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Legal Woes


LEGAL UPDATES: Plaxico Burress, Flesh-N-Bone, Coolio, & Weezy

Lots of legal drama popping off today:

Lil Wayne is suing some film makers who submitted a documentary about Wayne's life to the Sundance Film Festival this year. Here's what went down:
The Lollipop hitmaker, real name Dwayne Carter Jr., claims he gave a film crew working for Digerati Holdings and QD3 Entertainment exclusive access to his everyday life for a movie about the the star, titled The Carter. In exchange, movie bosses agreed to give Lil Wayne final say on the finished film. The rapper's manager viewed the footage in December and requested some content be removed from the documentary. He was shown the edited reel again in January, but still had objections to the movie and sent it back to the cutting room. But according to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, producers failed to adhere to the demands and presented what Carter's camp have called a "scandalous portrayal" of the MC at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.
Basically Weezy wasn't feeling how his own documentary made him look. So he's suing for unfair business practices, invasion of privacy, and breach of covenant of good faith. I wonder if he's ever considered that the documentary was some real ish about his own life and actions and he just didn't like what he saw. Hmmm....

Flesh-N-Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony was arrested yesterday for gun possession. While in Santa Clarita, CA, cops found a gun in Flesh's (government name Stanley Howse) car. Too bad the sheriff wasn't allowing any bail for the once called fastest rapper alive. Dude is still in lock up until his hearing on Monday. Womp. More legal drama when you read the rest...

Bow Wow's Album Release Party+C Murder Wants YOU to Get Him Off House Arrest

Bow Wow had his album release party  in Atlanta.  And his denim loving mom came out to celebrate with him.  My sources at the party tell me people were pissy with Bow at his own party becaus eof how wack and rude his security was acting.  Bow wasn't trying to talk to anyone either.  Hmmm...sounds familiar.

So did his girl Kandi and her BFF rapper Rasheeda.

Really Bow Wow...you just make it so easy for me....

And in other  news, Master P's brother and rapper C Murder has put out a statement asking for everyone to donate $1k, yes--$1000, to help him pay his legal bills.  he's been on house arrest for a minute now and the bills are stacking up.  He wants to be able to keep paying his lawyer so he can be free soon.

Wow. More pics from Bow Wow's party when you read the rest...

Gun Charges & Legal Woes Galore: Queen Latifah, Plaxico Burress, & Ja Rule

Steve Harvey STOLE His Best Selling Book?!

Gossip Bits: Kobe & Vanessa Wildin' Out On Their Maid?+Another NBA Baller Deadbeat Daddy+Timbaland Suing His Own Label+Other Ish

So Kobe and Vanessa Bryant are getting sued--by their maid. Maria Jiminez said Vanessa has been utterly verbally and emotionally abusive to her for a long while now and she's fed the hell up. Vanessa curses at her, calls her "a f*cking liar", belittles her in front of Kobe and the kids, and makes her do inhuman work. When Maria threatened to quit, Kobe talked her into staying. According to TMZWhen Vanessa went nuclear because Maria put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa demanded that Maria put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve the price tag for the blouse.  The final sh*tstorm was when Vanessa lit into Maria because Maria put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa demanded that Maria put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve the price tag for the blouse. Why? So she could deduct that amount ($690) from Maria's salary. Cold blooded. And when she threatened again to quit, V told her she couldn't quit until she worked off that whopping $690. What is this--the vintage indentured servitude era? For some reason this story doesn't strike us as far-fetched. Vanessa and 'em really need to stop. UPDATE:  Here's Kobe and Vanessa's statement they just released via their lawyers: We have learned that a former employee of the Bryants, Maria Jimenez, has filed a complaint against our clients. Ms. Jimenez's outrageous allegations of improper conduct are totally unfounded and patently false. The Bryants intend to vigorously defend against these untruthful allegations and are confident that the baseless nature of the allegations will be proven.

NBA's Toronto Raptors star Chris Bosh may be added to the wack ass baby daddy files. His ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis just filed papers demanding child support from him after he broke up with her when she was seven months pregnant, leaving her destitute and without medical care even after she got sick. They also supposedly jointly bought a $1.6 mill place together in Texas and Chris paid for her fertility treatment to get pregnant in the first place. Chris is making $14.4 mill this year and has apparently completely cut her off. Drama!  The whole story is here. More gossip bits when you read the rest...

Tracy Morgan Spends Time With His Fave Girls+Jermaine Jackson Says He Aint Got It

Tracy Morgan was spotted out in L.A. yesterday spending some time with two of his favorite girls:

His girlfriend Tanisha and his doggie.  Awww how sweet.

Alicia Keys Talks To the Kids+Soul 4 Real Nabbed For Identity Fraud?!

Alicia Keys answered First Lady Michelle's call of service and participated with 20 other women in talking to D.C. high school girls today: She looked fab in her 5 inch grey Fendi platform slingbacks--that I have in my personal stash so I'm a bit biased--and cute jeans.   Good to see she could come out of hiding to chit chat for Women's History Month festivites.   And 3 members of Soul 4 Real have been indicted on 145 counts of Aggravated Identity Fraud.  WTF??  I don't know who's who anymore but Duluth, GA police say that Brian Dalyimple’s brothers (and fellow group members), Jason Dalyrimple and Andre Dalyrimple will all be indicted. 33 year old Brian was arrested on suspicion of identity fraud earlier this month after somebody reported $12 g's thanks to fraudulent purchases.  According to the PD:  
 “[We also found] a multitude of fraudulently obtained credit cards,” said Major Woodruff of Duluth PD, “documents for bank loans, checking and savings accounts in fraudulent names, account and routing numbers belonging to legitimate accounts and documents containing identifying information of many individuals.”
  They just needed some candy coated raindrops to et them through the day.  This recession is getting real real for these 90's stars.    More pics of Alicia Keys when you read the rest...