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Celebs Hit Will & Jada's For An Election Party+T-Boz Is Selling Her Ish

Q Deezy of Big Boy's Neighborhood hit up The Smith's house in L.A.

More From The Election Night Scene

Last night's Obama Win was simply amazing and surreal. Wondering what our new First Family did on Election Day and how they could possibly keep their calm all day?  Here's the scoop: Obama retreated into a private comfort zone – an Election Day ritual game of hoops with staff and buddies. He then shared an intimate dinner of steak at his Hyde Park home with his family, including his mother-in-law, Marian Robinson, and brother-in-law Craig Robinson. Obama's daughters went to school as usual on Tuesday, then got their hair done for the big night. Their grandmother, Marian, who has taken care of the girls while their parents traveled with the campaign, laughed when she told PEOPLE: "I hope [Michelle] doesn't make them go to school tomorrow – but if she does, I'll be there to take them." As for her son-in-law's history-making win, Robinson said: "Is this exciting or what? I cannot wrap my head around it."
Source: People.com

Loves it.  Click here if you missed President Obama's Victory Speech. More pics and stories from last night's historic win when you read the rest...

THE SPEECH: Barack Obama's Victory Speech For The 2008 Presidential Election

Our 44th President-Elect Barack Obama gave his usual moving speech tonight. He accepted the votes to become the first ever black U.S. President in history. Check out the full video of his victory speech below:  

  The epitome of absolute YBFness.      Side notes:  While cuttin' up at an Election Watch Party tonight....I had a few thoughts.First Lady Michelle O. looked all kinds of fierce.  Vice President Biden's wife Jill isn't so bad herself.  Sasha and Malia are killing me with the cuteness.  Barack and Michelle looked simply smitten with each other and my girly self loves it all.  Michelle's mama is a fierce one too.  Oprah and Jessie Jackson were spotted in the crowd with tears running down their faces.  We spotted Andre Leon Talley too...and I'm going to need for him to back up off Michelle.  She doesn't need the tangy turban ish.  I'm moved by this election not because a black man has been voted into the White House, but because people finally get the purpose of a President--to uplift morale, be the steady and strong guiding hand in the face of chaos, unify, and be a GLOBAL face for our country--which all leads to us securing our spot as the World's powerhouse in every way.  We no longer had this, so change was necessary.  President-Elect Obama was the only candidate who represented that change.  He proved it with history making voter turn outs and an unprecedented amount of people who actually began to give a damn.  If how he ran his damn near flawless campaign is any reflection on how he'll run this country--we're in good hands.  I'm excited that the Democrats have complete control of both the House and the Senate.  And even more excited my current state of Virginia pulled through in the absolute very end--who said every vote doesn't count? Now cue the Jim Jones and let's Pop some Champagne... More videos from tonight's celebration in Chicago's Grant Park when you read the rest...


Every major news network has called it! Barack Obama is the new President of the United States of America! It's not a game peoples. And he KILLED it on top of that with far beyond the necessary 270 Electoral votes. Congrats to everyone who worked their asses off to get the best man in the White House. And congrats to our newest and most FABULOUS First Family ever!

Obama Mania!

*ELECTORAL VOTE COUNTER BELOW* Polls are closing and we are SO ready to get this ish poppin'.  Here's a few more Obama family pics from the campaign trail this weekend: And one for the road:

The Obamas Hit The Polls+Terrence Howard Dishes About Split From Ex-Wife

President and First Lady hopefuls Barack & Michelle Obama were spotted casting their votes today in Chicago: LOL.  Homegirl is all in his business.  Nevermind, that looks

Beyonce & Co. Promote The Vote+50 Cent Is A Do Gooder

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mary J., and Kevin Liles all hit the Philly Promote The Vote block party yesterday: Looks like B is getting her practice holding and kissing babies at a political rally.  We have heard her hubby Shawn Carter is looking to run for Mayor of NYC in the near future.  Hmmm.... Diddy hit the stage to promote the vote. And so did Mary J. More pics of these folks and 50 Cent's new Do Gooder project when you read the rest...