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Got My Lick In


Damn LisaRaye!

Ok this is the last post I'm doing about this chick LisaRaye Misick-McCoy today.  All these random "candids" and now photos she took of her bruises are starting to scream publicity craver.  And since Essence wants to hop on the tabloid bandwagon (WTF?), they've provided the world with LisaRaye's post-altercation pics:

So Michael Didn't Know LisaRaye "Diamond" McCoy Didn't Play?

Don't let the picture perfectness fool you.

This Is NOT Gangsta Mike Jones.

So Houston rapper Mike Jones got his ass...well, actually his face...handed to him this past weekend at the Ozone Awards.  A Houston rapper named Trae hauled off and punched Mike Jones in the face giving him a bloody nose.  This all happened at the Awards show in front of the masses.  According to my girl Nnete of Houston's 97.9 The Box, Trae punched Mike Jones in the face before the show started.

ANTM's Bianca Golden Fights, Trina's New Video, and Stephanie Kyoko In Smooth Girl

Once again, my name is Zillz aka Mr. What The Hell Is A Hermes Bag bka That's My Logo Down There and this is a special weekend edition of Young Black & Fabulous. I read all of the comments and I got to say I appreciate all of the love I've received so far for my 1 post! Thanx. Stephanie Kyoko I know how some individuals feel about the ladies of the "vixen persuasion". However...Natasha isn't gonna get away with just posting pics of Nelly in his underoos. Fellas, I got you!

So THIS Is How You Fight For Your Woman Reggie?

So I read the most hilarious interview last night because I could just picture this whole thing going down in  my head.  Reggie Bush had to defend his lady Kim Kardashian when Travis Barker's on again/off again wife Shanna Moakler attacked Kim at a recent party.  Apparently Kim tried numerous times to sleep with Travis--while he was married to Shanna and while Kim was with Reggie.

Video Fab: WNBA Chicks Get Scrappy+Janet Jackson's New Reality Show Preview

At the L.A. Sparks vs. Detroit Shock game last night, Candace Parker and Cheryl Ford get into it and bodies hit the floor. Check it for yourselves. Don't sleep on the WNBA.

Mariah Cannon Hits TRL+UPDATE: Terrence J Chased Out The Club!

Mariah Cannon was spotted arriving to TRL last night:   Sigh.  I see she reached into the back of that Butterfly album wardrobe closet from over 10 years ago to whip out this ish.  I know teenagers who wouldn't even rock that skirt.  Can't say I'm feeling anything about this look right here MiMi, but you definitely get an E for effort.   More pics of MiMi when you read the rest and an update on Terrence J's fight in the club this weekend...