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Tamir Rice’s Family Set To Receive $6 Million Settlement From Cleveland

The city of Cleveland will pay out $6 million dollars to slain teen Tamir Rice’s family after he was gunned down by a police officer. Get the deets on the settlement inside….


SHERIFF -- No Signs Of Trauma To Prince's Body, No Signs Of Suicide

The Sheriff of Carver County just held a press conference to give details surrounding Prince's death.  Details and video are inside...

Here's Why It Will Take Until 2020 For Us To See Those Harriet Tubman $20's

We were excited to hear Harriet Tubman would be the first woman to cover U.S. currency. Now, we know why we won’t be able to get our hands on the new $20 bills until 2020. We've got the scoop directly from Secretary of the Treasury Jacob J. Lew. Find out what he said inside….

BREAKING: Harriet Tubman Will Become First Woman To Cover U.S. Currency -- Set For The $20 Bill!

An epic moment is happening.  The first woman to cover U.S. currency will be Harriet Tubman, this according to credible sources close to the U.S. Treasury.  All the details inside...


Melissa Harris-Perry Is ELLE.com's New Editor-At-Large, And She Vows To Focus On Race & Gender

She's been political BAE for years, now she's giving ELLE.com a race & gender lift.  Melissa Harris-Perry is their new Editor-At-Large, and here's what she's going to do with her new title...


HE’S FINE! Prince Released From Hospital, Surprises $10 Dance Party In Minnesota

Prince has been released from the hospital after suffering from the flu. Get the details inside….


President Obama Whoops Steph Curry In Connect 4, Because Mentorship

When you're the NBA MVP, nobody's beating you at basketball.  But President Obama did just beat Steph Curry at Connect 4.  And it was glorious.  Check out the pics and video inside and get the deets on their fabulous mentorship campaign....