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I guess it's safe to say Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert is PIS-SAY.  Understandably upset behind Lebron ditching the Cavs to go with a star line up in Miami (whether Bron made a good move or not), Mr. Gilbert aint having it.


Check out his temper tantrum of an open letter he wrote last night in response to Lebron's decision when you read on.  It's got everybody up in arms...

Matt Barnes Goes IN On "Basketball Wives", Calls Them "Hoes"!

And the "Basketball Wives" reunion fallout has begun.  After last night's dramatic and scrappy reunion show, Gloria Govan's--one of the "Basketball Wives"--fiance Matt Barnes has taken to Twitter today to go off on his fiance's co-stars.


Check out Matt calling certain ladies' "hoes" and blasting them about their antics.  Plus Evelyn and Jennifer's rebuttals--including blasting him about cheating with some model on Gloria while she was pregnant!

Wacka Flocka Explains The Dumbed-Down "Music" Of Today

Ever wondered why most music these days just sounds like random non-words and sounds thrown together and put over a beat?  Well...you're not alone.  Many folks, including myself, are baffled over this dumbed-down music takeover.  But here's the possible answer.  Wacka Flocka Flame...the latest culprit in creating foolish ass (but annoyingly catchy) songs...explains why he goes this route, as opposed to really rapping.


The lazy mentality of folks these days is mind boggling.  But it explains so much....


It's all kinds of drama for the new kids on the rap block.  Kid Cudi was arrested Friday afternoon for drug possession and destruction charges.  Which means he had that illegal stuff on him and tore up somebody's ish at the same time.


And Nicki Minaj was just sued Friday in L.A. Superior court over her rented Lambo.  Apparently that pink Lamborghini she used in her "Massive Attack" video didn't come back in the same condition that she took it out.  More deets when you read on...

So This Is What's Hot In The Streets Shemar Moore?

Actor Shemar Moore was spotted leaving a doctor's visit in L.A. yesterday rocking his ripped and cuffed "boyfriend" jeans and a ripped black tee.


And while I still think this man is fine as all get-out, his choice of suspect clothing will always remain a mystery to me.  More pics when you read on...

Chris Brown & Bow Wow Crash Drake's Listening Party?

Chris Brown didn't get enough of falling off the couch drunk at Greenhouse in NYC this week.  After reports said he got uber wasted at Greenhouse Monday night, he went back Wednesday night for more fun.  But only after he and his bestie Bow Wow crashed Drake's listening party and got denied entrance at another spot.


The deets when you read on...

Is Gary Coleman's "Widow" Shannon Price Serious?

I don't know about y'all, but I've been thinking for a couple days now that somethin' in the milk just aint clean about how Gary Coleman died.  From his "wife" Shannon Price's extra suspect and disheartening 911 call to the fact that chick hasn't even been his wife for 2 years but was still living with him, somethin' aint right.


Check out all that ish and her extra suspect video interview she did one day after Gary's death when you read on...