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SPOTTED: Barack Obama & Adrian Fenty At Ben's Chili Bowl

It was only a matter of time before Prez Obama hit up DC's most famous black owned eatery--Ben's Chili Bowl.  And he decided to make a stop at the famous celeb stop through for lunch with Mayor Adrian Fenty this weekend: Awww.  More pics when you read the rest...

Roland Burris Gets REJECTED!+Rihanna Has To De-Sex For Malaysia

US Senate hopeful and former Deputy Attorney General Roland Burris has been rejected from being seated in Congress.  About an hour ago, Congress opend their session and said Burris' "credentials weren't in order".  So he wasn't able to be sworn in or take oath or even appear on the Floor.  Congress and other head honchos said weeks ago they would prevent Burris from being confirmed thanks to IL

Tyrese's 30th Birthday Party+Sasha & Malia Obama's First Day Of School

Tyrese celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend at LA's Boulevard 3 with friends and family--his mom Priscilla and sister Shonta above came out to party too. New York was there looking like hot mess reincarnated. These birthday cakes are getting out of control.  And are we still throwing up "Westside" in '09? Pics of Barack seeing the future First Daughters off to school this morning have been released.  First Lady Michelle rode to school with the Sasha and Malia (they're at separate Sidwell Friends campuses) since dad had a few errands to take care of.  Errands meaning meeting with powerful congressman and world leaders. More pics of these folks when you read the rest...

Daily Obama Juice

It's back to school and back to work for damn near everyone today. And the Obamas are no exception--they've finally moved to Washington. Prez-Elect O. arrived into DC late last night--his last trip into DC as Prez Elect. He has arrived for Inauguration week kicking off Jan. 20th where he will finally take post as official Prez. Here's flicks of him leaving his hometown Chicago (he said he teared up while leaving) and boarding a plane in the Presidential fleet: Meeting his new pilot for Air Force One--the official Presidential plane He'll be meeting with lots of Congressional leaders and potential members of his cabinet all week. Barack's favorite girls moved to DC Saturday morning and the fam is staying at a suite at the Hay-Adams Hotel--since Bushy ixnayed them moving into the Blair House early. And today is Sasha and Malia Obama's first day of school at Sidwell Friends. Sasha's going to the elementary campus in Bethesda for 2nd grade and Malia is attending the middle school in DC for 5th grade. Their classmates will be VP Elect Joe Biden's grandkids and other famous kiddies. I have a feeling Michelle will be spending this week solidifying her stylist--and who she's about to let do her hair for Inauguration. Y'all know that takes a minute for us. More when you read the rest...


Millions of people are flocking to the D.C. area in January for the Inauguration festivities. And the Inaugural Balls are the place to be. TheYBF.com has teamed up with the Hip Hop Social Action Network as they put on a finer face for Hip Hop.

*UPDATED* Presidential Swexy: The Obamas On Hawaii Vacay

Click above pic for larger pic This may be hella inappropriate, but whatevs. Prez-Elect Obama as spotted leaving the Obamas' Hawaii vacay mansion today on his way to the beach. Looking all kinds of hot too. Funny that the cops thought a 15+ motorcade line would block the paps.

Daily Obama Juice

If you don't already know, TIME magazine has named Prez Elect Barack Obama Person Of The Year. Shocker. And they're running never before seen pics from an impromptu photoshoot Barack did in his 20's with an up and coming photographer who spotted him out and about. More pics after the cut. I'm DEFINITELY not a proponent of cancer sticks...but damn if this isn't retro Presidential swagger I don't know what is. Check out this video of The Prez-Elect and First Lady Michelle, set to Musiq Siulchild's new track "So Beautiful":

One of my fave songs on the album. And this video is pure swoon worthy. Loves it. More O. Juice when you read the rest...