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Trannies Are The New Black?

  Bump having a token plus sized model.  Apparently that's now wack.  The hot ish to have on your reality show these days is the token "transgendered" contestant.  Ask Diddy and Tyra.  Apparently this cycle of America's Next Top Model(Cycle 11) is doing something new.  They brought on a contestant named Isis who is indeed a transgen

Video Fab: T.I.'s "Whatever You Like", N.E.R.D.'s "Everyone Nose Remix", & Carmelo's New Reality Show?

Check out T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" vid:
Cute. More vids when you read the rest...

New York Confirms Breakup With Tailor Made

The above video is the audio from an interview Blog Talk Radio just did with Tiffany "New York" Pollard.

Nightcap: VIBE Wants You To Guess Who, Kelly Rowland, & Solange

  It's VIBE's 15th AnniversaryJuice Isue.  And from now until August 4th, you can sit and twiddle your thumbs and guess who this cover celeb (who I hear is "HUGE") is.  Have at it.     YBF chick KeKe Palmer hit up Planet Hollywood today to do some hand prints and prom for her new movie with Ice Cube called The Longshots: Cute.   More pics and updates on Kelly and Solange when you read the rest...

Ray-J's New Reality Show+Nelly's New Sean John Underwear Gig+Italian Vogue is Team Obama?

Ray-J was spotted out and about...once again...with Mama Whit.  They hit up Villa nightclub together Saturday night.  And conveniently, this comes right after Ray-J's people confirmed to TheYBF.com that his reality show is indeed in the works right now.  It's unclear as to whether taping has already completely wrapped up or if they're just doing sporadic shots--like this one--here and there.  But Brandy's lil bro has indeed made the move from porn star to wannabe reality star.  What his show could possibly be about is beyond me.  But if Whitney is all up and through it, my DVR will be set.    Show me the receipts!   More ish when you read the rest...  

Diddy Showcases The First Black Transvestite On Reality TV!

Can YOU pick out the Tranny?       Leave it to Diddy to be a groundbreaker in the field of transvestites. A former PA over at MTV has dished that Diddy has a black transvestite named Laverne Cox (pictured above) on his new reality show "I Want To Work For Diddy" premering on MTV Aug. 4th.  As I was sent the e-mail a couple days ago, I wanted to check thing out for myself to make sure this wasn't some bull being put out there.  And last night MTV showed a sneak peek of the new show and lo and behold Laverne was all up and through it.  Ms. Laverne is a former drag queen and is currently an "entertainer" and actor. Here's a snippet of the e-mail I was sent: I worked as a Production Assistant on Diddy's new show for VH1 that's premiering August 4th, called "Work For Diddy."  The show centers around the young and dumb vying for a chance to work FOR Puff. What's unknown to the world right now, is that one of the contestants, actress Laverne COX, is a Tranny (still has a ding ding).   Let me tell you that home girl is the FIRST black tranny to be cast on a reality show.  The problem is that some people don't or won't even know.  For Diddy's part, all I can say is "How you doin'...alright!"   Hot damn.  I'm also told homegirl Laverne is well known for gettin' it poppin' with many men...as well as many men in the industry.  I wonder how she landed this gig.  Snaps for the kid Diddy.  Laverne can be seen at the beginning (in the red and brown) of the below vid promoting the show (some are beginning to suspect, but they don't know her name, and can't call it):  

  But before this show she took part in a documentary and can be seen strutting her stuff as a tranny prostitute at the 1 minute mark of this vid:
Just...wow.   Check out more pics of Ms. Laverne when you read the rest...

The "Real Housewives Of ATL" Get Their Promo On...Finally

As we've been reporting for a few months now, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are coming to Bravo. All 5 ladies sat down with Entertainment Tonight to dish a bit on the upcoming season. Bravo is showing a Real Housewives of ATL special that debuts midnight (WTF?) July 30th. It's still unclear when the actual season starts. Check out their video interview when you read the rest...