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Rihanna's New Flirt Buddy Is Wilmer Valderrama?!

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that  all of Rihanna's recent nights out on the town involve some heavy flirting with a particular actor.  Rihanna and "That 70's Show" actor Wilmer Valderrama have been seen out in Hollywood together and flirting like they're definitely trying to be more than friends. Apparently this is how Rih's about to get her groove back.  And while all this does sound pretty far fetched, Wilmer has dated plenty Hollywood

Rumor Control: A Chrihanna Sex Tape?+50 Cent Replacing Forest Whitaker?+Meagan Good Calls Soulja Boy Gay?+Other Ish

It's rumor round up time and here's some of the rumors of the week that I can't even say I believe: Word has it there's a Chris Brown/Rihanna sex tape out there.  And Chris used it to get Rihanna back in his hold after threatening to release it.  Honestly, a sex tape only works for the Kim Kardashians of the world.  Not for people with actual careers.  So I doubt this mess is true.
50 Cent has signed on to a new movie where he's supposedly replacing Forest Whitaker. The upcoming film is called The Expendables.  Not trying to say 50 isn't on his way to having a valid acting career or anything--but replacing an Oscar winner? Hmmmm.  Not too sure about that.  If anything, Forest probably backed out for whatever reason and 50's reps coaxed his named into director and co-star Sylvester Stallone's ear.  Other action big wigs like Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger are in it too. More rumors when you read the rest...

Oprah's Handing The Reigns To Gayle In 2011?+Sheree Whitfield Says She Was ATTACKED!

Oprah and Gayle have been BFFs for over 30 years. And word has it Lady O wants to give her BFF all the shine time she wants in 2011. O's contract is up that year and she's deciding between completely taking The Oprah Show off the air or handing it to Gayle. According to a source: Gayle already has a myriad of duties within the Oprah empire…. Oprah has been very generous with Gayle through the years. Just last year, the 55-year-old superstar plunked down $7.5 million to buy a stunning penthouse apartment in Manhattan that Gayle uses as she wishes. But what her pal has really been pining for is to become Oprah’s successor on daytime TV. Disclosed a friend: “It initially bruised Gayle’s pride that Oprah didn’t seriously consider her before… “She would tell Oprah that she always has her back. She said McGraw and Ray used her clout to get where they wanted to go, but they never had any real loyalty to her.”… Oprah still waffles on whether she’ll give up doing talk for good when her contract runs out in 2011.
Source: National Enquirer

It's been rumored for a while now O would do this. And it'll be interesting to see if Oprah's audience will go for this ish. Good luck with that Gayle. An update on Sheree Whitfield and her altercation with her divorce party promoter when you read the rest....

Rihanna Set For A Bodyguard Movie Remake?

Word has it Rihanna hit the Big Apple this weekend to take a bunch of movie meetings. Apparently she's in talks to reinvent Whitney Houston's starring role in The Bodyguard--an update version. There's also talk of her getting scripts for another Charlie's Angels installment alongside Justin Timberlake. Rihanna's camp denied the movie meeting gossip bits.

Details On NeNe Leakes' Book Deal+Fierce Kitty Frankie Wilds Out

Ummm.... Keyshia Cole's mama Frankie hit up a "Real Housewives of Atlanta" party--which not one Housewife was in attendance at--this weekend.  And chick is killin' the two step on the dance floor.  Actually, there is no dance floor.  What the hell is going on here Frankie?  Did Six Flags upgrade the spray paint to real graffiti shirts?  Is that a matching jacket completing the jean outfit.  Sigh.  Somebody call up the Dancing With The Stars producers.  I would pay money to see this chick compete against Lil Kim... More pics of Fierce Kitty Frankie after the jump... And we've got some exclusive dish on NeNe Leakes and her new book deal.  Even though she's saying she's "writing" a book--she's not writing it.  She's just telling it to a writer who writes it. An editor from Simon & Schuster revealed to YBF that "Real Housewife" NeNe got a pretty hefty sum to write her memoir - which is due out this summer. There wasn't even a standard book auction. It was a preemptive deal where Schuster just threw an obscene number out there that supposedly topped all others who may have been interested in a book deal. NeNe grabbed at the offer, but later stated to the editor and book agent that she probably could have gotten more from someone else. And the editor actually confirmed that she could have. Womp. The book will be clarifying rumors that are out there and discussing things that aren't. *side eye* It's set to be released during the season and the episodes will show her working on the book with her writer. More pics of Frankie when you read the rest...

Christina Milian & The Dream ENGAGED?!

OK this PR stunt has gone too damn far.  Certain sources are claiming that The Dream proposed to Christina Milian on his L.A. condo rooftop a couple of nights ago.   And that chick said YES.  He allegedly put a $200,000 diamond ring on it.  And it's said to be designed by the daughter of a very well known American billionaire.

EXCLUSIVE: New ATL Housewife Kandi Burruss Has Skeletons In Her Bed!

We've got some exclusive dish about Kandi Burruss and what you will...and won't see...on this season of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta". Kandi is newly engaged--which her publicist has confirmed to TheYBF.com. But get this: We've found out that she's actually engaged to a well known ATL "street pharmacist" named Ashley Jewell, b.k.a. A.J. And he has 6 kids that he allegedly hasn't been taking care of. Wack ass baby daddy drama Take 1... A source very close to one of A.J.'s baby moms tells TheYBF.com that A.J. is extremely trifling and it's a shame that Kandi is even dealing with him--let alone marrying him. Kandi and A.J. just bought a house together in Buckhead, ATL. But A.J. pays no support to his baby moms/ex-wife/former R&B singer Danah . Allegedly, he doesn't pay her alimony and even took Danah's truck when they divorced. Danah and A.J. were married in 2005 and divorced in 2008. The drama continues when you read the rest...