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D.L. Hughley Responds To Steve Harvey’s Plea To Respect The President, “F*ck Your Respect!”

Steve Harvey issued a plea for rappers (and everyone else) to start respecting Donald Trump. But, his homie D.L. Hugley said “f*ck that!”  More inside…

WATCH: Daniel Kaluuya -- British Star of 'Get Out' -- Breaks Down America's (And Britain's) Racism Problem Perfectly

As the most buzzy movie in America 'Get Out' continues to rake in the dollars ($46.2 million to be exact), the flick's leading man and British actor Daniel Kaluuya gives the perfect response to racism here in the States. You gotta hear it....

Gayle King Says Oprah Will NEVER Run For President + Naomie Harris Is SICK Of People Asking Her About Having Kids

There’s no hope for Oprah running for president. At least, that’s what her bestie Gayle King says. Get the latest on Lady O jumping into politics, plus why Naomie Harris is fed up with people asking her when she’s going to have kids inside….

Barack & Michelle Obama May Have Signed The Most Lucrative White House Memoirs Deal Ever + Mr. Obama Will Receive JFK’s 'Profile in Courage' Award

Life is grand for the Obamas after the White House, copping record-breaking book deals for their White House memoirs. Find out how much they’ll be raking in, plus deets on our former president Barack Obama getting a special award inside….

SURPRISED? Trump Faked Everyone With HBCU Executive Order, Copied Obama & Still Didn’t Increase Federal Funding

So, HBCUs fell victim to Donald Trump’s opportunist ways. Yes, he signed the HBCU executive order, but it doesn’t even address their top concern: federal funding. Details inside…

REALLY BRUH? Van Jones Now Praising Trump Over Basic, Promise-Driven Speech

So, Van Jones has hopped on the Donald Trump bandwagon after Trump’s mediocre address to Congress last night. Find out how and why the commentator is now coddling the president inside…

Social Media Up In Flames Over Kellyanne Conway’s THOT-ful Behavior In Oval Office During HBCU Meeting, Betsy DeVos Not Spared Either

Kellyanne Conway has everyone talking about her this morning. Chick decided she would get extra comfortable during a meeting with Donald Trump and HBCU presidents. And folks are outraged at the disrespect. See how comfortable she gets and more inside…