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How Appropriate

Just in time for the MLK Holiday: Speak on it.

"I Don't Get On The Internet" My Ass+Other Fabness

Beyonce said a while back she hates getting on the internet and rarely does it.  And barely knew how.  But she seemed hella into it the other day: Jay and Beyonce on their laptops She and Jay got their Apple on.  How strategic of them. Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Jay and Beyonce on their laptops Yeah I'm assuming she's on the internet because this is a gossip site and it's what I do.  And what.  And I put 5 on it she was reading some foolishness about her ex Marques Houston and the Stokesgate scandal.  Because I had that same exact look on my face while reading that ish too.  And please stop with the over-sensitivity on a gossip site.  It's just not that serious.  Y'all know I gots love for B.

Who Is Kenny Irons & WTF Is He Rocking?+Eddie & Tracey's Wedding Pic+Exclusive Clips From The Season Premiere Of The Wire

Because I know we're all just sitting here tapping our fingers, twiddling our thumbs, impatiently and anxiously awaiting the Eddie/Tracey Wedding Publicity Shoot photos: There's one to wet your whistle.  People magazine will exclusively release the rest of he set in their January 11th issue.  People and OK! kill me with all these build ups of CELEBRITY EXCLUSIVE WEDDING PHOTOS!! that no one EVER gives two sh*ts about.  Now had this been Eddie and Johnny Gill...I would have been camped outside the Time Inc. offices wishing somebody would cut me in line to get these photos.  But whatev.  Congrats to the happy couple.

Lil Wayne Gets Kissy Kissy With Zac Efron?+Remy's Camp: Video Is A Fraud!

So OC Weekly caught up with Weezy to talk about his new involvement with the High School Musical 2 CD: Non-Stop Dance Party. He says he wants to start pulling a Kanye and appealing to the suburban kids. So he's teaming up with HSM star Zac Efron on some tracks. And apparently Zac is staying in Wayne's guestroom while they bang out that ish. Speaking of banging out, Zac emerged mid interview:
“What’s up, my nigga?” Efron says, giving Wayne a pound, a hug, and then, to my astonishment, a full-on kiss, reminiscent of the one Wayne famously gave his surrogate father Baby last year.
Damn. First his daddy now his boy. The only thing more surprising than this ish is the lyrics to one of their tracks so far:
On “All for One,” Efron sings the chorus—“Everybody all for one, a real summer has just begun! Let’s rock and roll and just let go, feel the rhythm of the drums. We’re gonna have fun in the sun!”—while Wayne raps: “I’m a dog, you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. Driving a Jag, er, like my name was Mick. I’m so sour like cream with chives, and my sperm will make your face break out in hives.”
Seriously? So Wayne wants to dip in the prepubescent pockets of Jan and Timmy and this is the way he does it? Dude needs to put the styrofoam cups and laced blunts down. ASAP. Trina is somewhere praising the gods Weezy dumped her ass because this crazy ish would turn a sista into a post-Bobby Whitney.  UPDATE: Apparently this was all a satire put on by the OC Weekly.  But how hilarious is it that 99% of the people wouldn't put a situation like this past that dude Weezy?  Ha.

Snoop Dogg & Michael Jackson Preserve Their Sexy

Look who hit the satin sheets in the new issue of Italian Vogue:


None other than the Dogg Father. So many questions so little patience to even ask.  Sexual seduuuction......

So Terrance Howard Is Singlehandedly Bringing Coochie Cutters Back?

Look who was spotted vacaying it up with is new lil boo actress Zulay Henao: None other than "pretty boy" Terrance Howard. But um, I mean, seriously Terrance? You better ask CoCo what that extra snugness and shortness can do to the nether regions. No...seriously???

Ashanti's Lil Sis Shi Shi Hits The Strip Club

Ashanti's 18 year old lil sis Shi Shi was spotted clubbing Friday night in the NYC.  And I guess ths is what's hot in the streets these days: