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"Real Housewives of Atlanta" Phaedra Parks Pitches New Reality Shows & A Book

Atlanta's own Georgia peach, Phaedra Parks, has a lot in store for fans of "RHOA" including a book and three reality shows she is pitching. Deets inside...

Royce Reed Sex'd Up In New Lingerie Shoot+"Basketball Wives 2" Reunion Sneak Peek


"Basketball Wife" co-star Royce Reed just rocked a brand new photoshoot where she finally looks older than a 12 year old girl.  Check out her sexy black lingerie shoot, plus a sneak peek at the "Basketball Wives" season 2 finale, when you read on...

HERE WE GO: Chris Bosh's Baby Mama--And Alleged STALKER--Allison Mathis Tapped For Season 3 Of "Basketball Wives"!

If you thought Shaunie O'Neal and co. were stopping at 2 seasons of the "Thirsty Basketball Wives"...think again.  Evelyn, Royce, Jennifer, Tami and possibly Laura Govan are headed back for more...with an extra "wife" in tow.


Read on for deets on NBA baller Chris Bosh's baby mama--yeah, the one who he had a restraining order against and claimed stalked him--joining the foolery when you read on...

MORE VH1 REALITY FOOLERY: What Is This Ish Elgin Charles?

I've been hearing about this new VH1 reality show called "Beverly Hills Fabulous" for a while now.  But I had no clue it would be this foolywangish.


Please read on for the supertrailer starring none other than the master weave dealer, salon owner, and hair stylist himself, Elgin Charles.  Yes....he was that dude in Chris Rock's Good Hair movie.

BIG SIGH: New "The Life: Atlanta" Reality Show For Men With A "Chocolate Down-Low Swagger"?

Whispers started last month around the net that a new reality show focusing on the gay black men of Atlanta--and their "down low" world--was in the works.  Well apparently it's damn near a done deal because their official sizzle reel for 'The Life: "Atlanta"' just hit the net.  And yes, the trailer is MUCH.


Check out the 5 minute trailer for the upcoming show we have no clue who's gonna pick up, plus a few pics from the cast's photoshoot...


Scottie Pippen's Wife & More Gear Up For "Real Housewives of Miami", "Real Housewives of New York" Pushed Back!

Well what do we have here?  Just as I was getting uber excited for the Feb. 15th return of the "Real Housewives of New York" and all of Kelly Bensimon's candyland ass fairytales, we learn that the show has been pushed back.  And replaced by "The Real Housewives of Miami".  Who knew this was even in the making?


Deets on which MIA basketball wives are set for the Bravo foolery when you read on...

TV FAB: Kobe's Wife Vanessa Bryant Is Copping A Reality Show? + Blooper Reel From "The Game"

Vanessa Bryant and Khloe Kardashian are 2 Laker wives that have been going at it ever since Khloe entered the picture.  While rumors have been hitting the net for over a year now that cat fights and ish talking between the two are common occurrences, it looks like Vanessa is bringing her own reality show to the masses to compete.


Deets, plus the blooper reel from "The Game" when you read on...