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Register NOW, Snitches.


Concert Fab: Jay-Z, Wyclef, & Alicia Keys

Jay-Z did a free concert in the MIA this weekend and it was a last call to voter registration rally as well: Wyclef performed too. Pics of Ms. Keys in concert when you read the rest...

Janet's Still Cancelling Shows+The VP Debate "SNL" Skit

YBF readers who hit up the Janet Jackson concert last night in Greensboro, NC dished to TheYBF.com about Janet's weird cancellation of that concert. And the way they were informed that the concert was canceled: When they pulled up, everyone was going the wrong way to park. The parking attendant came up to the cars and told folks that the show was just canceled. And they were told to check the newspapers and internet for more info. Damn Janet. No warning? I'm also hearing Ms.

Hip Hop's Open Letter To Youngins To Barack The Vote

The folks from Bad Boy have sent over this open letter from Diddy, Jay-Z, Mary J Blige, and Kevin Liles. And they are all encouraging Young America to get their ish together and Barack The Vote. Check it:
Dear Young America, WE ARE IN A STATE OF EMERGENCY!!! YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE BY MONDAY OCTOBER 6, 2008!!!!! We are only 31 days from the most important election of our lifetime. MONDAY OCTOBER 6, 2008 IS THE DEADLINE.

Barack Covers VIBE+Joe Brings The Foolishness+Jazmine Sullivan Busts The Charts

VIBE magazine announces its November 2008 cover today with Barack Obama, marking the first time in history that the leading lifestyle publication has ever formally endorsed a Presidential nominee. In the issue, Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith writes, "…I am clear about what must be done. The staff is behind me. This is a formal endorsement, by VIBE magazine, of Senator Barack Obama…We built hip hop from nothing to something. We can do anything." This historic collector's edition also marks the second time that VIBE has placed the Senator of Illinois on its cover after being the first music magazine to do so in September 2007. In an unprecedented one-page letter exclusive to VIBE readers, Obama also calls out today's youth, urging them to take a stand and vote for change. He writes, "Dear VIBE Readers…I am running for President to take this country in a new direction. But I can't do it alone. I need you. Whether it's the first time, or the first time in a long time, I need you to register and vote on November 4th." In other political news, I have seriously lost almost all respect for Joe.  Apparently, a while back, Joe was toting the fact that he is not a registered voter. And he had no intentions of doing so. So he hit up the Tom Joyner Morning Show a couple weeks ago and confirmed this. He said he had no good reason he wasn't registered, but he "knows Obama is going to win hands down" and O didn't need his vote. *blank stare* He went on to say he would register only because Tom twisted his arm to, and he thought he could vote online. This is a grown ass man. I'm done. Listen to the audio here. UPDATE: Joe went on the Wendy Williams show last week and said he registered right after the Tom Joyner show and is now recruiting others to do the same. News on Jazmine Sullivan when you read the rest...

YBF Readers: Rock The Vote


Afternoon Tidbits: Keri Hilson, Jurnee, Jim Jones, Vanessa & Fam, & La'Kisha Jones

Vanessa and her daughters and family friend hit up the 50th Anniversary of Sleeping Beauty event this weekend: Cute. And remember "Idol" chick La'Kisha Jones?  Well she's set to marry her longtime boyfriend Larry Davis this Sunday in Beverly Hills.  Whats up with all these "Idol" folks on the marriage track all a sudden--first Ruben, then Jenny Hudson, now La'Kisha.  Oh well.  Congrats to everyone. More tidbits when you read the rest...