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Legal Woes


O-M-G! Teddy Riley Beats Down His Daughter With A Guitar AND Tweets He'll Do It Again!

This ish just got crazier. Reports broke earlier today that Blackstreet singer and megaproducer Teddy Riley beat up his 18 year old daughter Taja Riley and her sister with a Rock Band game guitar.   Taja was just granted a restraining order against her father.  But what's more shocking is the Tweet Teddy put out today. Read that and more under the cut...

Lil Wayne Detained+Shane Sparks ARRESTED For Molestation!+Brandy & Timbo Perform+Trina Gives Back

lil wayne detained

I'm convinced Lil Wayne just loves chillin' with 5-0.  He was detained tonight for the umpteenth time at the Texas border by the US Border Patrol.  Apparently dogs sniffed out marijuana (surprise surprise) on his tour bus.  But none was found on Weezy himself. So while no one's been arrested yet, Weezy and the 11 other people were released but the case is still "open" with the Brooks County Sheriff's office. Weezy's already been in trouble too many times to count for drugs and gun charges.  His prison sentence from his most recent gun charges starts February 2010. More ish under the cut...

ANTM's Nik's Baby Daddy Is Braylon Edwards..And She's Suing For $70K?!

nik pace and braylon edwards

Our source actually tipped us off last month that "America's Next Top Model" chick Nik Pace's baby's father is Braylon Edwards of the NY Jets.  We held off on reporting it because Braylon's rep denied it when we asked.  After Braylon got into trouble with Lebron James' BFF, our source confirmed it IS true...and said he's about to get us into more trouble with Nik. Apparently Nik and Braylon had been in a "jump off" type relationship for a few years now.  We're told Nik even named her new 3 month old baby after Braylon.   And now homegirl is suing him for $70,000. More details under the cut...

Chris Henry Updates+Katt Williams Sued By Assistant

chris henry

There's been a few updates in the Chris Henry case. Folks were wondering what type of domestic dispute could have possibly happened to the newly engaged couple for it to end in a fatal way. And internet reports claim that Chris and Loleini were fighting about the cost of their March wedding. They had gone to see the North Carolina wedding planner the day before Chris died and apparently things were getting out of control. Chris allegedly was overheard going off about why they were paying so much money for things (their papers are here) and was very annoyed and aggravated. And here's the 911 call. Sounds like Loleini knew Chris was on the back of the truck she was driving since he was supposedly beating on the window before he fell off.  And that little fact could lead to possible homocide charges for Loleini. News on crazy Katt Williams when you read the rest...

Ashanti TERRORIZED By Texting!+Shawne Merriman SUES Tila Tequila!+Gangsta Boo ARRESTED!

Ashanti's got a textstalker.  31 year old Indiana "fitness expert" Devar Hurd has been sending lewd and graphic messages to Ashanti, her mama, and her sister.  All about Ashanti.  He's been saying he's jealous of her relationship with Nelly, sending graphic pics of himself, sending them pics of their HOUSE, and saying that he can't wait to be with Ashanti one day.  Hmmm.  According to the Huffington Post: Hurd's text messages interspersed explicit sexual scenarios – sometimes accompanied by photos of male genitals – with career advice, accounts of his workouts and dreamy romantic visions, according to the court papers. "I had a nice dream about us shani," he wrote in June, according to the papers. "We was at your place and had a event and u was singing. I was feeling so good because we was finally past this and living together." A July message said his mental state "is very fragile with all this," the court papers said. While most of the messages were apparently directed at Ashanti, a few seemed to address her mother, Tina Douglas, and sister, Kenashia. Apparently this case is going to trial, but Ashanti's reps say it's "been handled".  Devar is being held on a $50K bond.  WTF is really going on? More drama under the cut...

Nas Ordered To Pay Kelis Over $50K+Weezy Goes To Jail In February

Nas better start telling folks "You Owe Me." Because he has to find a way to pay his now ordered $40,454 in spousal support and $10,647 to Kelis. WOMP. He admitted that they tried to work things out and reconcile, but that just didn't work. That explains why we saw them out and about together a few months ago. Meanwhile, the judge even said he needed to pony up the $50K+ for December. As for how the courts came to this decision, BBC News reports: Kelis, whose full name is Kelis Rogers, recently signed a record deal worth $175,000 (£107,405), but her lawyers argued that she has only taken $50,000 (£30,683) of the fee. They also downplayed her currency as a recording artist, telling the court that her only recent song was premiered on Twitter. Nas said he did not expect to release an album until next year - which may result in additional income - two years after his last record. The court heard that the 36-year-old owes his manager $700,000 (£430,000) and has a tax bill amounting to millions. Kelis, meanwhile, has not filed a tax return for years, making her income difficult to determine. Nas also wants shared custody of Baby Knight--which could possible lower his payments. News on Weezy's jail sentence when you read the rest...

SPORTS DRAMA: Ocho Cinco Owes Money+Terrell Suggs Gets Domestic Violence Charge

Cincinnati Bengal Chad "Ocho CInco" Johnson owes some pocket change to the Chrysler Financing company after buying a jeep from them last year. But the fact he hasn't paid his car note in several months seems odd. So the company is suing him for the $34k he owes on his loan: He paid $55,5487.35 for the vehicle but put $20,000 down on it, getting a loan for $37,975 for the car he bought from Northgate Chrysler Jeep. The suit accuses him of being in default on the loan, having paid $3,200 on the car in 13 months. It claims he owes $34,709.72 on that loan plus 15 percent interest annually from Sept. 10, 2009, likely the last payment the company received on the car. His monthly payments are $847.11.
Fire your people Chad. This ish is unacceptable. UPDATE: Chad took to Twitter to explain his "situation" and says he actually bought the car for a family member and they are the ones defaulting:

Our advice still stands. Fire your people Chad. Another baller caught up on domestic violence charges when you read the rest...