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Red Carpet Fab


WEEKEND FAB: Rihanna & Kerry Washington

Rihanna was spotted jetting out of JFK last night...possibly off to another Holiday vacay spot or back home to L.A.:

Looking laid back and casual. And Kerry Washington is still in Cannes doing it up:

She rocked this gorgeous evening gown for the premieres this weekend.

And a Louis Vuitton look for other events. More pics when you read the rest...

Wendy Williams, Eve, & Vanessa Williams Do The Red Carpet+Mariah Carey Gets Nippley

Mimi was spotted arriving into LAX flashing some nipple for the cameras:

Oh Mimi.  You know damn well you shoulda rocked a bra with this sheer lycra you like to wear.

Funny funny. And Eve and Wendy Williams were spotted on the NEW NOW NEXT Awards red carpet last  night:

Too much for words. More pics from this event when your read the rest...

Lakers Baller Derek Fisher's Stalker Is Nuts!+Other Ish

Why is stalking like--the thing to do these days?  L.A. Laker Derek Fisher has some serious drama to worry about other than the NBA Championship title.  He just had to make his temporary restaining order against his long time stalker permanent.  Why?  Because the crazy heffa has been showing up to his house scaring the daylights out of his wife an kids.  And it doesn't help that homegirl has legally changed her last name to "Fisher".  She put on her myspace page that she is "The REAL Mrs. Fisher."  Wow.  Chicks really need to get it together.  I really hope chick doesn't end up in a fight with La La or somebody when the Nuggest v. Lakers game start. Here's flicks of David Banner and Boris Kodjoe in their new movie The Confidant:

Here's the synopsis: The Confidant” is a tantalizing suspense thriller, written and directed by award winning writer Alton Glass. The movie is an intricately woven tale about two childhood best friends that have an unusually strong bond, and an even more intriguing secret. He storyline includes both Kodjoe and Banner’s characters each being on a path to promising futures, one as a first round NFL draft pick, and the other a talented artist. A complicated web of lies, gambling, murder, and a pact between friends, sends one to prison and the other to fame. After eleven years locked away, the innocent of the two (Banner) comes to collect on the debt, and is determined to have the life that was taken away from him…by any means necessary! Pics of Taj George and her hubby Eddie when you read the rest...

Maxim's Hot 100 Party

A-List wannabes turned up for the 10th Annual Maxim Hot 100 party at Santa Monica's Barker Hangar last night:

And while I was pretty damn happy to see Gabrielle Union rocking something other than one of her played out little black dresses, I couldn't get too excited since she went with the equally played out Herve Leger dress.  How played out you ask?

So played out that another chick--model Jamie Gunns--rocked the exact same dress at the exact same event last night.  Womp Womp Gabby.

La La got her fight club pose on.

And Ciara hit the scene too even though she doesn't necessarily fit int ot he "wanna be A-list" crowd.  Or does she? More pics and celebs when you read the rest...

Rihanna's Umpteenth Night Out

Rihanna left her Manhattan hotel room in a hot banded pink mini skirt and graphite and pink bubble sleeved blouse and black lace up boots--all Louis Vuitton-- last night as she headed to the DKMS gala at Cipriani's:

Not sure how I'm feeling about these boots.  But damn that Phillipe and David Blond ring could kill somebody. More pics when you read the rest...

2009 New York Costume Institute Gala

Just got back into the states after 12+ hours of traveling so posting will resume back to normal tomorrow.  And here's the last post for tonight--better late as all hell than never: It's that time of the year again when celebs put their best fashion foot forward.  And the fashion risk takers come out to play.  YBF folks hit up the 2009 Costume Institute Gala at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art last night:

Rihanna made her red carpet debut--one of her first since Chrihannagate.  She made a grand opening in this Dolce and Gabbana tux inspired pants suit with riveting sleeves.  But honestly I've seen better.  Not my fave look of Rih Rih's--even though if this would have been on someone else it would have been a complete fashion disaster.  Because of her attitude, it was only a red alert.

Ciara hit the carpet in a black and white Emilio Pucci gown.  It's her usual silhouette look and she looked pretty fab.

Kanye and Amber hit the carpet looking pretty dapper.  Amber rocked a figure hugging red strapless gown while Mr. West broke out his best tux.

And I need to pour a huge glass of WTF juice for Tangy Talley.  Andre Leon Talley not only rocked his usual cape--but has that mug gotten bigger?  Or has he?  And did he switch from the suede Aladdin flats to patent bedazzled loafers?  I can't. More pics when you read the rest...


YBF folks hit the Kentucky Derby festivities over the weekend:

Gabrielle Union re-appeared on the red carpet, Eva and Lance, and so did Mekhi Phifer and his fiance Oni.

And Tyrese did a bit of pre-Derby partying as well. More celebs when you read the rest...