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Splitsville Lane


Star & GAl Headed To Splitsville?+J. Holiday's New Chick?

Photog: Nunez/Wireimage
There have been rumblings for a while, but now someone in Star's camp is putting out statements.  Sources are reporting Star Jones is about to give GAl Reynolds the Prada boot out of her life.  Reportedly, a source close to Star has stated:
“Star is planning to divorce Al...I think Star felt Al had spent their marriage riding her success while she did all the heavy lifting. She resented it. Deep down, Star is a very old-fashioned woman who believes a man should support her emotionally, physically and financially. She now believes Al failed her.”  
Are we really surprised?  Dude did lose/quit his high paid banker job damn near right after they got married.  And all his party time and chill time with his boyfriends for damn sure didn't allow him to find a new job.  We all saw it coming.  And I wouldn't be surprised if he dropped a "Terry McMillan story" on her ass either.  Good luck with that Star. 

Splitsville: Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmunds

Yeah you read that ish right. After a whopping 2 weeks of marriage, Eddie and Tracey have already put the kaputz on this "marriage". the statement is the kicker though:
"After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forego having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further," Murphy and Edmonds tell PEOPLE in an exclusive statement.

YBF Exclusive: Jackie Long IS Pissy About Serena & Common's New "Relationship"!

Just as I suspected. Those infamous "caught up" pics that surfaced the other day of Serena Williams looking real suspect with Common came as a huge surprise to Serena's boyfriend of a few years Jackie Long. I wonder if thetorn at the knees pantyhose did it?

YBF Exclusive: Shaq's A Deadbeat & Is Lying About Shaunie?

Shaq and Shaunie o’Neal A reliable source very close to both Shaq and Shaunie O'Nealtells YBF that Shaq is feeding the media and his lawyers lies about his estranged wife Shaunie. All the drama and rumors surrounding their divorce are not only one-sided, but are very untrue.

Splitsville: Dwyane & Siohvaughn Wade