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YBF Chicks Make Up For Colored Girls All Star Cast

MOVIE FAB: Jay-Z's NY-Z Absolute Documentary

VIDEO FAB: Whitney's "Nothing But Love" Tour Interview+Preview From Jay-Z's Documentary

Whitney Houston did an interview recently did an interview to talk about her upcoming "Nothing But Love" tour. And in one part, she spoke about how she feels the new artists have changed the game: “Music doesn’t change, people change the music; they become characters instead of really displaying their gifts,” she said. “If you look behind a lot of the people that are out there that are wearing these, you know, weird clothing–I’m not talking about anyone in particular, I’ve just seen for myself–there are some extremely gifted and talented young women and young men out there who don’t have to put on Halloween costumes, just be themselves. A little extravagance, a little flair, a little sexiness or a sultriness is cool, but some of them are very dark….” Music's past fashions vs. now: “But that was the ‘80's, I look at myself, I look at Madonna, I look at Prince, I look at Michael I look at all of us and I go, we had costumes. They weren’t scary, it was that we were performers, performing. Having artistry is one thing, but being dark and just you know, different weird stuff it’s not becoming. To me it’s not becoming at all.” Interesting. A snippet from Jay-Z's upcoming NY-Z documentary when you read the rest...

Lance Gross & Regina King Talk Our Family Wedding

VIDEOS: Why Is Ocho Cinco Naked In The Woods?+Erykah Badu Does "Jimmy Fallon"+Estelle's "Freak"+Chilli's "What Chilli Wants" trailer

Not really sure what's going on here. But BSO posted this vid of Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson running naked through the woods. Sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke. But it really happened. Is he on that ish? Or is this for a commercial? Both? Let me stop... Erylah's "Jimmy Fallon" performance, Estelle's new vid and trailer for Chilli's new show when you read the rest...

BITS: Lauren London & Nivea Party+More Deets On Baby Milian-Nash+More

Lil Wayne's baby mamas turned BFFs Nivea and Lauren London were spotted partyin git up together recently. Hmmm. Guess this is what's hot to do in the streets these days. By the way, Lauren and Wayne's baby's name is Cameron. More ish under the cut...

MOVIE STILLS: Flicks From Why Did I Get Married Too?

Lionsgate studio released two brand new flicks from Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? movie:

This sequel is set in the Bahamas.  I see they still gave Jill Scott this ugly wig. The full synopsis and second pic when you read the rest....