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BREAKING: South Africa's 'Mother Of The Nation' Winnie Mandela Dies At 81

South African icon of the struggle, Winnie Mandela, has died.  Full story inside...

NEWS: Austin Bomber - Who Killed Two Black Men & Injured 5 People - Is DEAD, Blew Himself Up After Caught On Camera

The Austin bomber suspect was identified and caught by a SWAT team outside a hotel in the southern city, and proceeded to kill himself ironically via bomb. Full story on how he was caught and the terror he enacted inside...


BREAKING: Two More Men Seriously Harmed From Exploding Packages In Austin, One Day After SXSW Cancels The Roots & More

The incidents of exploding packages around the city of Austin are still occurring, and the latest has injured more people just one day after SXSW cancelled The Roots and several planned concerts after bomb threats. Full story inside...


White Racist Roommate Gets NO Jail Time After Torturing Black Student Because, Whiteness + Woman In Questionable Video With Odell Beckham Jr. Says He DIDN’T Do Any Drugs

Yep, the white racist chick who violated her black roommate in the nastiest ways possible dodged jail time! Get those deets, plus the latest drama Odell Beckham Jr. has gotten himself into inside…

Rick Ross On Breathing Machine After Being Found Unresponsive At Home, 50 Cent Takes Unnecessary Shot

Rick Ross is in a dire health crisis, this according to reports.  While people on his team refuting the reports, he indeed had enough of a health scare to have several authorities called to his home.  Now, he's supposedly attached breathing machines in a hospital.


Full story inside...


H&M Model & Parents Forced To Move Due To Safety Concerns + Black Greek Judges Collaborate To Fight Prison Statistics

The young H&M model who's been all in the news and his parents have moved from their homes for safety reasons. In other news, a group of black Delta & AKA judges have joined forces to help combat the pipeline to prison statistics. Everything inside…


SHEESH! Freedom Fighters TRASH H&M Stores In South Africa Over ‘Racist’ Hoodie, So The Country Closes All Stores After Model Boy’s Mom Says ‘Get Over It’ + G-Eazy Walks Away From H&M

We’ve got all the latest updates in this H&M racist hoodie fiasco. Get it all inside…