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New York & Tailor Made: At Least TRY To Make It Believable.

I couldn't make this ish up and I must do my gossiply duties.  Y'all know I dug for more details about this mess.  Sources tell The YBF that our favorite mama's boy George "Tailor Made"  Weisberger has indeed moved on to another woman and that's the real reason why he and Tiffany "New York" Pollard are broken up--despite the "We're still together" hoopla they and VH-1 are putting out to the masses.  His new chick is a 23 year old aspiring

I Love New York 2: And The Winner Is...

For the folks who love the coonery that is I Love New York 2, sources have been buzzing all week about who wins New York's heart this time around.  But now there's a leaked video clip proving who the winner really is.  Of course, The YBF's got you covered if you just can't wait till tomorrow night to find out.  And the winner is...

MTV & VH-1 Must Hate Black People+Omar & Keisha Epps' Baby Shower+ Beyonce & Will Cover the Mags+Other Fabness

Jamie Foxx's new show So Jamie Foxx has some new tv deals in the works:
Jamie Foxx signs a two-year deal to produce unscripted shows for MTV and VH1, with the first product of their new union being From Gs to Gents, a series "in which a group of men are given social makeovers in a bid to turn them into gentlemen," efforts that a guest-starring Foxx will entertainingly attempt to thwart by dragging them to nightclubs, pouring alcohol down their throats, and urging them to "make it rain" upon nearby members of the opposite sex.
Source: Defamer
Oh hells no. This sounds like nothing but the male version of Charm School gone extra wrong and we definitely don't need that. Can we PLEASE stop anymore foolishness showing black folks (y'all already know the damn deal so don't even trip) acting like foolywang material for 15 minutes of fame? I mean...are we really still "making it rain" in the clubs? Seriously? I can't take it.

Rihanna Swapping Spit With Josh Hartnett?+Mini Fab

Music Fab: Jay-Z's "Roc Boys", Ryan Leslie's "Diamond Girl", Tweet & T.I.'s "My Dear"+Reality Fab

Because fresh new music is always fabulous...or fabulously whack. jay-z.jpg Hov is back on the leak scene with this new track called "Roc Boys" from his upcoming American Gangster album. Check the audio below: [audio:rocboys.mp3] Hovie's home.

Foolywang Material: Ike Turner & Aubrey Madison

What in the crispy hell is going on here?:  
Aubrey Madison and Ike Turner  
The most famous wife beater ever is getting his own reality show with his ex wife Aubrey Madison.  Whoever is giving Ike Turner time to put his foolishness on tv needs to be slapped.  Aubrey and Ike called in to Detroit's FM 98 morning show to do an interview and

Because We All Love New York

New York The first episode of I Love New York airs tonight on VH-1...but you already know there's a sneek peek for those of us who can't wait. And not shamed to say it. Just click on "Let's Do It Again". The silicone has officially repaced this child's brain. And I still say Tiffany Patterson and Lambchop have been separated at birth.