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FIRST PIC: Jennifer Hudson & Baby David!

Solange Gets Uber Fabulous For Honey Magazine

Solange is killing it in her new photoshoot for Honey magazine.  It's her very first shoot with her shaved hair:

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Indeed one of my fave Solo shoots so far. Eclectic, bold, but still sexy. Loves it.  Here's what the youngest Knowles had to say about her "non-boyfriend" Wale and her parents: I think a lot of people have been zeroing in on Twitter convos between you and a certain Mr. Wale, automatically linking the two of you together. Then we see Central Park photos… Riiiight. Whether we’re rooting for it or not… we just want to know. Well, he’s definitely not my boyfriend. Well, we can cross that off the list. No, I just stated that he’s not my boyfriend, but we are good friends. I have worked with him in the past and I think he’s uber-talented. I think he’s really smart and really creative. And I respect his art. We have a mutual thing. We’re on the same record label and yeah… During the shoot, you said a lot of people ask about your dad and make that assumption that he’s the strict one and you said it’s really your mom who doesn’t play. It’s interesting that people think that my dad is the one who’s all strict. They build up quite a character with that guy, and at the end of the day it’s my mom who’s going to give you the neck roll. We've got more interview snippets about her hair when you read the rest...

Kanye Wasn't Selling Tickets?+Other Ish

Media sources are saying the reason behind the axed Fame Kills concert is because ticket sells sucked.  Apparently folks weren't flocking to the ticket counters to cop concert tickets for Kanye and Lady Gaga's duel show.  And, therefore, LiveNation pulled the plug on it.  Supposedly GaGa wanted to play in smaller venues anyway and not deal with the headache of large arenas and Kanye's ego.  And there were creative differences between the two camps. Womp...

Actress/singer Drew Sidora ("The Game") did a photoshoot for the NoH8 campaign.  Pretty pic. More after the jump...

Neffie, Frankie, & The Kids Celebrate+Toccara's New Look

Neffie threw a birthday party for her 7 year old daughter Christaria at Dave and Buster's in ATL this past weekend.  And of course, Grandma Frankie and Auntie Elite and Solow were all there to celebrate:

Freddy O copped the pics of the family time.  Snoop's wife Shante was there to see her brand new Godbaby (Neffie and Solow's newborn daughter) Nylah.  Wait...are they wearing "Are You Serious?" shirts?  So Neffie's getting her own "fashion line" too?  I'm blinded by eyelashes and grease right now.  So I'll reserve my comments for later.  More pics under the cut.... And Derek Blanks shot a new photoshoot for Ms. Toccara.  She's going for a new more natural look and took some photos to show it off:

Cute.  The last one reminds me of Eva the Diva though.  More pics of her as well when you read the rest....

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Trina & Amerie

Trina was spotted on the set of Yo Gotti's "5 Star Chick (Remix)" video in Atlanta this weekend:

Pooch Hall's New Gigs+The Obamas' Family Night+Weezy's B-Day Party+Fabolous' Reality Show

"The Game's" Pooch Hall has got himself a couple new gigs.  He's the new model for DJPremium's clothing site for Fall '09.  And he also just started his stint on CBS' show "Accidentally On Purpose".  Here's more pics of his modeling gig:

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So Lil Wayne's 27th birthday was yesterday. And what other way to celebrate other than your "daddy" tattooing your birthdate big as hell on his arm. And handing you a cake decorated in diamonds and a $1 mill Chopard watch.

Um, yeah. That's money to blow I guess....
Photos: DerickG.com
Pics of the Obamas and news on Fabolous' reality show when you read the rest...

Don't Be Fooled By The Joneses+The Knowles Sisters' New Ad