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Political Fab


Obama Mania!

*ELECTORAL VOTE COUNTER BELOW* Polls are closing and we are SO ready to get this ish poppin'.  Here's a few more Obama family pics from the campaign trail this weekend: And one for the road:

The Obamas Hit The Polls+Terrence Howard Dishes About Split From Ex-Wife

President and First Lady hopefuls Barack & Michelle Obama were spotted casting their votes today in Chicago: LOL.  Homegirl is all in his business.  Nevermind, that looks

Beyonce & Co. Promote The Vote+50 Cent Is A Do Gooder

Beyonce, Jay-Z, Mary J., and Kevin Liles all hit the Philly Promote The Vote block party yesterday: Looks like B is getting her practice holding and kissing babies at a political rally.  We have heard her hubby Shawn Carter is looking to run for Mayor of NYC in the near future.  Hmmm.... Diddy hit the stage to promote the vote. And so did Mary J. More pics of these folks and 50 Cent's new Do Gooder project when you read the rest...


It's November 4th. Vote snitches.

Election Day Run Down!

Ok peoples.  The BIG DAY is almost here.  Here's a few things to remember tomorrow (Nov. 4th)--the official Voting and Election Day:
  • Lines WILL (not might...WILL) be incredibly and unusually long.  Do not get discouraged.  Bring your Ipod, drinks, snacks (Baby Zahara style), and your cell phone to check out YBF mobile.  If your boss is trippin', give them a nice warm mug of B*tch Please and carry on to the polls.  Real talk.  Most polls open at 6am.  Jay-Z and 'em probably won't be in your area to surprise you in line that day, but oh well.
  • DO NOT wear any candidate's paraphernalia to the polls--it is against the rules in several states.
  • Verify your polling place NOW.  CLICK HERE to verify.
  • DO NOT let a poll worker tell you that you are not registered or cannot vote there when you believe otherwise.  Call the Civil Rights Division of the US Dept. of Justice at (800) 253-3931.
  • Voting on your state and local officials and issues are just as important as the Presidential candidate.  Look up that info for your area NOW.
  • Shenanigans are very likely to pop off Election Tuesday.  Keep your cool and call the above number for assistance.
  • BRING YOUR ID.  Also bring your voter registration card just in case.
  • You CANNOT vote on Nov. 5th, despite what some people are saying.
  • Bring others to the polls who can't make it there on their own.
A funny run down of November 5th etiquette when you read the rest...

Nelly's Surprise Birthday Party+Celebrity Team Obama Rallies The Masses In Miami

Ford Flex hosted Nelly's Surprise Birthday Party at the Palazzo in Vegas this weekend as Nelly turned 34: His main chick Ashanti wasn't there to celebrate with him since she was in Japan.  And he does look just a bit somber about that.  Awww how sweet. Nevermind. And down in the MIA yesterday, Team Obama--Jay-Z, Mary J, Diddy, and Kevin Liles--hosted the Last Chance For Change Rally at Florida Memorial University: Russell Simmons and others were on hand too.  Loves it all. More pics from these events when you read the rest...

Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Diddy & Russell Simmons Surprise Miami Early Voters

YBF celebs Beyonce, Mary J., Diddy, and Russell Simmons all showed up to Miramar City Hall in Miami yesterday to surprise early voters who had been standing in line to cast their ballot for up to 8 hours: Definitely a good look for The Carters.   Mary J. brought along Kendu and the fam. Russey Simmons kicked it with the voters.   And Diddy brought along his fam and kicked it with fans and voters too. Loves it all. More pics and a recap when you read the rest...