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Tiger's Mistress Joslyn Releases Freaky & Graphic Sext Messages

Apparently Tiger Woods is into golden showers a la R.Kelly. On the heels of him announcing his return, one of his many mistresses porn star Joslyn James created a website and went live with it this morning showcasing over 100 graphic texts from Tiger. The messages are full of slapping, hitting, choking and even "relieving" himself on the chick. Just when you thought your sext game was crazy.... More of Tiger's NSFW and uncensored texts (don't get mad at me--you've been warned) he sent to his porn star jumpoff when you read the rest....

Former NBA Baller Sexed Up 90 Women A Month+Ludacris Is #1+Michael Jordan Approved To Buy Bobcats

This former 45 year old NBA baller named Winston Bennett is coming out with a shocking admittance that he had sex with 90 women a month since he was 15. That's a rough estimate of thousands of different women. My stomach is turning as I type. Winston apparently is trying to outdo Wilt Chamberlain who also claims he slept with about 20,000 during his hay-day. Bennett has actually been married to his wife Peggy for more than 20 years and has even given her a few STDs during their marriage thanks to his self proclaimed sex addiction/cheating. He also admits to having sex with another woman the DAY AFTER his wedding day! He claims women served as a drug to him. "One was never enough," Bennett said. "Three or four in a day was very typical for me." How's he trying to get "cured?" He did enter a sex rehab years ago for 6 weeks but continued to relapse. Now he's having his friends/player he coaches/and his co-workers help "monitor" him and has been "clean" for 3 years. Um, sir. "Monitoring" aint gonna cut it. You may want to continue seeking professional help. Please peep the tape. News on Ludacris and Michael Jordan when you read the rest....

Chris Brown's Stans Go Hard

Thought YOU were a Chris Brown fan?  Well the Team Breezy stans are professing their "stanmanship" via twitter.  Yesterday, the leader of the Team Breezy Twitter campaign (@TeamBreezy) Tweeted about getting her second Team Breezy tattoo.  Mainly in hopes of Chris seeing her posts. And when she was done, she Twitpic'd and of course, Chris ended up Retweeting it.  I hope she's satisfied now. More pics and the Team Breezy rants when you read the rest....

WALK OF SHAME: D'Angelo Leaves Court After Blowie Arrest!

Here's the very first pics of D'Angelo--government name Michael Archer--as he left court today after yesterday's arrest. Mr. Archer left the Manhattan Criminal Court after being arraigned in Manhattan. The Grammy Award-winning and arguable former sex god singer was arrested for allegedly offering an undercover policewoman money for oral sex in Manhattan's West Village section. Check the details here. Another pic under the cut...

Naomi Campbell WANTED For Another ASSAULT?!

Dru Hill Is 10 Years Too Late

So Dru Hill decided to release a brand new video this week.  Apparently they're on a comeback trail of some sort.  Here's their first

"For The Love Of Ray-J 2" Winner Mz Berry Clears The Air