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Keith Robinson's B-Day Party & A Curly Halle Berry Hits The Streets

Shemar Moore, Brian White, Lauren London, Ne-Yo, and Keith Robinson
Keith Robinson's birthday party went down at ONE Sunset in West Hollywood last night.  And all his Hollywood friends came out to play...

Mini Fab

  Who the hell sits on this Oscar nomination boardDenzy got played and didn't get a nod for either of his ridiculously fabulous acting jobs he did for American Gangster or The Great Debaters.  But Ruby Dee grabbed a nod for Best Supporting Actress in American Gangster and the movie itself got a Best Art Direction nod.  Honestly, Ibelieve American Gangster should have grabbed a Best Music (Song) nod for at least one of those tracks in the movie.  People co-signed all over the foolishness that is "Whoop That Trick" winning because "it went with the movie" but the AG soundtrack couldnt have been any more tailored.  Oh well.    Y'all know Oscar folks weren't letting black folks have some Oscar shine 2 years in a row.

More in Rumorville With Tracey & Eddie+Dwyane Wade's Birthday Party+Usher Loses His Father

Sources are still poppin' off about the Eddie/Tracey split.  S2S is reporting:
There are rumors that say Tracey is an opportunist who only sought to use Eddie’s superstar status to further her career as a producer, but sources close to both sides told me they never believed that was true. In fact, we’ve learned that a prenuptial agreement was signed weeks prior to the New Year’s Day wedding. Furthermore, they point out that Tracey has been quite successful for many years in Hollywood with films like “Soul Food” and “Good Luck Chuck” and several hit reality shows like BET’s “College Hill” and “Lil’ Kim: Countdown to Lockdown.” She has been one of The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Most Successful Women in Entertainment for the last few years. Tracey lives in an $8.5 million house filled with antiques and finery that she bought. She travels all over the world and has a wealthy lifestyle. So the truth of the matter is, she didn’t need Eddie’s money, and Eddie knew that Tracey was a self-made millionaire.
I'm going to go with...this was all a set up for a reality show.  Since that is Tracey's specialty and all.

Jada's New Movie+Celebs Do Sundance+Other Fabness

Jada Pinkett's in a brand new movie with a fabulous female cast:  It's the remake of The Women and they're now in post production.

Brandy Hits LAX+Trina & LaLa Party It Up In Atlanta+Christina Milian Thinks A New Label Will Help

  Brandy hit LAX yesterday right after jacking an eskimo for his winter stash.  I want this jumbo sized overly feathered Ugg boot insanity to stop.  Like 2 years ago.  Cute look other than that though.

Guess Who's Back...& Partying With Ray-J?

Which one of these 702 chicks is back on the scene partying it up with Ray-J?

Larry Johnson & Co. Party It Up+Janet's Ms. MTV Again?

Larry Johnson was spotted popping bottles of Ace of Spades in Miami. He hit up Headliner Market Group's Thursday night party @ KARU&Y. Tryin' to pimp it like his BFF Jay I see.