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PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Kenya Moore's Alter Ego

Former Miss USA (1993) turned actress Kenya Moore has a brand new alter ego photo shoot done by the fabulous Derek Blanks. She's playing off her barbie pageantry days and playing a Ken Barbie doll and a "Kenya" Barbie doll. The rest of her pics and behind the scenes footage when you read the rest...

R&B Singer Tank BLASTS His Baby Mama!+Angel "Lola" Luv's New Image

Seal & Heidi Klum's New Baby Lou Sulola Samuel+Chanel Iman Covers Prestige

Seal and his wife Heidi Klum introduced their brand new baby girl on their website this weekend:

The cutie patootie is Lou Sulola Samuel. And here's pics with her and her big brothers and sister Leni, Johan, and Henri. And mommy and daddy too. Precious. Pics of Chanel Iman being a cover girl when you read the rest...

PHOTOSHOOT: Fantasia Does Upscale

Fantasia is in the pages of the upcoming UPSCALE magazine.  And she's talking about her premiere of "Fantasia", her new reality show, on VH-1 in January. In the upscale interview (all photos by Derek Blanks), she talks about her relationships with her daughter, her mom, her dad (who filed suit against her) and with rapper Young Dro. By the way, our sources at the shoot say her man Antwaun Cook--who she "has never met"-- was INDEED on the set with her.  Womp womp.

Despite her latest antics, we can still say her pics are cute though. Snippets from her interview when you read the rest...

YBF CHICKS: Zoe Saldana, Rihanna, & Tyra

Zoe Saldana showed off her bikini body in DETAILS magazine's December issue:

Norma Kamali swimsuit

Michael Kors Swimsuit
Nice looks for Zoe.

Rihanna hit up  Fuse to do an interview that airs on Thanksgiving. And during another interview, she said for Christmas, all she wants is great sex and great food. O....ok. And Tyra brought 3 little girls to visit Princess Tiana at Disney World:

Fab. More pics of Rih (and quotes from her Fuse interview) and Zoe when you read the rest....


Remember CeCe Peniston?  Well she's re-appeared--FINALLY.  She hit up Inside Edition recently and did an impromptu photoshoot:

Lookin' fabulous Ms. Peniston.  *SNAPS*

Amerie Gets Fab For Honey

YBF chick Amerie chatted with Honey Magazine about her upcoming album Love & War, and snapped some fab pics for her spread:

Click Thumbnails


On relationships I think in general I’ve always pretty much had a good handle on what’s going on in a relationship. I’ve always trusted my intuition and I’ve always known that my intuition is right. Now whether I decide to go with that or not is a different story. But I always knew, and I tell women this all the time, intuition will never lead you astray. Never. We have it for a reason. But we choose to try and turn it down or try and turn it off. And that’s something that I’ve always known but it wasn’t until I got a little older that I learned to just listen to that, because I think we all hear it. Women, we always know what’s going on. Whether we choose to act on that is a different story. Something that my Dad always told me a long time ago…. guy is always going to show you his cards. Whether you choose to look at those cards for what they are or whether you just choose to act like you don’t’ see them, a man will always show you his cards. So don’t act surprised later when something happens, because you saw it already in the beginning and you chose not to heed that. And that is really true. So how did that change me? I didn’t hang around and try and figure a guy out a million different ways, like maybe this or maybe he was sick or maybe he just whatever. It’s like, it is what it is. We’ve got to start wasting time and energy on a situation when there’s nothing to figure out. And we tend to do that all the time. We’re so good at that.

More snippets from her interview under the cut...