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In Lock Up


MIDNIGHT BITES: Kelis' Stiff $5K Weave+Bone Thugs Member Arrested On Stage+Dallas Is Mad At Nude Erykah?

The real shocker of this new lawsuit against Kelis is that she paid $5k for ish like this.  A Santa Monica hairstylist claims that Kelis stiffed her on a $5,000 hair weave bill.  But the hairstylist got the last laugh.  According to TMZ: Kelis got the weave at a fancy schmancy Santa Monica salon back in May 2009 but, according to legal docs, the singer never coughed up the dough. Monday morning, the stylist showed up for the trial, but Kelis didn't ... so the judge entered a default judgment for the full amount. Interesting. More when you read the rest....

ARRESTED: Wacka Flacka's Flame DOUSED!

Domestic Dust-Up At Gary Dourdan's House!

DMX Surprised By 6 Month Sentence

Details Of Weezy's Jail Life+Erykah Badu's "Window Seat" Preview

Lil Wayne has been behind bars in Rikers prison since Monday. And prison officials are giving the press details of Weezy's life behind bars. According to People.com, "Inmate Carter is in a category of housing that we call ‘general population/escort,” meaning that he has a protective captain with him whenever he leaves his cell/day room. More jail life details and Erykah's video teaser when you read the rest...

NeNe Speaks On Son's "Tough Love" Arrest

"Puffy" & Co. Hit Brooklyn For Biggie's Tribute+DMX Wilds Out In Court

Puffy--he said he wasn't going to be Diddy that night and he was going back to "Puffy Combs"--and his rapper friends like Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Red Cafe, and plenty others all filed into The Lab in Brooklyn to celebrate the life of B