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Splitsville Lane


Cheater Tiki Barber Slapped With Divorce Papers

Tiki Barber and his pregnant wife Ginny Barber were spotted out and about in Manhattan yesterday--separately of course.  Ginny actually delivered the divorce papers to her cheatin' ass husband yesterday.  So it looks like Splitsville Lane is about to get juicy again.


Details when you read on...

Kelis Demands The Final Divorce Papers STAT!

Kelis is ready to get the damn divorce over and done with.  She filed papers with the judge today demanding for them to speed up the dovorce part with Nas and just work out all the extras (custody/financials/etc) later.


The deets when you read on...

Shaq Wilds Out On Shaunie's Boyfriend+Other Ish

Not everyone loves the fact that Shaunie O'Neal has moved on with a new man.  Her soon-to-be-ex-hubby Shaquille is uber pissy about it.  And has been allegedly using their kids to threaten the new kid (literally...Shaunie's boyfriend is 23) on the block.


The deets on the O'Neals and Danny Glover's arrest this weekend when you read on...

Damn Nas...

And it's another L for Esco. Nas went to court yesterday and the judge had no mercy on him or his wallet.

Beverly Johnson Wilds Out On Her Boyfriend+Tiki's Jumpoff Babysat His Kids?!

Former Supermodel Beverly Johnson popped off on her live-in boyfriend. Mark Anthony Burke just filed papers on Bev claiming emotional distress after she allegedly hired a gunman to go with her to threaten Mark and force him out of her house. Here's the deets from TMZ: In documents filed in Riverside County, CA -- Mark Anthony Burk claims Beverly showed up at his home with an armed Chuck Zito, and a separation agreement. Burk alleges Zito was flashing a gun during the January, 2009 incident -- while Beverly yelled at Burk to sign an agreement that would have paid him $2,000 to get out of her house, according to the papers. Legendary "Godfather" producer Robert Evans is also being sued. As for why, Burk's lawyer tells TMZ he's alleging Evans -- who was once romantically involved with Johnson -- was involved in the scheme. Isn't Beverly around the corner from 60? Was he stealing her wigs and flipping them for profit or something? This foolishness is for the kids. I'm not convinced this was the only way to get dude out of her house. And who hires gunmen in 2010 outside of mobs and government agencies? Are everyday gunmen pubbing their company on Craigslist? Or Facebook? I am really intrigued about how this works. Anyways, Bev must be putting it down on these dudes--he wouldn't even breakup with her when she offered to pay him 2k to do so. Smh... Updates on cheatin' ass Tiki Barber when you read the rest...

OH SNAP! Garcelle Beauvais Publicly BLASTS Cheating Husband?!

Year of the jump off and side chick is officially in full effect.  Sources are reporting that actress Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon has pulled a Patty/Janet and blasted her husband Mike Nilon at his job.  Well, over email to his co-workers to be exact. 

CHEATIN' ASS: Tiki Barber Leaves Pregnant Wife Of 11 Years For A Blonde Intern?!

*Big sigh* I swear there was some secret conference in the sports world that went down recently where the men concluded they would all indiscreetly get it in with random jump-offs. Former NFL baller Tiki Barber is the newest culprit. As you all know, Tiki and his wife of 11 years Ginny announced their divorce about a week ago. But the plot has thickened. Tiki has a secret jumpoff he's been in a not so secret relationship for over a year. And she's reportedly at least one of the reasons this divorce is going down. Not to mention, Ginny is PREGNANT with Tiki's TWINS. But that didn't stop his ass from banging a blonde intern from his job. Or having the audacity to bring her to public events. The wild details after the cut...