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Joe Jackson's getting a reality show???:
I can't. Ever wonder what Destiny's Child's audition tape sounded like back in '97 that led them to their Columbia Records deal:

Well check it.
Check out Clipse's new vid ft. Pharrell for "I'm Good":


ON THE SET: Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye & Amber Rose For The "Run This Town" Video

The Roc trio of Kanye West, Rihanna, and Jay-Z shot the video for "Run This Town" this past week in Brooklyn.  And it looks like it's going to be a hot one:

Amber Rose was on the set too and we hear she'll be making a cameo in the vid.  Surprise surprise.

This ought to be interesting...

VIDEO FAB: Big Pun's Widow, Stephon Marbury, & Maxwell

Big Pun's widow just did an interview talking about how she's living in a shelter and has no money. She talked about this years ago after he died, but apprently the situation hasn't gotten much better. "We're in a city shelter," Rios said in an interview. "It's been very hard for them [the children] to transition. After Pun passed I didn't receive a lot of money. I received $160,000 from publishing. The house I was paying mortgage [on] was my husband's. He bought the house and it wasn't paid out. The five years I was living there I spent over $120,000 just on mortgage [payments]. Then you [have] the kids, and the food, and the clothes and legal fees...when there's no money coming in, there's just money [going] out." Rios also talked about her physically and emotionally abusive relationship with her late husband. "It's through the grace of God that I've survived," she said. "I never knew what domestic violence was until I was in it and even when I was in it I still didn't know what was going on. I thought it was just me I didn't know that it was happening with so many women." And here's Fat Joe's response:

I don't know WTF was going on here but apparently Stephon Marbury needs some Jesus in his life. He's been wilin' out on UStream tv all week. And last night's session was Pleasure P'ish. Check it. by the way, the actual song he was dancing to was a Chris Brown song. The uploader just dubbed over it with the Barbie song. In more fab news, check out Maxwell's brand new video for my fave track "Bad Habits" when you read the rest...

MUSIC FAB: Amerie, Goapele, & Drake

MUSIC FAB: Mariah Carey's "Obsessed" Video+Usher's "Certified" Ft. Pharrell

Mariah Carey's video for "Obsessed" premieres worldwide tomorrow. But it leaked a day early.

T.I. & MJB's "Remember Me" Video+Amber Rose Gets Fierce With Ford

If you watched that show The Agency on VH1 a while back that showed the behind the scenes ish of Wilhelmina Models, you'd know that models randomly pop in to their agency to take pics.  And Amber Rose popped in to her new home Ford Models to snap some nice untouched up pics:
I will say I'm glad she's actually doing some official ish with her modeling.  And not just "mode

SPLITSVILLE: David Alan Grier & Wife Christine Kim+Mario & Gucci Mane's "Break Up" Video