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SPLITSVILLE: Toni Braxton & Husband Keri Lewis!


Reggie Miller Gets Restraining Order+Urshmeka Divorce Is FINAL

Usher Called The Cops On Tameka!

W-T-F is going on with Ursher and his soon to be ex wife Tameka??  Usher has reportedly called the cops on Tameka twice in the last few days for coming on to his property and f'in up his car.  *cue Jazmin Sullivan* But apparently there's no evidence to back up his claims: TMZ has learned Usher Raymond recently called the cops on his soon-to-be ex-wife -- accusing her of sneaking onto his property and scratching up one of his cars. Law enforcement sources tell us when officers arrived at the scene, Tameka was nowhere to be found. Police later interviewed both Tameka and Usher -- but determined there was no evidence or witnesses to substantiate Usher's claim. But the drama didn't end there -- law enforcement sources tell us Usher called the cops on Tameka a second time several days later, complaining that Tameka again got onto his property and wouldn't leave. By the time cops arrived, Tameka had already split.
This divorce just turned extra ugly.  Her publicist says this is all B.S. and Ursh is just trying to destroy her.... How convenient that 'Meka posted a lengthy essay the other day about certain people in the industry lying and using  publicity stunts to further their celebrity.  That soapbox letter when you read the rest...

Um, Sheree Whitfield...Your Ex-Husband Has Some Words For You

Zoe Saldana Does Louis Vuitton+Usher Halting The Divorce?

The Louis Vuitton show went down today in Paris outside of the Lourve (swoon for the Lourve):

And Zoe Saldana was there to take in the show.  Interesting look. And because I heart her and this fun look--sans that pink LV bag--:

Slumdog Millionaire actress Frieda Pinto kicked it front row at the show.  Nice. News on Usher's divorce when you read the rest...

Don't Be Fooled By The Joneses+The Knowles Sisters' New Ad

Kandi Burruss & Fiance Are Over...For Now+Halle & Naturi Naughton Out & About

Remember when Neicy Nash and Bonnie Hunt did that Atlanta Housewives skit as NeNe and Kim?  They're back at it:

They're filming a segment called "CSI: Atlanta".  Hilarity.

And while we're on the ATL Housewives, it looks like Kandi may be listening to mama afterall. She just did an interview with Essence that reveals her and AJ have called off their engagement. For now. Many folks thought he wasn't the best boo for Kandi as he has several B.M.'s and is not known for having a legal job. Here's what she says:
ESSENCE.COM: Throughout the show your mom has expressed her discontent with your fiancé. Does she still feel the same? BURRUSS: Yes, but what people don't realize is that my mom's [disapproval] happened before the show. When she feels strongly about something she won't answer my calls and she gets very dry and everything. My mother has been overbearing since my brother died in a car accident in Mexico when he was 15. He told my mom he was going to Florida with a cousin and instead he was in Mexico and I don't believe my mom has ever forgiven my cousin. Ever since that happened she became extremely over protective of me and when I got my first record deal at 16 even more so. ESSENCE.COM: Speaking of which, inquiring minds want to know what exactly does AJ do for a living? BURRUSS: AJ over time has done a lot of things, including running this collection agency while we were together and he just recently bought into this strip club. ESSENCE.COM: Hold up. Did you just say you and AJ are no longer together? BURRUSS: (Laughs.) We're on hiatus. He's a great guy and he's not the type to sit on his behind like a scrub, so it has nothing to do with that. Yes, he has a lot of children, and yes, I didn't know about them all at first but I got over it because as long as you handle your responsibility and spend time with your children it's not an issue for me. Another thing I want to set the record straight on is that AJ was married before. A lot of people make comments like, if he didn't marry his other children's mothers then why do you think he's going to marry you.
Time will tell...

And here's a clip of Whitney on the upcoming Oprah show Sept. 14th. Congrats to Whit and her #1 album. Pics of Halle and Naturi Naughton when you read the rest....