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*UPDATED* Plies & Keri Hilson's "Medicine" Vid+Alicia Performs "Un-Thinkable" LIVE+Mystikal News

Check out Plies' new video for "Medicine" ft. Nurse Keri Baby. And VH1's Myammee makes a cameo as well. Video would have been funnier had they made Plies a dentist. Alicia Keys' performance and news on Mystikal's prison release when you read the rest...

VIDEO FAB: Sade's "Soldier of Love"+Omarion's "Speedin'"

The wait is over...partly. Here's Sade's first video since forever for her brand new single "Soldier of Love":

Check it. Omarion's new vid under the cut...

VIDEO FAB: Trey Songz & Keri Hilson Make Their "Side Of The Bed"+Trina's "That's My Attitude"

One of my fave tracks off Trey Songz' Ready album is going to be his next single. Here's the behind the scenes video of Trey and Keri Hilson making the "Your Side Of The Bed" video. Keri is going off to war and leaving her hubby (Trey) and their daughter behind. Reminds me of the black family on "Army Wives." Awww.... Trina's brand new vid when you read the rest...

Kanye's New Year Statement+Trey Songz & Fabolous' "Say Aah" Video

Kanye's New Year rant

Gilbert Arenas Draws Gun On Teammate+Jay-Z & Swizzy's "On To The Next One" Vid+Vivica Cries Over 50 Cent

Gilbert Arenas and Jarvis Crittenton have a gun fight

So now Gilbert Arenas is pulling out guns on his own teammates?? A veteran NY Post reporter says that Gilbert Arenas and his childhood friend/Wizards teammate Javaris Crittenton pulled out guns on each other during a locker room confrontation Christmas Eve. Supposedly it's all over a gambling debt and Gilbert owes Jarvaris money. This is supposedly the real reason behind why Gilbert got in trouble for bringing a gun into the locker room last month. And he really hasn't been the same since news of his fiance/baby mama cheating with Shaq broke right here on this site. The Post reports:
League sources say the pistol-packing point guards had heaters at the ready inside the Verizon Center, the Washington, DC, home of the Wizards -- whose name was changed from the Bullets over gun- violence concerns. It was the three- time all-star Arenas, 27, who went for his gun first, sources said, draw ing on the 22-year-old Crit tenton, who quickly brandished a firearm as well. It was not clear whether other teammates saw the shocking standoff, which happened on a practice day. The duel in DC -- unprecedented in sports history -- was sparked when Crittenton became enraged at the vet eran guard for refusing to make good on a gambling debt, a source said. "I'm not your punk!" Crittenton shouted at Arenas, according to a league source close to the Wizards. That prompted Arenas to draw on Crittenton, who then also grabbed for a gun, league security sources said. A playground pal of Crittenton's from Atlanta, Kendrick "Bookie Ball" Long, confirmed the locker-room standoff and said he learned of it directly from the third-year player out of Georgia Tech. "He [Arenas] was f- - -ing with him; he [Crittenton] was just defending himself!" declared Long, who said the dispute was over money but would not elaborate.
Wow Gilbert. Reportedly, he denies it all of course. More ish under the cut...


Check out Keri Hilson pouring water on the sexilicious Trey Songz while they performed "Invented Sex remix" on stage with Usher: Well damn. More vids under the cut....

MUSIC FAB: Amerie's "More Than Love" Video+Beyonce's "Waiting"+Master P's Daughter Cymphonique's "Lil Miss Swagger"

Here's Amerie's brand new video for "More Than Love" ft. Fabolous. Cute. More music under the cut...