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Separated At Birth?


Zoe Saldana Gets WAXED – Did They Nail It?!

Is that Zoe Saldana’s twin? Nope. That’s her wax figure! See more flicks and decide if Madame Tussauds Museum nailed it inside….

Keyshia Cole Lets Us In On Her Meeting With Her Biological Father Virgil Hunter...AND Frankie

Keyshia Cole located her biological father after 34 years a couple days ago.  Now, she's letting us all in on how their first meeting went. And yes, Frankie was there too.  Deets inside....

IS IT REAL? Beyonce's Mama Says She NEVER Gave Post-Baby Interview...Magazine Says They Have Proof She Did!

We told you earlier about "UK STAR" Magazine claiming to have Beyonce's first post-baby interview, and we said it wouldn't be the first time a publication staged a fake interview with a celeb.  And now there are reports from Beyonce's camp that the interview was indeed fake. Deets inside....

SECRET SIBLINGS: Rihanna's Old Photos Reveal Secret Family Members

Some old family photos of pop star Rihanna have been posted and one thing is for sure...she was born a star.  She radiates something "special" on each photo even as a kid.  But the photos also reveal a "secret" side of the family that she rarely talks about....her father's OTHER kids.  See the photos inside...


After VH1's Divas Salute The Troops aired this past weekend, one of our YBF readers decided to send us a pic asking us if Nicki Minaj looks like the long lost triplet to Marge Simpson's twin sisters. 


Check out the pic when you read on...

SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Lil Wayne & Shanell?

We hinted at this the other day.  But when we realized we weren't the only ones who believed Lil Wayne and his newest chick Shanell should get a DNA test before they pro-create, this had to be done. So Young Money's Shanell and Lil Wayne...


SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Lil Kim & Snookie?

Lil Kim and Snookie

So we've been (guiltily) watching MTV's "Jersey Shore."  And that damn Snookie reminded us of someone and just couldn't put a finger on it.  She's about 4'11, overly tanned, high pitched voice, artificial body parts, and wiggish hair.  BINGO.  Snookie's a Lil Kim clone.   Now we can watch in peace....