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More Updates On The Hudson Family Tragedy & Lyfe Jenning's Arrest

UPDATE 2: The Hudson family is now offering a $100,000 reward to whoever has information leading to the finding of Julian King.
Jennifer Hudson has posted on her myspace page today a plea to her friends and fans to help find her nephew Julian.  She says:
"Thank you all for your prayers and your calls.

*UPDATED* Hudson Tragedy Update: Julia Hudson Pleas For Her Son Julian

Just hours ago Julia Hudson, Jennifer Hudson's sister and mother of missing 7 year old Julian, gave a public plea for the safe return of her son.  Julian's biological father, Greg King, was also at the podium (on right).    Julia, who we haven't heard from since she reported her child missing yesterday afternoon, says she was the person who broke the tragic news to Jennifer about their mother and brother's death.  Here's a snippet

More Details About Suspect William Balfour & Jennifer Hudson's Sister Julia

Julia and William Balfour

As reported last night, William Balfour is a suspect in custody for the Hudson family tragedy.

Want To Smell Like Mary J?+Meagan Good & Others Make Appearances

In case you missed it, Mary J Blige is set to release her first ever fragrance.  And she's doing so through Carol's Daughter--the beauty company she has been the spokeswoman for.
"The name of it just came to me, but I can't tell you," Mary reportedly said. "I've always wanted to do a fragrance because I love when men and women smell good."
Congrats to MJB. And in other news: My people have been alerted to the tragedy that is Meagan Good's over-wearing of the YSL Leopard Tribute pumps.  She was spotted at a party this weekend rocking the hell out these shoes--again.  I said before if I see these bad boys one mo gain...I will alert the authorities.  Meagan, I suggest you hide you ish because "they" are coming to get them.  Either you hide them or stop wearing them--sounds like a win win situation for me either way. More pics when you read the rest...

Weekend Recap

The level of foolishness that popped off this weekend is a damn shame.  In case you missed it: Rapper Maino ("Hi Hater") confirms he indeed slapped the ish out of Young Berg (who I have technically banned from YBF but this ish was too funny to pass up) at a club this weekend.  Basically Berg The Idiot walked up to Maino at a club the other night, said "I heard you've been talking reckless about me", and actually repeated himself when Maino asked "What?"  So in true NY style, Maino hauled off and slapped Berg Ike and Tina style for disrespecting him. Maino's take?
“He didn't come to me asking a question, he was like stepping to me. If you got a question for me, ask me in a way that we can talk about it. Don't approach me like it's a problem,” Maino continued. “I did a little bit of God's work, I tried to discipline him.” “I’m a man before anything so if I’m at a club and somebody approach me in a disrespectful manner, what are you supposed to do? I don't know how to handle it any other kind of way. I feel like I just gave him something light,” Maino added. “When you think about what could have happened...I'm around 20 people in my area and he came up to me asking me was I talking about him recklessly. I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt like I did him a favor. I tried to sober him up because something was wrong with him.”
Berg apologized of course. Maino let him keep his jewelry, unlike the last dude who hemmed up Berg for talking out the side of his mouth, and he says he still likes Berg.  And we all know it could have been much worse since Maino has copped a few felony charges in the past for "disciplining" folks.  This is like the umpteeth time this dude Young Berg and his shennanigans have caused drama.  He needs to get more people and STFD. Meanwhile, Maino's encouraging ex-cons to get out and vote. More ish when you read the rest...

The WHO CARES News Of The Day...

I don't know which is worse--a slow ass news day or a kinda slow news day filled with ish we really don't care about.  So... The woman who beat VP candidate Sarah Palin in a 1984 beauty pageant is twirking her 15 minutes of fame.  Her name is Maryline Blackburn and she just gave an interview to the AJC: “My first impression was, ‘Oh my god, she’s gorgeous, sh

Celeb Do Gooders

Because YBF believes the charitable side of celebrity should get some shine: Oprah Winfrey is ranked #1 on Parade's celeb list of biggest charitable givers . She's handed out approx. $50,200,000. This was for the Oprah Winfrey Foundation and Oprah"s Angel Network, education, health care, and advocacy for women and children worldwide.