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AFTERNOON SWEXY: Model David Agbodji

Thanks to our friend Rod, we came up on this ridiculously sexy model on the scene named David Agbodji.  This Paris-born Nigerian work of fineness is the first black male to ever open and close the Calvin Klein Menswear runway show in Milan just last summer.   He's also been featured twice in GQ magazine and named a "Rising Star" by Models.com. And we see can why.... Stunning pics of David's new nude Calvin Klein campaign and him walking in the Spring/Summer 2010 show when you read the rest....

MORE ALTER EGO SHOOTS: Tichina Arnold, Musiq, & Victoria Rowell

Here's more fab alter ego shoots from Derek Blanks. He's surely working his way through Black Hollywood:

Click pic for larger image
Tichina Arnold plays her two alters in her Trick or Treat shoot: Carol Burnett's character "Nora," vs. a wild rock star. And Tichina's 5 year old daughter, Elijah has a treat for them...a baseball bat. Funny. More after the cut with Musiq and Victoria...


Kelly Rowland is getting her gorgeous on as "Rosie the Riveter" in her alter ego shoot.  Fab photographer Derek Blanks did his signature shoot for Ms. Kelly as she portrayed a strong woman in charge vs. the Damsel in distress pin up. Loves these pics.

And here's her behind the scenes vid showing how her and Derek's team worked out the fabulousness. Lots more pics (including some hot non-alter ego photoshoot pics of her by Derek) when you read the rest....

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Tameka Foster & Jamie Foxx Get Romantic For UPSCALE

Tameka Foster is rocking the pages of UPSCALE magazine's February 2010 issue.  No, she's not in a wedding dress because she's about to remarry Usher...or anybody else for that matter.  It's UPSCALE's Love and Romance issue. More Tameka pics and Jamie Foxx's UPSCALE cover when you read the rest...

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Model Bre' Stays On The Scene

Former "America's Next Top Model" contestant/actress Bre' has done a gorgeous new photoshoot. She's been one of my fave ANTM chicks even seasons later, so I love seeing fabulous pics of her. More pics and info on what she's up to when you read the rest...

Melonie Fiona's Source Shoot+MJB Pushes Her Shades

[gallery link="file"] We heart Melanie Fiona.  And she's rocking the pages of The Source magazine in this new fab photoshoot.  Click the thumbnails to see all of them. More ish when you read the rest...



Chris Brown's MTV Photoshoot

Check out Chris Brown's brand new MTV Photoshoot. Here's what they had to say about it: In these new MTV photos, Chris Brown, who recently released his album, Graffiti, to an audience wildly divided over his relative guilt or innocence and his worth as an artist, looks like a different man. Just on the surface, Chris Brown looks more pensive; and that this whole ordeal has changed him. At the very least, the post-teenage boy that so many fell in love with definitely seems to be going through some growing pains. Check out the pictures and read into them what you will. Interesting.  The rest are under the cut...