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FOOLISHNESS: Jayson Williams & Raz-B

Here we go again with a Raz-B scandal. Apparently he's uploaded nude and pornographic pics of himself on an adult entertainment website by the name of Adultspace. Honestly, I kinda doubt the pics that are nude and showing his "eroticism" are him as they don't show his face. The ones showing his face are not nude. But there is one particular nude picture that has the same background details as a pic that does show his face. No word on if Chris Stokes is one of his Adultspace friends. So what's a girl to think? You be the judge. His page is here and it's indeed NSFW. You freaks have been warned... In other news, we've got some interesting extra info about the NBA star Jayson Williams foolishness going on. Click on to read about it...

GOSSIP BITS: Tameka Raymond, LisaRaye & Beyonce

Tameka Raymond is allegedly not happy about being left behind by her hubby Usher.  Insiders say she was told to stay home with the kids, Babies Usher V and Naviyd Eli, while Usher went to Vegas to work on his album.  Apparently she's now "stuck at home"  because when Ursh was working on the last album, she was in the mix entirely too much:
"Tameka is really upset that she was asked not to come to Vegas with Usher in

In Case You Care....

So Khloe Kardashian and her NBA baller boyfriend Rashad McCants are ov-ah. Word has it that he was being extra sloppy with his cheating and had too many Facebook and Myspace jumpoffs. I know dude is 24 and everything but really...we're still doing social network jumpoffs? Really? Khloe spilled all the juice to some media outlets saying Rashad was out the bag for his cheating and she couldn't take it anymore. He had been caught too many times.

CONFIRMED: Kelly Rowland Has AXED Mathew Knowles!

TheYBF.com reported LAST MONTH that Kelly Rowland was axing Mathew Knowles as her manager.  And despite other folks acting like they were breaking exclusive news saying the same thing this week (as usual), our YBF sources were first...and correct. Kelly Rowland's publicist just issued Black Voices a statement confirming she has


LisaRaye has given an "exclusive" interview to Essence.com to clear her name. She says she's not a gold digger like everybody's accusing her of, and she's never claimed to be "hood" since her father was a multi millionaire who owned hotels. motels, and all kinds of things on the South side of Chicago:
ESSENCE.COM: Many balked at your whirlwind romance and marriage and accused you of being an opportunist. How do you feel about that assessment of your character? LISARAYE: First of all, I'm a fan of love and partnership. I would say this to my critics: If a man comes to you there obviously has to be a connection. I had a man who's smart and powerful and who I fell in love with. He's embracing my family. Add the fact that I have an opportunity to bring tourism to his country and be involved in something historical. Who in the hell would say no? But what scared me was the idea of being First Lady? ESSENCE.COM: What frightened you about assuming that role? LISARAYE: I knew nothing about being a First Lady or politics. I'm thinking, What am I going to have to change? I'm on a successful sitcom, my daughter is in high school and I'm the breadwinner. What am I going to do? Then Prince Charming comes my way and I'm saying, "God, did You send this man to me to take me away like Calgon".
Girl stop. The best quote out of this whole interview:
“I like the finer things in life so I don’t make any apologies for the men I choose to date,”
So basically you're saying you ARE a gold digger? Just asking. I mean, if you're not going to make apologies for it, then why deny the "accusations" of your "opportunistic ways"? Again, just asking. And honestly, my attention span isn't even allowing me to care any further than me typing this ish. Here's Kanye and his crew at Paris Fashion week: Ummm. More on this when you read the rest...

Mashonda CONFIRMS Alicia Keys Cheated With Her Man!

Mashonda confirms Alicia Keys and Swizz beatz cheated Well well well. Once again TheYBF.com has been validated that we do not make up ish around these parts. Mashonda hit up my girl Angela Yee's Lip Service radio show on Shade 45 Monday night. And she gave up the goods--well the bads--that went down with her and Swizzy's divorce.

Afternoon Tidbits

R. Kelly's divorce from his estranged dancer wife Andrea is now final. The two were married for 11 years and separated back in '05 when Andrea filed an emergency restraint order against the R. According to the joint statement from their divorce lawyers:
"The parties have reached an amicable resolution concerning all issues related to their marriage, and will share joint custody of their three children.