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50 Cent Gets Comfy With Rick Ross' Ex Tia & Their Kids+Young Money (Plus Weezy & His Alleged Boo) Parties It Up

Upcoming jail time seems to be the farthest thing from Weezy's mind.  He threw a party for his Young Money chick Shanell--who is also D.Woods' sister--this weekend in Atlanta.  Supposedly Shanell is Weezy's new boo.  And supposedly Nivea had his son this weekend....while he was out in ATL partying with his chick.  Interesting.

Drake and others were there.  Damn those nails....

And Curtis Jackson strikes AGAIN.  He spent the weekend in Vegas for the big fight.  He brought his enemy Rick Ross' baby mama Tia AND her sons she has with Ricky along for the ride.  They hit up Floyd Mayweather's mansion and posed and kiki'd it up like 50 had adopted these kids:

This all comes after 50 blasted Officer Ricky for not taking care of his kids.  This is a MESS.  SMDH. More pics when you read the rest....

Alicia Keys Does UPTOWN+Rihanna Demands What? (Plus Her "Russian Roulette" Vid Preview)

Here's Alicia Keys' new Dec/Jan cover of UPTOWN magazine.  And she's looking fabulous on it.

YOU SENT IT: Is Rihanna Swagger Jacking Another Singer?

WEEKEND FOOLISHNESS: DMX, Ocho Cinco, Jermaine Jackson, & Steve McNair

It's like Groundhog's Day with DMX and the police. Here's video of X getting to a serious scuffle with the cops in Colorado Springs, CO this weekend. Here's what went down: DMX was scheduled to perform at 9pm last night. However, he didn't show up to the venue until after 11pm. Likely due to ordinance and noise curfews...or maybe because they just said so...X couldn't take the stage. The police attempted to prevent X, his chick, and his crew from entering the venue where the crowd was and from going on stage because they were hella late. X got all the way to the stage and was being physically pulled between his camp and 5-0. A riot damn near occurred in the crowd. No word yet on how this ended. Foolery was ensuing though.... EDIT: Some folks are reporting that the club promoter set DMX up to be late.

Damn homie. NFL baller Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson has been accused of writing bad checks to women in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York , Miami and New Orleans. We're told most of the girls are embarrassed to confront him about the checks...until recently. A woman named Courtney Collins put Mr. Johnson on blast via Twitter and she wants everyone to know about it. She said:

"Who knew people of his caliber wouldn't have money in a bank account to cover a check that was written by Mr. Chad Johnson." Is Chad just stopping payments to these chicks he's been writing checks to as payment for their "company"? Or is homeboy just passing out these hot checks to the unsuspecting women? Either way...WTF material indeed. More foolery under the cut...

Black Face In French Vogue?+Real Housewives Demanding Syndication Money?!

So there is a 14-page French Vogue spread featuring model Lara Stone in blackface/black body coming out. It's sending lots of folks into an uproar.

Some folks say this was a cheap gimmick with an empty purpose. Others say it's an interpretation of high fashion. But what are your thoughts?

In other news, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" are clamoring around trying to get artist credentials. Why? So they can get a cut of the big bucks Bravo is about to ring in off their syndicated episodes of the show on their sister networks. The issue is: EVERY housewife signed a contract stating they would not be paid as an actor due to the "reality show" nature of the program. But y'all know that's not stopping these Atlanta Housewives. Here's what one of them allegedly said about it:
“This is some bull shit, we’ve been fighting their as* for the longest to keep the show from going to syndication without us making a dime … Damn, we not getting a dime and they making all the money… WOW … They can play the show forever and we will never get a check that aint right.”
Source Probably should have negotiated that before signing that contract all quick because you're extra excited about being a "star". Speaking of these chicks, the previews for tonight's show are under the cut...

The Donda West Law+Alicia Keys' Video Preview+Joe Jackson Is At It Again

Donda West's’s niece, Yolanda Anderson, has been adamant about getting The Donda West Law Assembly Bill 1116 passed. The law will require medical doctors to do thorough health checks/physicals to patients before that patient undergoes plastic surgery. So sad that this wasn't already a requirement.

Usher's 911 Call+Celebs Sending TwitPics...

Now whether or not we believe Usher's car really got f'd up, he did indeed call the cops about it and blamed Tameka for it.  Will this be an interlude on his new album?
Look what silly Soulja Boy posted on Twitter the other day.  He wants everyone to see his jewelry and remote control car necklace and all that jazz.   And he wonders why people run up on his ass and steal his ish. More Twitpics from celebs when you read the rest...