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BRAWL DETAILS: Teyana Taylor & Movie Director's BLOODY Knock Down Drag Out FIGHT On Set!

In case you weren't aware (hell, we weren't either), Teyana Taylor's shooting a new movie (pictured here on set) called Gang of Roses 2 co-starring Amber Rose, her man Wiz Khalifa, and a few other folks.  And while the movie itself will likely be straight-to-DVD, the drama on the set is surely getting all types of coverage.


Apparently, Teyana went bad on the movie's director, Jean-Claude La Marre.  The Harlem chick tried to whoop his ass because he wouldn't let her leave set to tend to a toothache.  Deets inside...

FIGHT NIGHT: Chrissy VS. Kimbella! Punches Thrown During "Love & Hip Hop" Filming!

Aaaaaaand they're off!  The "ladies" of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" are already off to the races....and by races we mean hard core fight nights while filming takes place.


We got a tip today from a show insider that details how Chrissy and newcomer (Julez' Santana's baby mama) Kimbella are already at each other's throats.  And why do we believe it? Because we ALSO heard from a VERY credible source similar details...involving Chrissy punching Kimbella out!  Deets inside....

OH SNAP! Jennifer Hudson GOES OFF On A Fan Who Accuses Her Of Having Lipo & A "Gay Fiance"

Don't tell Jennifer Hudson she got to an alleged size 0 (according to Joy Behar from "The View") simply due to liposuction.  And definitely don't talk ish about her husband-to-be David Otunga.  At least not on Twitter.  Because chick will POP OFF.


Check out the fierce twitter fight J-Hud just had with a follower inside...


Katt Williams is back up to his antics again.  This time--he (and his 3 "lady friends") got into a rock throwing match with a man driving a tractor.  Sigh.


Deets inside....

FIGHT NIGHT In Italy For The "Basketball Wives" Tami & Meeka!

And it's round 2 for Tami Roman and Meeka Claxton!  The "Basketball Wives" trekked it to Rome for an Italian vacay.  And last night, drama popped off again with Meeka catching a punch to the face.


The drama when you read on...


When you're extra grown and extra beautiful, you can still be ugly as all get-out.  A source on the set of Queen Latifah's new scripted VH1 show, "Single Ladies," exclusively tells YBF that co-stars LisaRaye McCoy (44) and Stacey Dash (45) have been in a nonstop catfight on set!  And we've got the inside deets on how Stacey almost caught a Player's Club style beat down from Ms. McCoy.


Deets when you read on....

DRAMA! "Basketball Wives" Tami & Cast FIGHT At Polo Match!

CATFIGHT!  The third season of "Basketball Wives" is rolling out with a bang as the ladies headed to the Miami AMG Beach Polo World Cup over the weekend.


Tami Roman, Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, Juli Richmond, and Evelyn Lozada all stepped out of their ladylike (well, semi-ladylike) demeanors for another shouting and almost physical fighting match!  Looks like Tami and another chick were going at it in true "Basketball Wives" form.  Pics of the drama when you read on....