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Bobby Brown's Tell-All Is Here!+Actor D'Angelo Wilson Commits Suicide

Remember that Bobby Brown autobiography we were dropping juicy leaks from a while back?  Well Bobby was not happy with how people reacted to his stories about Whitney's crack habit and his sexcapades with other industry chicks.  So he backed out of the deal apparently, when the book was almost finished.  But his co-author Derrick Handspike decided to finish it up and release it anyway.  DRAMA!  The book hit store shelves today and Derrick reveals in the Forew

Business Of Showbusiness

Gabrielle Union may have a new acting gig lined up.  She's set to to star in an upcoming NBC detective drama.  It's about the drama surrounding a detective (to be played by Union) who must race to save someone's life before it's too late.  This will be her second time teaming up and helping to develop a series with writer Frank Spotnitz, who wrote the last series Gabby starred in "Night Stalker".  No word on when the new show will begin taping or airing. And speaking of NBC, writer and creator Mara Brock Akil is set to create a new series for the network.  The "Girlfriends" and "The Game" head honcho is likely going to bring her fabulosity to the NBC network to write the script and executive produce a buddy comedy based on the 2006 book Making Friends With Black People.  According to BV:
About the state of race relations in the U.S., the project is being developed as a sitcom for NBC, and Salim Akil, her husband, is also on board too.  'Making Friends' will center on two guys -- one African-American and one white -- who become close friends, but who don't necessarily see things the same way. Nick Adams, a standup comic, wrote the book as a humorous look at how people dance around issues of race. He'll serve as a co-producer on the project.
By the way, Mrs. Akil is one of only two black women producing multiple shows on the air for 2007-08 season, Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) being the other.  I see my Soror is doing fabulous things... News on Tyler Perry and his writers' drama and Bob Johnson when you read the rest...

World AIDS Day 2008

It's December 1st-World AIDS Day. And YBF is participating in the World AIDS Day campaign.

The Carters Got Stacks On Deck+Aubrey Getting Her Own Show?

It's official. Mr. and Mrs. Carter are the highest earning celebrity couple according to Forbes this year. Beyonce & Jay-Z have earned $162 million combined just this past year--which lands them at the #1 spot:
Any way you slice it, the chart-topping newlyweds have had a monster year.

*UPDATED* The Latest In The Hudson Tragedy

The Hudson family tragedy on the cover of the upcoming issue of People magazine

There have been a few developments in the last several hours.  It has been discovered that William Balfour was actually arrested on drug charges again just this June--which violated his previous parole for attempted murder and drug possession.  It is now also believed that William--if guilty--may have had help.  The time line of the murders, cars being driven by the suspect, and time that Willi

The Case Builds Against William Balfour & Other Details About The Tragedy

Well it looks like criminal issues run in the Balfour family.  Reports state that William Balfour's father is currently serving a 30 year sentence for murder, while Balfour's brother is served time for drug dealing.  Authorities are currently holding Balfour on a parole violation--and it's supposedly because he missed his mandatory anger management classes and substance abuse courses.

Julia Hudson: My Love For Someone May Have Costed My Family

Julia and Julian at Disney World

Julia Hudson, sister of Jennifer Hudson, updated her myspace page. She spoke about the deaths of her mother Darnell Hudson, brother Jason Hudson, and only son Julian. And she says that loving a certain person may have cost her the beautiful family she had.