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Rumor Control


Khloe Kardashian Nixes The Jay-Z Affair Rumors+Other Ish

So the NY Post ran a tidbit yesterday saying Khloe Kardashian and Jay-Z were partying at a club the other night. But didn't actually say partying together. And of course, certain folks took it and ran with it saying they were partying together and having an affair. Khloe just spoke to HipHollywood.com and cleared up the rumors last night.

Xzibit "Clarifies" His Diddy Statement+Mya Spotted Out & About+Kanye & Amber Do London Fashion Week

It looks like Kanye did bring along his new armpiece video vixen Amber Rose across the pond to London Fashion week: Homegirl loves her some stretch pants I see... Mya was spotted hitting up Buppy's restaurant with a mystery man yesterday: O ok.  I see you in your thigh high animal skin boots in the middle of the day... UPDATE: Mystery man=Chuck Baker.  He's the owner of a marketing firm in NY.  And he and Mya could be old friends...or old flames. Xzibit backtracks on his Diddy gay night club statement when you read the rest...


Today is Rihanna's 21st birthday and her story is covering  the new issue of People magazine.  This isn't a good way to remember such a milestone birthday either. Of course TheYBF.com covered all the fabulousness of Essence's Women in Hollywood red carpet yesterday.  And YBF L.A.

RUMOR CONTROL: Lauren London's Statement+More On Ray-J's "Danger"

Lauren London wants to make it clear she hasn't said anything about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. Apparently certain "media sources" are stating she had some things to say about the cause of the fight heard around the world. Here's her official statement about the situation sent to us earlier today:
[I] does not have a MySpace page nor have I released any statement regarding Chris Brown and Rihanna.
Strictly to the point I see.

Chris Brown's Aunt: Chris' Step-Dad Is A LIAR!+Other Drama

Now Chris Brown's aunt Christine is hopping in the mix. She called into the same station as Chris' former step-dad and pretty much called step-dad Donnell a liar as he said he never beat Chris' mom. The radio host also pulled court docs saying he was indeed charged with abusing Chris' mom. So he lied to Access Hollywood last night and to folks on the radio. He also told Access Hollywood that he tried to commit suicide a while back because of all the drama in his life and went blind because of it. *blank stare* Something's fishy about all this ish. Christine did defend her nephew and said the step father was horrible to him.

Here's the audio: [audio:chris brown aunt clip 1.mp3]
Shout out to TT Torrez over at iPower92 for the audio. You can check out more on this interview over at The Urban Daily as well.

As for the rest of the drama unfolding, word has it Rihanna's working pretty hard with LAPD to build a complete domestic violence case against Chris. So it's now come out that LAPD has already had to deal with Chris on some domestic violence issue. Apparently, the police were called out to his hotel room when people called the cops after hearing screaming and breaking dishes:

"He was fighting with his mom. Neighboring hotel guests alerted security and they came upstairs to the room, saw the broken dishes and the mess, and then asked his mother to leave the room. Police were then called, but charges were not filed as Chris simply paid the hotel bill and left the hotel.”



And Jay-Z's pissed too. More on all this and more when you read the rest...

Don't Believe The Hype.

So someone decided to photoshop a picture of Rihanna and pass it off as real.  And of course, certain folks decided to post it without researching and overlooking the horrible photoshop job itself.  But of course, TheYBF.com has the real ish and the picture on the left is a photoshopped pic of Rihanna from several months ago and her alleged bruises.  The picture on the right is in its original form.  Matter of fact, take a look at the other two pics in the bunch:

RUMOR CONTROL: Chris Brown And DJ Khaled NOT Involved In L.A. Car Chase!

So, extra late last night around 1a EST my e-mail and phone start to blow up. I honestly thought it was a joke people telling me Chris Brown was involved in a low-speed car chase in a white Bentley on the 101 Freeway in L.A. But apparently the girlfriend of the driver called in to the cops that her boyfriend had just been charged with felony criminal threats and he's threatening suicide and was clearly dangerous.