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That's Unfortunate


BRON BRON MANIA: Big South Beach Arrival+ESPN Analyst Arrested During Lebron Special

Miami Heat baller (weird to say, right?) Lebron James just made his big South Beach arrival late last night after filming his "special announcement".  The paparazzi went nuts as Lebron made his way to the W South Beach hotel where he supposedly already rented out 6 luxury cabanas to party the weekend away.  Nice!


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Oscar Grant New Year's Day Murder Verdict

    Oscar Grant, an unarmed African-American,  was murdered New Year’s Day 2009 by a former BART officer in Oakland. People close to Oscar's family have been trying to garner the support of the public since January in order to showcase the horrendous acts of the Oakland cops.  Familiar happenenings between the black community and city police forces.      The killing was recorded on video by several witnesses. People were outraged because the officer, Johannes Mehserle, who is white, shot his gun into the back of Grant.  He went on trial for his actions, and we've got the details of yesterday's outcome when you read on....  

Lakers Baller Josh Powell's Baby Mama ARRESTED For Cocaine Trafficking!


Remember all that drama back in 2008 when now Lakers baller Josh Powell's baby mama Emily Peniche blasted him about trying to take their child away from her? Well they are STILL in a nasty custody battle over baby Patience. And despite Emily blasting him abiut being a dead beat and just trying to get back at her, it looks like Josh just got one leg up on her.


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UH OH! Alicia Keys Takes A Tumble On Essence Fest Stage, Gets Scathing Review

Alicia Keys didn't take the stage until after 12:30am last night at New Orleans' Essence Festival.  Almost an hour after her original time to go on, it sounds like the timing just didn't work in her favor.  Many folks walked out before her set was over, and others said her performance was mediocre.


We've got video (of a video) of the pregnant Ms. Keys taking a slightly scary tumble on stage.  And a writer blasted her for her diva antics before she went on.

Wacka Flocka Explains The Dumbed-Down "Music" Of Today

Ever wondered why most music these days just sounds like random non-words and sounds thrown together and put over a beat?  Well...you're not alone.  Many folks, including myself, are baffled over this dumbed-down music takeover.  But here's the possible answer.  Wacka Flocka Flame...the latest culprit in creating foolish ass (but annoyingly catchy) songs...explains why he goes this route, as opposed to really rapping.


The lazy mentality of folks these days is mind boggling.  But it explains so much....

Aretha's Dress Pulls Double Duty

Clearly Mama 'Retha loved her gold red carpet dress.  Aretha Franklin wore this gold embellished bust gown to the Tony Awards Sunday night.  But she loved it so much that she wore the exact same thing to Monday night's Apollo Awards.


I'm all for only wearing what works for your body.  But damn, not the same exact look two nights in a row.  Maybe since she changed her hair she figured no one would notice...


It's all kinds of drama for the new kids on the rap block.  Kid Cudi was arrested Friday afternoon for drug possession and destruction charges.  Which means he had that illegal stuff on him and tore up somebody's ish at the same time.


And Nicki Minaj was just sued Friday in L.A. Superior court over her rented Lambo.  Apparently that pink Lamborghini she used in her "Massive Attack" video didn't come back in the same condition that she took it out.  More deets when you read on...