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Lance Gross' New Wedding Movie+Juelz Santana Tells Us How He Likes It

Lance Gross landed the lead in a new movie. It's a wedding comedy flick and he's joining the already casted America Ferrera (his leading lady), Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia. They start shooting next Monday. Looks like he'll be getting some pre-nuptial practice before his real life wedding with fiance Eva Marcille.

And Juelz Santana is dropping some sexual and relationship knowledge for the ladies in a recent interview. And where would any of us e without his golden nuggets of info: How many relationships have you not cheated in? None. I got a lady friend now that I don't be cheating on sometimes. I don't mean that it's a constant thing. I'm just being honest. I know. Yeah, I've cheated in the relationship, but that could have been one time, that doesn't mean I cheated constantly in the relationship. I'm in a situation that I did f*ck up before, but I'm not constantly f*cking up. What are your favorite sex tricks? Nah, niggas gonna be stealing my sh*t. I just like when a girl be licking me. I'm just a freak. Closed doors, anything goes. Anything? No not anything. Anything besides foul play. I'll let a girl lick my ass though. Oh it gets better. The rest is after the jump. And is probably a bit NSFW....

MTV Movie Award "WTF" Moments

Halle & Jamie: Get A Room!

Or don't.   Because this is actually one of the hottest kisses we've seen in a MINUTE.  Halle Berry and Jamie Foxx hit the stage at the Spike TV's "Guy's Choice" Awards and had everything but the sex while awards...and spit...were being exchanged:

Doesn't it seem like Halle's always kissing somebody at an awards show for shock value?  What the hell was going on here?  And I'm sure I speak for most men when I say...do we even care? More of the slobdown and package grabbing when you read the rest...


The ridiculously spicy Mel B. hosted US Weekly's Hot Bodies Pool Party in Vegas at TAO Beach this weekend. She was tanned and toned to damn near perfection while kickin it with her hubby Steven:

2 kids and 1 tangy actor baby daddy later...chick is looking all kinds of fab. More pics when you read the rest..

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: "Celebrity Protector" Quween

So the celebrity stalking homeless lady who's always popping up in celebs' paparazzi shots in L.A. finally landed a job.

FOOLYWANG MATERIAL: The Tangalicious "Spectacular"

What in the Speedo Michael Phelps Wannabe Fruity Ghetto Pebbles HELL is going on here??

B*tch Please, Julie Henderson