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Mike Tyson ARRESTED For Battery!

First Black Miss England In SCANDAL+Katt Williams SPEAKS!+YBF Celeb Teens Do A PSA+Janet's "GMA" Preview

Remember when Rachel Christie became the first black Miss England ever this past summer?  Well she just lost her crown because of some scan-duhl.  Very recently homegirl got into a bar brawl with another beauty queen, Miss Manchester Sara Beverly Jones (on right).  They weren't fighting over the crown, but allegedly over a man:

Apparently this guy "Tornado" from England's "Gladiators" show is Sara's ex.  And Rachel's current boyfriend.  After Sara proved via text message the two were still "communicating", Rachel went "Bad Girls Club" on her ass.  Rachel was thrown in jail that night and later released on bail.  So she has turned over her crown "in order to work on clearing her name".  Are we really losing a historic title over some dude in  '09?  I mean...I guess if you're gonna fight over a dude he should look like that.  Just sayin'...

Katt Williams was released from Coweta County Jail in GA and he went straight to the media to speak out. Please check it.

Here's the preview for Janet Jackson's ABC interview and a semi-sneak peak of her "Make Me" vid. More when you read the rest...

Jay-Z's Bodyguard Attacks Paparazzo?!+Rihanna Doesn't Want Braylon's Bubbly

Mos Def Pulls A Kanye At LAX

A usually calm Mos Def hit up LAX airport yesterday and ended up wilin' out on the paparazzi:

He had his family in tow so maybe that's what set him off. But when Mos arrived at the airport, he clearly looked like he did not want to be bothered by the flashing lights. He ended up yelling at the paparazzi about taking his pics and his homeboy even had to hold him back from swinging on one of the photographers. Rough day.... More pics under the cut...

ON THE SET: Soulja & Snoop+Isiah Thomas VS. Magic Johnson--Scandal A-Brewin'

Here's pics of Soulja Boy shooting his next video with Snoop for "Pronto":

He Tweeted: "Shoutout to @SnoopDogg.  History has been made!" New hairstyle Soulja? Isiah Thomas may have thrown gay accusations at Magic Johnson when you read the rest....

Pics via Soulja's Twitter/JRMPhoto

O SNAP! Melyssa Ford Gets Put On BLAST!

Twitbeef is in full effect tonight.  Well, actress Denyce Lawton says its not a Twitter Beef, it's real life.  She's going IN on Melyssa Ford (@MellyFord) and calling her out as a "NAMED urban video ho" who is "hypocritical and looks down on people".  Apparently Melyssa lied on Denyce (@DenyceLawton) to certain folks in the industry, slept with other chicks' men, and now all the ho-tasticness has been put on blast:

Who's man did Melly Ford get it in with?  Womp womp. Tell 'em why you mad Denyce... Someone else is joining in the Put Melyssa Ford On Blast campaign when you read the rest...

LisaRaye Is About To Air 'Em Out!