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TIDBITS: Halle & Tyra, Drake, Robin Thicke

Fab photographer/DJ D-Nice snapped this pic of Halle and Tyra Banks after they taped "The Tyra Show" this week.  Gorgeous gals for a fabulous pic.


Looky looky.  YBF exclusively got our hands on Buffalo Bills baller James Hardy's hot new photoshoot shot by photographer Robert Ector.  We don't know if the rumors are true that he and his boo Antonia Carter have broken up, but we tip our martini glass to her any damn way:

More sexy pics under the cut... *UPDATE*: It has been confirmed James and Toya are no longer a couple, but they remain good friends.

PHOTOSHOOT FAB: Wendy Raquel Robinson

YBF chick Wendy Raquel Robinson did a fabulous photoshoot with famed photographer Derek Blanks.  And we've got the pics:

Work it out then Tasha Mack. Lots more when you read the rest...

Jay-Z Talks Babies With B & Hits The Stage With Rih+Zoe Kravitz Is A Vera Wang Princess

Zoe Kravitz is the new face of Vera Wang Princess.  Hate the wig, loves the chick. And Jay-Z hit UCLA's campus last night to do a performance. And he brought Rihanna out for a surprise performance of "Run This Town". Check it. More news on Jay talking babies when you read the rest...

EXCLUSIVE PICS: Tameka Foster Raymond's New Photoshoot & Interview

Newly divorced Tameka Foster Raymond (she says she's not in a huge hurry to change her name) has done a brand new photoshoot with fab photographer Robert Ector.  And, of course, YBF has the exclusive first look:

Amerie Does Complex & Talks Cheating+Rihanna Leaves Wonderland

Amerie is looking fabulous in her new photoshoot for Complex mag:

Click Thumbnails


And here's some snippets of her take on men and cheating:

Men say: If I’ve only been seeing a woman for a month, I’m not expected to be exclusive. Amerie says: Unless it’s been explicitly stated that you two are exclusive, it’s best to assume you’re not. Women date men—as in going out on “dates”—and feel awkward if they run into him on a date with someone else. Trust me, if a man doesn’t say so, he’s not exclusive and probably sleeping with someone else. Men say: Cheating is only an issue if you get caught. Amerie says: One of the consequences of cheating is that you only trust somebody as much as you trust yourself. Even the whole line of “wanting space”—they’ve probably already cheated at least once. It’s thinking, “I don’t want to risk losing this person, so instead of being honest, I’ll put them on the side while I get all this stuff out my system.” Men say: Women settle more easily than men. Amerie says: Men rarely settle; they won’t wife up someone they don’t feel is worthy of them. A woman can persistently chase a man, and he may sleep with her, but it’ll never make him love her. Yet a guy that a woman’s not interested in can hound her, and if he’s persistent enough, he’ll wear her down. Women are more malleable. Yet, we’re still the smarter sex. Men can’t handle the truth about women—that we can be as noncommittal, manipulative, and promiscuous as they are.

Candid flicks of Rihanna when you read the rest...


Alica Keys has a brand new photoshoot out.  She's looking pretty subdued fab.  Interesting choice of finger there Ms. Keys...