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DO WE LOVE IT?: Amber Rose's Barely-There Paris Fashion Week Look

This is what Amber Rose rocked to the Junya Watanabe show today with Kanye at Paris Menswear Fashion Week. Not even sure what to call it other than a piece of shredded material.  The designer of the "dress" is Gareth Pugh and the jacket is Rick Owen. But read the rest to see more (possibly NSFW) pics and vote whether or not we love it...

FLICKS: Amber Rose Invents The Mohawk Baldie

Well this is interesting.  Amber Rose, Jamie Foxx, and Fabolous partied it up at the 400 Club at Mansionin South Beach last night.  And Ms. Rose showed off her fresh new mohawk shaved into her baldie.  I assume I'll be seeing a lot of this ish now--and in several different colors--on Ms. Me Too's when I'm about and about.  Sigh. More party pics when you read the rest...

LEGAL WOES: Shaq's Mistress Is A Thief+Katt Williams Continues To Wild Out

Vanessa Lopez

So Vanessa Lopez --Shaq's sue-happy mistress--is getting put on blast by NBA baller Kenyon Martin.  She was his jump off first, as well as many other NBA players, and she's getting exposed basically for being a career groupie out for some change: According to a 2007 police report filed in Colorado, Martin — a former #1 pick — claimed that Lopez got into his wallet without permission and used his credit card to buy $6485.90 worth of clothes on couturecandy.com. Martin’s bank notified him of the fraudulent charges when they noticed an incorrect billing address was being used for the purchases. According to the docs, the case was cracked because the perp shipped all the merchandise to a “Vanessa Lopez” in Florida.
Source: TMZ
Just...wow.  We stealing credit cards to go to buy couture candy now?  Step your groupie game up heffas. Katt's drama under the cut...

Now This Is Just Nasty Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman and step-granddaughter E'Dena having baby

The REAL Story Of Keyshia & Boobie's Engagement+Toya & Her New Boo's New Matching Tatts

Keyshia Cole and Daniel "Boobie" Gibson got engaged! It all went down New Year's Day.  TheYBF.com spoke exclusively with celebrity jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, whom Daniel hired to make the ring of Keyshia's dreams. And we've got the deets on Keyshia's new finger candy AND the engagement. Mr. Gibson actually popped the question in Cleveland, despite previous reports he did so at home in Houston.  Here's the exclusive details YBF received from the jeweler:
First, the previously released statement that the engagement took place in Houston, Texas is FALSE. It actually went down in Cleveland New Years Eve at midnight. Daniel reached out to Jason for a FABULOUS ring 10 days before the proposal. He had a very specific look in mind for the design. Jason immediately flew out for a private meeting with Daniel and they spent over an hour working on the perfect design for Keyshia. He was particular about the style of the ring and after seeing it personally, I think that he really went in! The Jason of Beverly Hills team rushed the order and Jason personally hand delivered the ring to Daniel just hours before the proposal. It was meant to be a huge surprise and Daniel pulled it off seamlessly.
Awwww. We've also heard whispers from others that Keyshia has already delivered her and Boobie's first baby together, but the reports have not been confirmed. Monica confirmed via her Twitter that Keyshia's having a boy though. News on Toya and her boo Memphitz when you read the rest...

EVENING BITS: Lisa Bonet & Zoe Chill+Trina Renews The Khia Beef+Gilbert Arenas In Gun Trouble

It's clear where Zoe Kravitz gets her fashion style from.  She was spotted out and about with her mom Lisa Bonet over the weekend in L.A.

How hippie sweet. Drama with Trina & Khia and Gilbert Arenas when you read the rest....

REVEALED: Ashanti's Stalker & His SEXT Messages!


Ashanti's stalker Devar Hurd has been revealed.  He appeared in court last week to plea his case as he was charged with terrorizing Ashanti and her family via text. Images of his crazy textz when you read the rest...