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REALITY RECAP: LisaRaye & Queen Pen Talk Nicki Minaj's Butt Pads & Sexing For Rent+Chilli On Her Abortion

Here's a snippet of LisaRaye riding in the car with Queen Pen (where she been?) while taping her reality show "The Real McCoy". Queen Pen aired out Nicki Minaj's butt pads (around the 1:50 mark) and LisaRaye talked about "meaningful sex" meaning sexing to get your rent paid. Ummm ok former first lady....not even a mortgage...but rent? Just sayin'.  She copped a Season 2 for her show by the way.


This video and Chilli talking about her abortion when you read on...

The Kat Stacks Tour-O-Foolery Continues...

And so it continues. Kat Stacks is back on somebody's computer camera airing out athletes and rappers. Why these dudes are still is knocking this chick down is beyond me. But her latest victims are Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson and rapper Chopper City.


Kat and her lack of phonics aired out Chad's phone number and talked about hitting up his mansion in Miami. She also aired out Chopper for the ish he was apparently talking about her. The vid when you read on...

Mario & His Stripper Boo Dez Hit Miami Beach

Well looky here.  Mario seems to be proud to tote his new piece Dez (Amber Rose's BFF) around.  Despite the fact she was just chopping down his manager not too long ago.


Mario took some time away from the studio in Miami this weekend to spend some time with Dez.  They took an interesting position in South Beach and dined at Prime 112 on Ocean Dr.


More pics when you read on...

Mario & His Stripper Boo Dez Get It In At The Pool

Mario pulled a straight b*tch move with this one.  He was spotted living it up in the pool with her new booty buddy Dez (Desiree).  And if she looks/sounds familiar, that because she's Amber Rose's BFF and rumored ex girlfriend.  Amber and Dez constantly deny they get it in, but pics and other sources beg to differ.


But Dez WAS someone's girlfriend up until Mario started banging her out.  Mario's own manager J. Erving--basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving's son.  WOMP.


More pics and juice when you read on...

QUOTABLE: Diddy On Industry Chicks "F**kin' For Tracks"

Diddy's always good for a sex quotable.  And in Ozone Mag's upcoming 6th Annual Sex Issue, Diddy drops an ironic little nugget about chicks f**kin' him for tracks.  Or if they do at all.  Then he goes in about tantric sex and Ciroc'd out sex.


Read on...

Drake & Escort/Stripper Maliah Profess Their Feelings For Each Other?

I guess these two are ready to take it to the next level.  Drake's stripper boo (who allegedly moonlights as an escort) video vixen Maliah Michel hit up a radio show today to do an interview.  And she professed her feelings for Mr. Aubrey Drake Graham. 


She also took to her Twitter yesterday to change her profile pic to one of her and Drake kissing. 


Audio when you read on...


We've got an explosive exclusive!  The YBF has just learned that not only are Usher and his new boo Grace Miguel ENGAGED....but he knocked her up as well!


"Oh snap!" doesn't even suffice in this case.  We've got all the exclusive juicy details when you read on...