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Rumor Control


So Russey & Porschla AREN'T Kaputz?

Well what do we have here?:


Rocsi's NOT Suspended!


Rumor Control: Rocsi Suspended?!+Michelle Obama's A "Non Exclusive" AKA?+Chris Webber Is NOT Married?

Things just got interesting over at 106 & Park. Sources tell me Rocsi has indeed gotten suspended after this past Friday's walk off/on air fallout with her co-host Terrence J and won't be back on the air for a while....if ever. Yesterday Keri Hilson filled in as co-host and it seemed like it came as a surprise to Terrence. He made sure to drop comments like "Well it looks like I don't have a co-host today" and "Keri, I din't know you'd be here the whole show today" and "I had some serious female problems this weekend". Hmmmm. And it looks like Terrence is going to be hosting alone yet again this week as the next installment of the show was just taped with LL Cool J, Tiffany Evans, and Nas and Rocsi was nowhere in sight:

Very interesting. Can't say I'll be sad to see her go but damn--who woulda thought it would have ended like this? Dish on Michelle O. and Chris Webber when you read the rest...

The Real Deal On Porschla & Russell Simmons' Split?!

Cassie Confirms Relationship With Diddy!

Usher Says He Didn't Fire Mama Patton & FOL 3's "Black" Is NOT Dating Vernon Davis

Usher is still Chatty McChatty about his "marriage" and his mama. When the story broke almost a year ago about Usher allegedly firing his mother Jonetta Patton as his manager after being manipulated by Tameka to do so, he's still talking about how it isn't true. He tells VIBE in his July cover story:

My mother and I decided to change her situation, together. I decided to not fire, not get rid of but ... to retire her to be a full-time grandmother.

Really Ursh? Hmmm. I do find it interesting that unlike other celebs who simply choose not to even talk about the rumors they want to go away, Ursh chooses to talk about them any chance he gets. In detail. Just an observation... News on Black from Flavor of Love 3 when you read the rest...


Ashanti Does Rumor Control+Celebs Do "Heroes" and "TV Land" Events

Ashanti's talking about all the rumors surrounding her and Nelly's "relationship"...as well as rumors about her career.  OK! talked to her about Nelly, and she says:  “He showed me things in studio about trying different things. And he’s hilarious. One thing, he does stay all night. He’s there into the wee, wee hours. He’s a night owl. The longest session I can remember is when we went into the studio around 8 or 9, and left around 2 in the afternoon the next day. It gets long.” What’s so great about him? “He’s a great person,” she tells me. “He has a big heart, and again, he has himself together. I learned a lot from him. And he’s a good person.” She cackles when asked what they like to do together in their free time, but she does clear up the rumors. “I don’t have any kids, I’m not pregnant, I’m not married,” she says. While we’re on rumor patrol, she shoots down false information. She’s doesn't have Chinese ancestry, and doesn’t own a clothing store in Europe called Princess. She does, however, have a clothing line called Delicious Curves. She says it mirrors her style, which is “classy, sassy and sexy, not too raunchy, not too over-the-top.” Oh Ashanti.