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Baby Urshmeka Is Here+Ciara's New Rocawear Ad+Janet's Making A Comeback...Again

Well the baby is here. Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond aren't releasing the name of their new bundle of joy but sources say the baby boy will likely be named Usher Raymond V as previouisly planned by the couple. A source tells People.com that "Usher was with his wife and new child Tuesday at an Atlanta hospital, and the family is expected to head home on Wednesday." Congrats to the couple and their new baby boy.

Ciara & 50 Ain't Slick+Timbo Got A Baby Momma?+KiKi Brings Baby Phat Therapy To The Kids+The Dr. Jan Adams Hoopla Continues

Pic: Ultimateciara.net
Ciara was spotted leaving her hotel in Bratislava (Slovakia), which happens to be the same hotel 50 Cent is staying in for his concert there. And the gentlemen next to her just happens to be a member of 50's tour production team escorting her. She's said to be 'accompanying' Fif on his world tour for the next week and may be a surprise guest at his shows. Local news sources have been reporting sightings of the two all over the area.  Mmhmm.  

Shaunie Claps Back At Shaq+Dog The Bounty Hunter's Victim About To Sue+Checking In With Whitney Houston+Beyonce Covers Cosmo

Shaunie files papers on Shaq Shaunie is ready to get at Shaq about his secret ish now. She filed papers yesterday demanding to see all of Shaq's assets and to get a closer analyzation of his $100 mil contract with the Heat. It doesn't state why but I'm sure all the allegations and check-ups he's putting out there about her these days has something to do with it. YBF exclusively reported weeks ago about Shaunie biting her lip in response to Shaq's very public lies about her. But it looks like she's ready to fight back. YBF also reported a couple weeks ago that Shaq was selling the Miami mansion to A-Rod from under her and the kids . And in Tuesday's edition of the Daily Business Review--the interest in selling to A-Rod was confirmed.

WTF Clinton Portis?!+Hov's Still Buying Ish+Zoe Kravitz Parties it Up

Sooo Clinton Portis thought having an alternate personality named "Choo Choo" was A-OK?  Clinton Portis as Choo Choo Clinton Portis as Choo Choo Clinton Portis as Choo Choo Clinton Portis as Choo Choo Apparently NFL baller Clinton Portis of the Redskins got the bright idea to portray a dance instrutor named "Choo Choo" at a recent practice.  The D.C. Sports Bog says he does it every now and then to teach the players how to twerk it for their endzone dances.  He also refers to Clinton Portis in third person when he's in Choo Choo mode.  I just can't co-sign on the foolery when I stay seeing this dude on the D.C. lounge/party scene acting like the manly Pimp of the Year.  Ish is not ok.

Kanye Remixes "No One"+Erykah Badu's New "Honey"+Ray-J & Kim Still Sexin'+CoCo's Camel Toe Attacks...Again.

   Kanye has hopped on a remix for "No One" with Alicia.  Check it: [audio:alicianadkanyeremix.mp3] Honestly it sounds like Kanye just hopped on that piece without Alicia even knowing.  But whatev. And Ms. Badu has a new leaked single called "Honey": [audio:erykah_badu-honey.mp3]
{Thanks Terri}
I still loves me some Erykah.  I'm definitely feeling it.

Remy Ma, Lil Wayne, Busta, & Ja Rule Have Rappers Day at the Courthouse+Venus Keeps Up the Fabness

Remy Ma at courthouse A YBF source at the NYC Criminal Court today reports about the rappers' delight that went down.  Four rappers--Remy Ma, Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, and Ja Rule--were all there this morning for separate charges.  Remy's still being hemmed up for those assualt charges dealing with Makeda Barnes-Joseph, and the other 3 are still dealing with those oh so popular weapons, drugs, and assault charges.  Busta apparently thought he was slick by slipping in the back entrance.  And Baby was of couse there supporting his "son" Weezy.  So is this what it's coming to?  Sources and paparazzi only need to set up shop outside the NYC criminal courthouse to get scoop on folks?  Damn shame. 

Celebs Hit L.A. Fashion Week & Other Fabness

Celebs who are trying their damndest to be important hit up opening day at Mercedes Benz 2008 L.A. Fashion Week yesterday.  And R. Kelly's wife Andrea made a rare apearance at the YSL show: andrea-kelley-at-ysl-show.jpg Very interesting.