa. Foolery! Check out all the new details when you read the rest...

Lyfe's Baby Mama Files Restraining Order+Weezy's Baby Mama Revealed

Baby mama drama for everybody! So it looks like Lyfe's baby's mama Joy Bounds may have been the reason Lyfe flew off the hinges yesterday. Stylerazzi reports that Joy just filed yesterday for a restraining order against Lyfe, b.k.a. Chester Jennings.

UPDATES: Dwyane & Siohvaughn Wade's Divorce+Janet & J.D. Are Just Fine

Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade hasn't officially or flat out confirmed he and his wife Siohvaughn are divorcing. But TheYBF.com has just learned more details that confirm the divorce is in the works. Dwyane has hired high powered Chicago divorce attorney Enrico Mirabelli. Chicago is the hometown of the Wades, by the way.