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Rumor Control


Kelly Rowland Dropped From Label!

Word has it that Kelly Rowland just got dropped from her label Columbia Records. This comes right on the heels of Kelly firing Papa Knowles as her manager. Like we didn't see this one coming. Sources at Columbia supposedly revealed that the reason for dropping Kellz is because she is "no longer commercially viable". Damn. That's rough.

So Rihanna's Being Used For Press? Shocker!

Rumors flew this weekend linking a "flirtatious" Rihanna to a few different industry boys.  Allegedly Kim Kardashian's step brother and reality tv "star" Brody Jenner had been trying to get at Rih.  And so has his BFF Frankie Delgado.  They've all been partying in the same spots the last few weeks and been "flirtatious" with each other.   But both deny they're anything more than "just friends".  Brody also has a lon

Rumor Control: A Chrihanna Sex Tape?+50 Cent Replacing Forest Whitaker?+Meagan Good Calls Soulja Boy Gay?+Other Ish

It's rumor round up time and here's some of the rumors of the week that I can't even say I believe: Word has it there's a Chris Brown/Rihanna sex tape out there.  And Chris used it to get Rihanna back in his hold after threatening to release it.  Honestly, a sex tape only works for the Kim Kardashians of the world.  Not for people with actual careers.  So I doubt this mess is true.
50 Cent has signed on to a new movie where he's supposedly replacing Forest Whitaker. The upcoming film is called The Expendables.  Not trying to say 50 isn't on his way to having a valid acting career or anything--but replacing an Oscar winner? Hmmmm.  Not too sure about that.  If anything, Forest probably backed out for whatever reason and 50's reps coaxed his named into director and co-star Sylvester Stallone's ear.  Other action big wigs like Jet Li and Arnold Schwarzenegger are in it too. More rumors when you read the rest...

Christina Mili-Blonde Denies Engagement

Christina Mili-Blonde--that's what she's calling herself now--is denying being engaged to The Dream. Here's her myspace posting today: Just woke up from finishing some work in the studio late last night to some eager phone calls as to whether or not I am Engaged.... No, I am not. Point blank, period. Pretty funny. I really don't have a lot to say about it...

The First Lady Is OFF Preggers Watch+Pepa Kicks Off Her Reality Show+Serena & Venus' No Likey Their New Sister Stepmom?

Venus (28) and Serena's (27) dad/manager went and got him a young chick. Extra young chick. Their new stepmom is damn near their age. Dad Richard Williams, 67, is engaged to a 30-year-old woman whom he introduced to the paparazzi as his wife while they were on a shopping trip at Sports Authority in West Palm Beach. He said:

"Here, get the first pictures of me and my new wife,"

He introduced the woman as Lakeisha Graham as the two filled the trunk of a Porsche SUV with purchases. When Mr. Williams was contacted, he said the two weren't exactly married yet but were going to be. He confirmed:

"We'll probably do it after the tournament in Key Biscayne (the Sony Ericsson Open, March 25-April 5).

But when asked if the sisters approved of his marrying a woman 37 years younger, Williams hung up. Womp! First Lady Michelle Obama is putting the rumors to rest.  She confirmed yesterday that she is NOT pregnant.  She also said she doesn't plan on having anymore kiddies.  Rumors had been circulating since Inauguration that the First Lady looked to be carrying a new Baby Obama.  But that's officially a no-go. Speaking of Michelle O., she did her first tv interview since Inauguration with Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America" this morning.  Check out clips here. News on Pepa when you read the rest...

Chris Brown DID NOT Fire His Entire Staff

Looks like the reports that C. Breezy was playing clean up man for his damn self are false. Word hit the net today that he fired his entire staff--from his manager and rumored jumpoff Tina Davis to his PR team to his whiz lawyer Mark Geragos. And that he blamed them for the poorly handled aftermath of Chrihannagate. But his mom/co-manager Joyce Hawkins said it's all untrue.

50 Cent Exposes Rick Ross' Baby Mama's "Job"+Tina Davis Denies Sexting Chris Brown

Rick Ross has caught another L.  50 Cent is exposing his baby's mom--one of them at least--named Brooke.  And apparently she is/was a porn chick. After Officer Ricky told a radio station this week that if 50 was really gangsta, he would have tapped the one baby mama he flew up to NY and took shopping--and then put it on tape.  50 decided to scout out Brooke's tape instead, and he's set to release it on his new site BooBootv.   Here's the NSFW screenshot.  Some folks are saying it's not her. And some folks are saying not only is it her, but the man in the vid is a celeb we know.  WTF is really hood? Chris Brown manager Tina Davis' "denial" when you read the rest...