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I Got Jacked!


Trina Is The Newest "Leaked" Naked Flicks Victim?!

Looks like somebody's pissy at the baddest b*tch. Because these naked and intimate pics allegedly "leaked" from Trina's cell phone.

NAKED BALLER ALERT: San Antonio Spur George Hill Gets "Greg Oden'd"

And another NBA baller gets caught out there....nekkid.  But y'all might be feelin' these a little more than Greg Oden's.   San Antonio Spur George Hill has some naked pics on the net that his former girlfriend or former jumpoff just leaked.

We've never heard of him but from the looks of his pics (the ones where he's actually clothed), dude is a ka-yutie!  We may just have to start paying more attention to the NBA games. We hear George spends more time on the bench than in the game so this may just be a good look for him. Just looking at the silver lining here.... The NSFW naked flicks and texts thanks to TheDirty.com and the email from his lawyer confirming it's him when you read the rest...

Usher Gets A Millie Stolen+Gilbert's Out Of $111 Millie?

Usher has $1 mill stolen

Sources have reported that Usher had over $1 mill worth of ish stolen from his Yukon right before Christmas. He was parked across from Lenox Mall when another car allegedly rolled up and stole diamonds, furs, and gifts while Usher was shopping. Why Usher had ll that ish just chillin' in his car? Who knows. But I'm sure he won't be doing it again any time soon.

News on Gilbert Arenas when you read the rest....

TWITTER BEEF: Melody Thornton Calls Ciara A Swagger Jacker+Game Goes In On Mrs. Nash

Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton's got some words for Ciara. Melody--who was rumored to be dating Ciara's ex Bow Wow at one time and both share Kim K. as a BFF--Tweeted that CiCi swagger jacked her look in Ciara's recent photoshoot:

If this is what Mel's choosing to pop off about...it must be rougher times for her than we all thought. More under the cut...

RAPPERS' DELIGHT: Boosie Goes To Jail+Rick Ross Gets JACKED By Strippers?

Eminem Gets Jacked+50 Cent Takes The Stand