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O SNAP! Melyssa Ford Gets Put On BLAST!

Twitbeef is in full effect tonight.  Well, actress Denyce Lawton says its not a Twitter Beef, it's real life.  She's going IN on Melyssa Ford (@MellyFord) and calling her out as a "NAMED urban video ho" who is "hypocritical and looks down on people".  Apparently Melyssa lied on Denyce (@DenyceLawton) to certain folks in the industry, slept with other chicks' men, and now all the ho-tasticness has been put on blast:

Who's man did Melly Ford get it in with?  Womp womp. Tell 'em why you mad Denyce... Someone else is joining in the Put Melyssa Ford On Blast campaign when you read the rest...

LisaRaye Is About To Air 'Em Out!

NFL Baller Braylon Edwards Charged With ASSAULT!+Lamar Odom Proposed To Taraji FIRST?!+Mo'Nique's Diva Antics?

Cleveland Browns baller Braylon Edwards has been charged with assault after brawling with a man outside of Visions nightclub in Cleveland late last night (right after his team lost against their rivals the Cincinnati Bengals).  And the guy he wailed on is Lebron James' club promoter friend Edward Givens.  According to the the city of Cleveland's website, here's what went down: Givens was talking to the suspect outside the club when the suspect started an argument. The suspect then punched Givens with a closed first on the left side of his face. Givens told officers he would seek treatment at Lutheran Hospital. Givens is a promoter with Eighty81 LLC, an events management and marketing firm that hosts parties on Sundays at View. In an interview with Cleveland.com's Starting Blocks blog this morning, Givens said: "After the club closed, I was outside greeting and saying goodbye to people. Braylon comes up and started saying things, degrading me. He said if it wasn't for LeBron or the Four Horsemen, I wouldn't have what I have, nor would I be able to get girls. Everyone knows Braylon has a problem with LeBron. So I had to speak up for myself. The conversation started to escalate. As some of his teammates started to pull him back, he punched me. I have a black eye and a cut. I'm not a violent guy. "As long as I've known Braylon, I've allowed him and his friends to come into our events free of charge. Whatever jealousy he has with LeBron, he felt he needed to take it out on me." So Braylon is jelly of 'Bron so he picked a fight? Edward Givens had to be taken to the hospital with a black eye and a cut and a headache. This is b*tchassness at its finest.

In other dumb baller news, Lamar Odom is said to have proposed to his former girlfriend Taraji P. Henson only weeks before he popped the question to his now "wife"  Khloe Kardashian.  On a Fox Sports radio show this morning, the popular radio hosts Petros and Money (who have personally known Lamar for years) dropped this little nugget of info:
“You want to know how in love Lamar is? Word is Lamar was madly in love with another young lady no less than one week before he met Khloe and asked that young lady to marry him and she said, ‘whoa, slow down.’ “This was another celebrity that sees herself grace the pages of TMZ. So you wonder … maybe Lamar had alternate plans and alternate intentions of making himself more of a celebrity than just a dude that plays basketball for the Lakers. … ” … One week after he asked another young lady to marry him, he meets Khloe and three weeks later, he asks her to marry him. ” … We’re going to get this story, we’re going to further this story. We’ve planted the seeds on this story and I would say that some time by this time next week, we are going to watch it grow. Watch it bloom.
I know Taraji's glad she got out when she did.

Here's a pic of T kicking it front row at the Lakers' finals game cheering on Lamar this summer.  Smh... Dish about Mo'Nique's divatude when you read the rest...

What REALLY Went Down With Diddy VS. Alleged Undercover Cop

So as you all know, Diddy got into a verbal scuffle outside a VMAs afterparty with an alleged undercover cop. No one really knew what it was all about, but here's what TMZ is reporting:

It's About To Be A...Girlfight.

Jay-Z & Beyonce's Bodyguard Charged In Paparazzi Scuffle

After getting a camera tripod thrown at him by paparazzi, Beyonce and Jay-Z's' bodyguard Julius is getting charged by Croatian police. The three paparazzos involved in this scuffle with Julius and Jay held a news conference in the county of Dubrovnik - Neretva. They said they filed criminal charges because of physical attacks, threats, and damaged property.

Thanks to one of YBF's Croatian readers (who knew?), we had some of the local news stories translated to English. Here's basically what went down... The rest of the story after the cut....

*FLICKS & VIDEO* The Carters Get Into Scuffle With Croatian Paps!

The Croatian paparazzi almost got their asses handed to them by Jay-Z and Beyonce's bodyguard Julius. The Carters were heading from their yacht to an intimate dinner with some friends the other night in Croatia when the paparazzi hounds wouldn't leave them alone.  Jay yelled to them "We're on vacation!", and bodyguard Julius flipped out on them reportedly while the paps threw a camera stand tripod and other objects at them.

And flipped them off too.  Cops were called to get the paps off their necks.  But it didn't stop them from getting their shots.

And here's video of paps wildin' out throwing ish at Julius and Jay. Craziness I say. More pics when you read the rest....