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Tyra Keeps The Model Ish Coming+KING Mag's Cover Party

Tyra Banks is not going to stop until the whole damn world is smiling with their eyes.  She has yet another spinoff of Top Model in the works.  Carol’s Daughter and "The Tyra Banks Show" announce Modelville, a new reality series within “The Tyra Banks Show.” Modelville highlights five former contestants from America’s Next Top Model, each competing to win a one-year contract worth $50,000 as a Carol’s Daughter Spokesbeauty. ABOUT MODELVILLE: Five past contestants of "America’s Next Top Model" will come to New York to live in the Modelville apartment and compete to win a beauty contract with Carol’s Daughter. After being thoroughly educated about the brand, each model will be assigned a Carol’s Daughter product and will be responsible for creating, producing, and starring in a 30 second commercial for her product. The featured models and products include: Bianca Golden, Cycle 9: Carol’s Daughter Candy Paint in Razz-Berry Beret, Cranberry Kiss, and Wild Berry Renee Alway, Cycle 8: Carol’s Daughter Tui Hair Smoothie Lauren Utter, Cycle 10: Carol’s Daughter Love Butter Dominique Reighard, Cycle 10: Carol’s Daughter Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar Fatima Siad, Cycle 10: Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk If Bianca's not throwing down with anybody in the house Turks & Caicos airport style, I'm not watching. Sorry. And Reagan Gomez, her hubby, and other folks hit up the KING magazine cover party to celebrate Reagan's November cover: Reagan's husband Tyger Turrentine is a model by the way and they've been married for 9 years now. More pics from the party when you read the rest...

Halle Berry Is Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive+Jazmine Sullivan's "Bust Your Windows" Video

Ish like this makes me want to hate Halle. She's been named Esquire magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive in their upcoming November issue. And this chick hasn't done a damn thing this year but have a baby. A couple magazine covers and an infinite amount of candids of you going to the grocery store and shopping while your belly, chi chis, and feet are big as hell. And you still get named the Sexiest Woman Alive. How sickening is that? Oh, and these hot ass pics from her spread make us hate her even more: Inspired by Mr. Clinton I see. Jazmine Sullivan's new vid and a snippet from "The Real Housewives of ATL" premiere when you read the rest...

Evening Tidbits

When will this ish stop?: The official word is now out about the Stallionaire brothers and their new show "A Real Chance At Love".  Check it:
Bachelor brothers Real and Chance may not have been lucky in love on “I Love New York” but now they will both get a second chance with “Real Chance of Love” premiering October 20 at 9:00PM*. The tables have turned for these horse-breeding, music-producing entertainer brothers known as the “Stallionaires” who were just seen in the high stakes show “I Love Money” where they duked it out in an attempt to win the grand prize of $250,000. Real tried to find love on “I Love Money” after proposing to Hoopz but was sadly turned down once again. Now, Real and Chance are the ones in control and this time it’ll be a gamble for 17 young ladies who will move into their ranch house to fight for their hearts. After getting dismissed by New York in “I Love New York” Real and Chance are in it to win it this time around. And they are being extremely cautious before they choose their queen of hearts. To prevent getting dealt another bad hand, these ladies will have to lay all their cards on the table to impress these two guys. They will compete in challenges designed to test for the qualities Real and Chance are looking for in a woman. Each week, two women will be eliminated until the final episode when the guys will ultimately decide who they want to take a real chance of love with. In this 9-episode series, these two brothers are certainly wild but in very different ways. Chance is a charming player who gets himself into trouble with his explosive personality. Real is the perfect gentleman with a romantic side he isn’t afraid to show. What these brothers are looking for in a woman is quite different, but in the end what the “Stallionaires” might want could be the same woman.
Here's more promo pics of the wiggy s-curl juice dripping tangyness and foolywangery: I just can't.
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Pics of Thandie Newton and Idris Elba on the red carpet when you read the rest...

Ray-J Gets A Reality Show

  Somebody thought it was a good idea for Ray-J to cop his own reality show.  It's officially been green lighted and will air on VH1 in 2009.  And it's not just a reality show...it's a dating show a la "Flavor of Love".  The whackness has damn near peaked I see. Our sources in the production and programing deptartment of VH1 say no show title has been settled on yet, but it's definitely a go and they're casting potential love interests now.  Ew.   [Chris Brown and Rihann

Trannies Are The New Black?

  Bump having a token plus sized model.  Apparently that's now wack.  The hot ish to have on your reality show these days is the token "transgendered" contestant.  Ask Diddy and Tyra.  Apparently this cycle of America's Next Top Model(Cycle 11) is doing something new.  They brought on a contestant named Isis who is indeed a transgen

Video Fab: T.I.'s "Whatever You Like", N.E.R.D.'s "Everyone Nose Remix", & Carmelo's New Reality Show?

Check out T.I.'s "Whatever You Like" vid:
Cute. More vids when you read the rest...

New York Confirms Breakup With Tailor Made

The above video is the audio from an interview Blog Talk Radio just did with Tiffany "New York" Pollard.