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Real Posers Of ATL

NeNe Leakes exposed Well isn't this special? The I-Team over at My Fox Atlanta did a whole feature tonight on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" stars NeNe and Greg Leakes (if that's even her husband).

Rumor Control: Fantasia's Home NOT Foreclosed?+Mike Vick's Mom Loses House+Luda Gets Flirty With Tyra

After rumors hit the net this weekend about Fantasia having her home foreclosed on, her rep says today that is completely untrue. Not only is it untrue, but there are no real legal documents to prove it (the source of the rumor photoshopped some ish to put out--surprise, surprise). Fanny had actually already paid for the house a while back--in full! Can't even hate on that. For once, a celeb who understands fame does not always equal money so you need to use it wisely.

D'Angelo Is NOT Signing With Bad Boy+Chrisette Michele's Birthday Party

D’Angelo's manager Lindsay Guion is clearing up the rumors that D'Angelo has signed with Bad Boy. The rumor is untrue, but D is definitely back on track to make his major comeback soon:
Contrary to various media reports, producer, composer, performer, D'Angelo has not signed with Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records. Both gentlemen hold one another in the highest regard, however the stories circulating in the press are totally false, according to D'Angelo's manager, Lindsay Guion. D'Angelo is signed to the RCA Music Group (J Records), a unit of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc. D'Angelo is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his eagerly anticipated CD, scheduled to released in Spring 2009. Thus far, he has recorded with Raphael Saadiq, Q Tip and Roy Hargrove. D'Angelo is expected to collaborate with Prince, Cee-Lo and other stellar talents. A single entitled, "I Found My Smile Again" was recently released and is available exclusively on iTunes.
I also hear his trainer, celeb personal trainer Scott Parker, has helped D'Angelo lose over 50 pounds over the past few months. Preserving his swexy I see. Chrisette Michele's celeb friends came out to help her celebrate her birthday this weekend at Strata in NY: Teyana Taylor came out to party. And so did cute couple Dawn and Que. More party pics when you read the rest...

*UPDATED* VIBE's Tabloid Issue+"ATL Housewives" Juicy Updates

VIBE magazine is launching its January issue...and it's the Tabloid Issue: This issue focuses on "The Juiciest, Hottest and Most Controversial News-Makers in '08". Everybody wants to gossip these days....

NeNe Leakes of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is speaking out about the reports that she and her family were evicted from their Sugerloaf home. Her statement:
"The recent rumors alleging that my family faced an eviction are a huge misunderstanding and grossly inaccurate. I am truly blessed to enjoy a wonderful life and lifestyle. We have indeed moved to another home, but we did so on our own free will. We live in an absolutely beautiful home and we are fortunate to be able to live in the place of our choice. Unfortunately, there are many families who are facing real foreclosures and real evictions. That is not and never was the case with us. I know where we live and how we live, and for those blessings I am humbly thankful. It is disappointing that many members of the media have chosen to report gossip instead of news. Without wasting time on the details, the only thing I will say is that we were NOT evicted. Everybody knows that I like to be honest, real and upfront. If something was wrong, I would tell you! Thank you for your well wishes. However, please know that my family continues to be abundantly blessed, and that Miss NeNe has not skipped a beat!"
The original source of the article isn't necessarily a gossip site, and I found it interesting that they had actual quotes from NeNe pretty much confirming the eviction. I would say she needs more people, but my attention span for this matter is dwindling quicker than ever. More on the "Housewives" when you read the rest...

"Who Still Cares?" News Of The Day...

In the "Who Still Cares?" news of the day, "publicist", blogger, and known publicity slut his damn self Jonathan Jaxson has put his " good friend" Adrienne Bailon on blast. He has put out statements saying that he assisted her in putting out the stolen laptop/nude pics story.

RUMOR CONTROL: Lil Wayne NOT Shot Or Killed

False reports on a known fake website Kinetic North surfaced a few hours ago saying Lil Wayne had been fatally shot in gang related crossfire in New Orleans this weekend. While Wayne was reportedly at the same place in New Orleans where a shooting did happen, he was not involved. He was definitely NOT shot and is NOT dead. The fake site gave fake detailed info about a murder that never happened. The fake site is known for making up false celebrity death reports.

Rumor Control: Usher & Kelly Rowland Gettin' It Poppin'?+50 Cent & Angel Lola Luv NOT A Couple?

Word has it Usher has a lil boo he's been secretly kickin' it with--and it may be Kelly Rowland. Jawn Murray reported on the Tom Joyner Morning Show this week that The Raymonds are indeed riding on Splitsville Lane, just like TheYBF.com was the first to report a while back. And Ursh has actually moved on to spending lots of time on the low with a new celeb "friend". Jawn wouldn't reveal who it was, but he did say the mystery woman spends A LOT of time in Europe. And we all know how Kelly pretty much lives over there. YBF sources also report Kelly had a huge crush on him these last few years, and they've even partied together over in London. We broke the exclusive MONTHS ago that Usher & Tameka were on Splitsville Lane, despite the false "happy couple" front they were putting up. And most people accused us of lying and making up stories, including Usher's camp. But we stood by our story. Funny how these days everybody is hopping on the Splitsville bandwagon and saying the two are pretty much dunzo, despite the happy couple front they're still putting on. Usher and Tameka rarely hit up events together these days, and when they do, insiders say they barely even speak to each other. Tameka will be delivering their second baby they have together next month, and people are predicting that will cause even more drama. As usual, we called it. And we'll sit back and wait for the full story to reveal itself... The real deal on the 50 Cent/Angel Lola Luv alleged hook up when you read the rest...