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Gospel Singer James Fortune Released From Hospital After Being HIT By Drunk Driver

Gospel singer James Fortune is singing praises to God after a drunk driver hit him on his way to church. Get the latest inside…

SAP SUCKA: Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Says He Has NO Regrets & He’s Not Mentally Ill

Dylann Roof, the thug who killed 9 black people in a Charleston church, says he has no remorse for the innocent people he killed and that there’s nothing wrong with him mentally. More inside…


Shots Ring Out At Meek Mill Concert, Two People Reportedly Dead

Ish got crazy at a Meek Mill concert in Connecticut last night. It’s being reported two people were killed and multiple people injured. Details inside…

Queen Latifah’s Car Gets Jacked In Atlanta!

We just celebrated Christmas, but that doesn’t mean thieves are letting up on their antics. Queen Latifah’s car got stolen at a gas station in Atlanta. Deets inside…


CURVES AHEAD! A $315 Million Beyonce - Inspired Tower Is Being Built In Melbourne

Beyonce is the inspiration behind a brand new skyscraper in Melbourne. And the $315 million building will feature major curves in her likeness. Deets inside…


YouTuber Adam Saleh Says He Was KICKED Off Delta Flight For Speaking Arabic, Passengers Dispute The Claim

Speaking Arabic on a Delta flight could potentially get you booted off the plane. Oh, but if you’re a Trump supporter ranting and raving, they’ll nicely ask you to take your seat.

Get the details on YouTuber Adam Selah getting kicked off a Delta flight because he was speaking Arabic and why passengers are disputing his claim below…


Joe McKnight's Shooter Was In Road Rage Incident 10 Years Ago At SAME Intersection, Still Was Released

Former NFL star Joe McKnight was killed outside of New Orleans in Terrytown days ago in a road rage incident. Now, not only has his identified shooter been released, but it's been discovered this is NOT his first road rage incident at that same location. Details inside...